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To look around the world

To look around the world

  • Status: Ongoing Author: - Views: 313 Words: 94386 Update: 21/11/24 11:22:05

The tsundere princess versus the humble tiger general. In the game of love, they had been testing and suspecting each other all the way, but they never left each other. An ancient version of an inspirational workplace drama, fighting against the imperial concubine, fighting against the powerful ministers, and even fighting against the emperor? There were emperors who died from poison while concocting pills, empresses who were crippled and had a rough life, and imperial concubines who lived for someone else. A game of chess with the world as a chess piece. Let's see who will have the last laugh? She was the most honorable woman in the University of South China. She was surrounded by everyone, and she was used to watching power struggles. He was a warrior of humble birth in Beiyin. His sword and halberd drank blood, and he dominated the battlefield. She had suffered a lot from this defeat.

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