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NovelHi (novelhi.com) is an online website service provider defined under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. We respect international copyright laws and will protect the rights of the copyright owner. If you are the owner of any content showcased on the domain novelhi.com and you don't want to allow us to use the content, send us an email at dmca@novelhi.com allowing us to take the necessary action. Stories are added through the community and in the case of copyright infringement, we will protect the copyright owner and remove the corresponding machine-translated novel. Note that we cannot take action if you don't send us an email.

If you are the copyright owner or are legally authorized to act on the owner's behalf, please send us an email containing:

- Identification of the work (specific URL) you're claiming has infringed upon yours as well as legal proof of ownership of the copyright (such as Copyright Registration or Certification of Copyright)

- A physical or electronic signature of the copyright owner; In the case of filing by a third-party, a document by the copyright owner stating that said third party is legally allowed to represent him/her physically or electronically signed by BOTH the original copyright owner or the one acting on his/her behalf.

- Information such as phone number, address, and email allowing us to contact you if necessary,

- A statement that the above is accurate to your knowledge under penalty of perjury.

A DMCA sent by a third party or agent who does not own the copyright or is not legally allowed to act on the copyright owner’s behalf is considered perjury and can be legally penalized.