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Chapter 55

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When the soldiers on the city wall saw that Huan Zhuo had the imperial seal in his hand, they didn't dare to act rashly. They hurriedly knelt down and saluted, "Long live the Emperor."

The city gate quickly opened. Two hundred thousand armored soldiers neatly stepped through the gate of Shengjing and went straight to the Imperial Palace.

The Imperial Palace was guarded by the Imperial Army. The commander of the Imperial Army, Huo Quanying, only took orders from the Emperor. Seeing the imperial seal was the same as seeing the Emperor. He didn't dare to delay and hurriedly ordered people to open the gate.

Before he could give the order, he was held hostage. Huan Xuan, dressed in court attire, walked up the city wall step by step. He smiled and said to him, "Commander Huo, why are you in such a hurry? It's not too late to see if his imperial seal is real or fake."

Huo Quanying was hit from behind. His vision turned black and he lost consciousness.

Huan Xuan walked up the city wall and looked around.

Seeing the black mass of soldiers surrounding the Imperial Palace so tightly that not even a drop of water could pass through, his heart had already sunk to the bottom of the abyss. He knew that all of this was just a futile struggle, but he was still unwilling to give up and shouted, "How dare you, Huan Zhuo, you dare to fake the National Seal, the real National Seal is still in the Hall of Diligence."

Huan Zhuo looked at him and said, "Father Emperor has passed away. The imperial seal is naturally in my hands. You closed the gate and didn't open it. Are you trying to rebel?"

Huan Zhuo laughed, "Rebel? I think it's you, Huan Zhuo, who wants to murder father Emperor and steal the country!"

Their words made the Imperial Army soldiers even more uncertain. Without Huo Quanying, they didn't know what to do. They could only stay where they were. Huan Zhuo saw Huan Xuan refuting his words and became angry. He said to the people behind him, "Bring her up."

Imperial Consort Yi was brought up with her hands tied behind her back. Her hair was messy, but she didn't look embarrassed at all. Gu Yan followed behind Yi Ling. When he saw this, he couldn't help but be surprised.

As soon as Huan Xuan saw Imperial Consort Yi, his expression changed. He gritted his teeth and said, "Huan Zhuo, you're despicable!"

Huan Zhuo smiled and said, "Despicable. I haven't asked her to pay for my mother's life yet."

Huan Xuan's eyes were bloodshot as he clenched his fists. He couldn't wait to kill Huan Zhuo. He hatefully said to the people behind him, "Bring him up."

A woman was escorted up the city wall. Her features were gentle, and her plain clothes fluttered in the wind. Her eyes were as bright as a lake, and she seemed to be looking for someone.

Gu Yan only needed a quick glance to know who it was. "A Nuo!" She cried out in anguish, feeling as if her liver had been torn apart.

The person held hostage by Huan Xuan on the city wall was A Nuo, whom Gu Yan had not seen for nearly a year. She looked at Gu Yan with a calm expression and called out, "Princess, don't cry."

Gu Yan couldn't care less about the things around her. She only knew that A Nuo was her family, her only family in Hokuin. She jumped off her horse and desperately ran towards her.

Yi Ling immediately urged his horse forward. His long arms picked her up and brought her back into his arms. He frowned and said, "Be careful."

Gu Yan's tears flowed freely. She frantically tried to break free from his grasp. She looked at the figure on the city wall and couldn't help but shout, "A Nuo, A Nuo, don't be afraid, don't be afraid."

Yi Ling hugged her tightly. Looking at her desperate eyes, his heart seemed to burn with an uncontrollable anger.

He looked at Huan Xuan hatefully and said, "Your Highness Cheng Wang, let her go, and I'll let Imperial Consort Yi go."

Huan Zhuo immediately stopped him and said, "Yi Ling, you're crazy! You're using a maid to exchange for her life! "

Yi Ling's cold eyes swept over Huan Zhuo. His voice was as cold as the cold wind in February, "What does Your Highness think?"

Huan Zhuo felt a chill run down his spine. He didn't dare to make a sound.

Huan Xuan looked at Gu Yan from afar on the city wall. Her cries were so tragic that it cut through his heart. He couldn't forget the first time he saw her. It was as if all the words couldn't express his feelings. She was supposed to be his wife, but unfortunately …

Imperial Consort Yi laughed out loud. She stared at Huan Zhuo on the city wall, as if he was deeply engraved in her heart. She was so reluctant to let him go, but she was so determined. She said loudly, "Xuan 'er, don't be embarrassed. It's Imperial Consort Yi's fault." After that, she suddenly rushed forward and hit the blade on her neck.

In an instant, blood flowed out and fell on her robe, like a beautiful flower blooming.

There were sounds of exclamations all around. Gu Yan couldn't hear anything. She tightly clasped Yi Ling's arm. Tears streamed down her face. She said in a trembling voice, "Save A Nuo. I beg you. Save her."

Yi Ling clenched his fist with one hand and hugged her tightly with the other. The veins on his neck bulged, but he could only hug her even more tightly.

Huan Xuan stared blankly at his Imperial Consort Yi's body slowly falling down. The blood stained her eyes like red makeup, and a pool of blood seeped out of her body. He punched the city wall. His hands were covered in blood. He shouted, "Imperial Consort Yi!"

Gu Yan sobbed as she looked at A Nuo on the city wall. Her internal organs seemed to have fallen into an ice cave. She only felt cold all over. She was afraid. She had never been so afraid before.

Even when she was forced to marry in the palace of Nan Hua, she didn't have a trace of fear. Even when she was chased all the way up north, she wasn't this afraid. At this moment, she was really afraid. She was afraid that she couldn't save her. She was afraid that she would lose her like this.

A Nuo looked at her and smiled. Suddenly, she opened her mouth and sang a small tune. It was a folk song from Nan Hua.

In the past, when Gu Yan couldn't sleep, A Nuo would sing to her. A Nuo would also sing to her when they went on a boat to pick lotus flowers in the summer. Since Gu Yan was three years old, A Nuo had been by her side. She had heard her sing this song countless times. The melodious sound of the south suddenly floated above the solemn sky.

Everyone's eyes were attracted to this indifferent woman. She sang this song without the slightest fear of being coerced.

Gu Yan quieted down and stared blankly at her. Countless images of them together flashed before her eyes. A Nuo had accompanied her from Nan Hua to Hokuin. She had long been her family, her sister.

A Nuo sang and slowly moved her feet. She leisurely leaned against the city wall. Her singing didn't stop.

The tune was like a lotus flower trembling in the wind under the sparkling moonlight. It was so beautiful and tranquil.

Suddenly, her body fell forward. She fell down from the high city wall. Her white clothes fluttered in the wind, like a white butterfly fluttering down.

"A Nuo!" Gu Yan was the first to react. She cried out mournfully.

A Nuo fell heavily at the foot of the city wall. She was like a withered flower in the dust.

Gu Yan's eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. She tasted blood in her throat. Her vision turned black and she fainted.

Yi Ling held her tightly with one hand and pointed his spear at the palace gate with the other. He shouted, "Imperial Army, listen to my Emperor. Seeing the National Seal is like seeing the Emperor. The Emperor has passed away and the throne is passed to His Highness the Duan Of Silla. You have all been bewitched by demons. Those who don't know are not guilty. Quickly open the gate!"

The soldiers on the city wall were scared out of their wits when they saw the Imperial Consort Yi seeking death. When they heard Yi Ling's words, they didn't dare to delay. They hurriedly rushed to open the gate. Yi Ling saw this and shouted with his spear, "Charge!"

Yi Ling's army surged forward. They attacked the Imperial City and captured Cheng Wang alive.

On the 20th day of the sixth lunar month in the 44th year of Hokuin, the Duan Of Silla returned to the imperial court. Cheng Wang held the Imperial Army hostage. Imperial Consort Yi of the Xiao Clan hanged herself in front of the palace gate. Yi Ling led the army to break through the palace gate. The Duan Of Silla entered the main palace.

Only a few strokes of history were left behind in the history books. The bloodshed behind it could only be left to the imagination of future generations.

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