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Chapter 121

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"Uh! Big beauty, you're the one who dropped it on me. I haven't asked you for medical fees yet! " Li Gan pretended to be innocent and shook his forehead hard. One of his big hands did let go of Shangguan Ying and pretended to support himself up, but the other big hand was still firmly clasped on her chest.

"You …" Shangguan Ying was shocked and angry. Her subconscious reaction was to dodge, but the other party's big hand was pinching her chest. Looking at the wretched old man in front of her, Shangguan Ying was completely angry to the extreme, "Old man, are you looking for death?!"

Bang! Bang!

Shangguan Ying's violent spiritual power broke out of her body and directly bombarded Li Gan. Li Gan was unprepared and was blown away on the spot. Shangguan Ying's anger would naturally be a full blow. One should know that this beauty was a real master of the Golden Deities. Her blow directly bombarded Li Gan into the air. The powerful impact of the spiritual power had already bombarded Li Gan's weak body into a bloody mess.

Ah …

In the air, Li Gan was left with a series of screams.

"Protect the Holy Nun, someone is rebelling!!" Xiang Zucheng pulled out a saber from the waist of a Golden Armor Guard next to him and threw it at Li Gan. This guy dared to defile the goddess in his heart on the spot? How could this be?


The saber slashed through the air and directly nailed Li Gan to the ground. Blood splattered all over the ground.

"Uh uh …"

Li Gan couldn't stop groaning, spitting out blood from his mouth. His eyes were wide open, and he struggled a few times. His legs bounced up, and he seemed to have lost his breath.

"Everyone, stop!!" Shangguan Ying shouted, and it resounded throughout the whole place. Her voice was full of spiritual pressure, which hurt the ears of most people. The originally chaotic battlefield immediately became calm.

The slaves watched the guards in bright armor enter the battlefield. They felt as if a basin of cold water had been poured over their heads. Their bodies were cold, and the hot blood just now had long disappeared.

"Holy Nun, is this the Boulder Ridge under the rule of your Golden Scale Sect? Today, this Young Master has really broadened my horizons! " Lao Nuokun's face turned livid. He originally wanted to use Giant Rock Ridge's secret weapon to help him ascend to the position of Tongzhou City's governor. Now, it seemed that Giant Rock Ridge was not controlled by the Golden Scale Sect at all.

Shangguan Ying glanced at Xiang Zucheng. Although she did not blame him, her cold eyes made Xiang Zucheng feel uncomfortable all over. His face was burning hot.

One must know that the slaves in Boulder Ridge had always obeyed the management. Who would have thought that such a thing would happen today? Not to mention the earthquake in the earth's core, even the slaves' uprising was a one-time occurrence, but it happened at such a critical juncture.

"If Second Young Master is sincere, our Golden Scale Sect will naturally fully support you!" After Shangguan Ying said this, she felt a little uncomfortable.

"Actually, we can still work together sincerely." Lao Nuokun's expression didn't change as he deliberately glanced at Xiang Zucheng and left with his guards.

Shangguan Ying's face was as cold as ice. She jumped on the golden eagle and rushed into the air. When she passed by Xiang Zucheng, she snorted coldly and said, "Commander Xiang, is this the guarantee you gave me?"

Xiang Zucheng's face was pale. He clenched his fists tightly and looked at everyone with his cold eyes. He roared, "Kill all those who participated in the rebellion!"

"Yes!" Dozens of Golden Armor Guards behind him responded loudly. They pulled out their weapons from their waists and rushed toward the slaves.

These slaves were no longer hot-blooded. They had long been scared like headless flies. They fled crazily. Countless people jumped into the fire pit and were burned to ashes.

Wu Yan had long seen that something was wrong and took advantage of the chaos to hide in the crowd. Although Tiege was brave, he was not a reckless person. He secretly followed Wu Yan and approached Li Gan who was on the ground.

"Okay, don't pretend to be dead!" Wu Yan found Li Gan who was nailed to the ground in the chaos and kicked his butt hard.

"Are they all gone?"

Li Gan jumped up from the ground. With the protection of the Xuanyou Secret Tome, these injuries did not cause any harm to him. As long as his spiritual power protected his Neidan, even if he was smashed to pieces, he could still be reborn.

"Well, what do we do now?" Wu Yan reminded in a low voice.

"What else can we do? Run! " Li Gan quietly turned his head and looked at the Golden Armor Guards around him. After confirming that the Golden Deities had left, he pulled Wu Yan and Tiege and ran forward.

"You … are you really okay?" Tiege looked at Li Gan in disbelief.

"This guy has thick skin. He won't die!" Wu Yan spread his hands at Tiege.

"You two guys, what kind of weird people are you!" Tiege smiled awkwardly. He really did not expect that Li Gan could not be killed.

"Hey, hey, hey, brother, what are you thinking about? Let me ask you, who was that beauty that just fell on me? " Li Gan pulled the three of them and found a quiet slave cave to hide. Thinking back to the red-clothed beauty who had crawled on top of him just now, his heart itched. He could only use three words to describe her peerless appearance, and that was' too beautiful '!

Wu Yan looked at Li Gan's shrunken expression and really wanted to slap him twice: "Big brother, I just want to tell you that the next time you think of a beauty, it's best not to drool. Also, as a friend, I still want to remind you that with your current appearance, even if you kneel down and lick her finger, she will dislike you very much! "

"This young master is handsome to the point of dropping dregs!" Li Gan narcissistically shook his head.

"Drop dregs?! I think you really do drop dregs. Do you think she would like a seventy or eighty year old man like you? I don't think she has such a heavy taste. "

"Bah! With your mouth … "

"What's wrong with my mouth? I'm just telling the truth. "Wu Yan bluntly attacked.

"Her name is Shangguan Ying, the sister of the leader of the Golden Scale Sect, Shangguan Hong. She is also the person in charge of the essence fire mine in Boulder Ridge. Legend has it that she is the number one beauty in Tongzhou. It is said that Shangguan Ying has countless admirers. If you really want to pursue her, as a brother, I have to warn you that you'd better give up this idea. After all, those who can enter her eyes are all talents above the Golden Deities …" Tiege introduced Shangguan Ying's experience to the two of them.

"… Uh …" Li Gan looked at Tiege's changing eyes and smiled strangely: "Brother, don't tell me that you are also interested in her?! Let me tell you, as a brother, you'd better quit. She is my type! "

"Uh!" Tiege looked at Li Gan expressionlessly: "Do you think everyone is as dirty as you?!"

"Dirty? This is called the love of beauty. Everyone has it! " Li Gan smiled awkwardly and continued to reminisce about Shangguan Ying's beautiful face: "Brother Tiege, do you know any other information about Shangguan Ying? I think the woman that this Young Master fancies will definitely be extraordinary. "

Tie Ge glared back at him fiercely, "Shangguan Ying is definitely out of the ordinary. Not to mention her beauty, even her talent is a once-in-a-century genius in Tongzhou. It is said that she became an Earth God at the age of 12, a Divine God at the age of 16, and a Complete Divine God at the age of 19. At the age of 25, she entered the ranks of Golden Deities. Now she should be an expert in the middle stage of Golden Deities. "

"Uh … She is indeed extraordinary!" Li Gan pursed his lips and then asked: "Is the pretty boy in purple and gold armor who came with Shangguan Ying her lover?"

"He is one of Shangguan Ying's admirers, the second son of Lao Changyan, the City Lord of Tongzhou."

Li Gan was completely speechless. After a long time, he asked: "Why did the second son of Lao Changyan come to Boulder Ridge? Is it really to pick up girls?! Damn it, this guy dares to steal a beauty from me?! Is he tired of living? "

"You still have a big competitor! It is said that even his father, Lao Changyan, is interested in Shangguan Ying! "Tiege secretly scolded Li Gan for being shameless, and couldn't help but roll his eyes.

Although Wu Yan pretended to have an 'indifferent' expression, he had already despised Li Gan's shameless expression dozens of times in his heart.

"I have another deal with the Holy Maiden!" Lao Nuokun seemed to have forgotten the chaos just now. He lowered his voice and whispered to Shangguan Ying.

"What deal?!" Shangguan Ying asked casually.

"If I control Tongzhou, will the Holy Maiden give herself to me?" Lao Nuokun asked calmly.

"Are you serious?"

"Do I look like I'm lying?"

Shangguan Ying let out a long sigh. Lao Nuokun was definitely the best opportunity to let the Holy Golden Scale Sect have a foothold in Tongzhou. However, he was not the target in her heart. However, for the long-term development of the Holy Golden Scale Sect, should she really agree to his request?

"Although our Lao family controls Tongzhou, the six major sects each have their own area. The Holy Maiden can completely refuse my request, but please consider the current situation of the Holy Golden Scale Sect." Lao Nuokun pressed on step by step.

"How big is the chance, second son of Lao Nuokun?" Shangguan Ying finally wavered.

"Although the chance is not very big, it is not impossible. Other than the Five Virtues Sect, I really haven't persuaded any other sects."

"Only the Five Virtues Sect?"

"Now I have to add your Holy Golden Scale Sect. Holy Maiden, you also know that in terms of strength alone, the Holy Golden Scale Sect is definitely the leader of the six major sects in Tongzhou. However, if the other major sects join forces with my father to deal with your Holy Golden Scale Sect, it won't be difficult to get rid of you."

"Could it be that City Lord Lao has already colluded with the other sects?"

"Yes!" Lao Nuokun nodded. "My father sent me here this time to destroy Boulder Ridge and cut off the resources of the Holy Golden Scale Sect."

"…" Shangguan Ying was silent for a while, but she knew very well in her heart that if Boulder Ridge was destroyed, the Holy Golden Scale Sect would indeed be difficult to protect.

"Also, before I left, my father warned me again and again that I must send the Saintess to his residence …"

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