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Proud World Divinities

Proud World Divinities

  • Status: Ongoing Author: - Views: 2617 Words: 282493 Update: 21/12/09 06:15:56

With a single thought, the wind and clouds changed color. With a thought, blood dyed the nine heavens. In this continent where the strong were respected, billions of living beings pursued high spells, the strong were respected, and everyone pursued the divine way … Here, demons danced wildly, here, demonic beasts roamed freely, here, this was the heaven of the strong, all kinds of living beings, in order to cultivate the path of longevity, broke the laws of heaven and earth, and did not hesitate to dye the sky with blood. When the Heaven and Earth Blood Net spread to this continent, who was the ruler of the Nine Heaven World, who was the madman of the Nine Heaven World, who could stand at the peak of the strong! Li Gan, a hedonistic young master of the divine way, who said that hedonistic young masters could not do anything? Who said that hedonistic young masters could not stand at the peak of the Nine Heaven World?

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