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Chapter 17

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Perhaps it was because she had woken up too early today, but Qianqiu leaned on Akaji's shoulder and yawned the entire way on the tram. After arriving at school, she changed into indoor shoes and walked into the classroom. She simply sat down and laid her head on the table.

The sky outside was still gray. The clouds that had accumulated in the sky were thick and numerous, like a sponge that had absorbed enough water.

Qianqiu rested her head on her forearm and yawned at the swaying cherry trees outside the window.

The wind outside the window carried flower petals into the classroom.

The sun was like a cocoon hidden in the sea of clouds, emitting a weak light. The light was much dimmer, and the temperature today was still quite comfortable. However, the moisture in the air was ready to move, as if a heavy rain was brewing.

She hoped that the squirrel on the tree, preparing to be a mother, wouldn't be washed away by the rain and the nest that it had painstakingly built. Qianqiu closed her eyes and prepared to take a nap while letting her imagination run wild.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of light footsteps approaching her ears. She immediately opened her eyes and sat up straight. She suddenly turned her head and saw Kenta Kato, who was supporting himself on the desk in front of her and reaching out to close the window.

Qianqiu raised her eyebrows slightly and looked up at him.

The words that had rushed to the tip of Kenta Kato's tongue were all blocked back in his throat by that gaze. He could only remain silent.

There was a subtle look of confusion and bewilderment in her eyes, mixed with a calm indifference.

This expression naturally appeared on her clean and delicate face. It didn't even feel out of place. It was as if she had done it thousands of times, smoothly using the slightest muscle movements to express the most complex micro-expressions.

This was an expression that was extremely inconsistent with her facial features and personality, but it looked abnormally natural.

A child's expression would be similar to their parents', and some would even reach the point of being exactly the same. Not only would their expression, appearance, physique, even their posture and bearing would be unconsciously copied from their parents.

Kenta Kato had grown to about 1.8 meters tall this year. From the back, he looked similar to his father, so much so that one would mistake him for his father from the back.

There must be someone in Lin's parents who often wore such an expression.

This was the first thought that appeared in his mind, and he immediately corrected himself. No, it might not necessarily be his parents, he thought. It could also be the influence of other elders. Sometimes, he would be said to be more and more like his senior brother.

But that person must have lived around her, there was no doubt about it.

The wind that blew in through the window blew the long hair that was draped over the girl's shoulders. The strands of hair in front of her forehead were blown to the sides, revealing her bright and clean forehead. To his surprise, he discovered that Lin Qianqiu was a completely different person from what he had imagined him to be. From his full forehead to his drooping eyelashes to his slightly pursed lips, Lin Qianqiu could clearly be considered delicate and pretty, but his aura was so transparent and indifferent that it seemed as if it would melt into the air.

Only introverted people would stop their gaze at the position beside their feet. Ordinary people would also look straight ahead when walking, and when conversing with others, they would at least look at the other party to appear polite.

The reason for these associations is that Kenta Kato is an excellent leader of the Kendo Club.

Even in this school where there is a clear distinction between "scholars" and "commoners", he, as a "commoner", has a small reputation. The Kendo Club's leader is the successor of a rather popular ancient school. And the most widely spread rumor is that Kato is this Club's junior brother, and the two of them were apprenticed to the Club's father.

He pays special attention to other people's bearing and posture.

If this kind of subconscious habit is used as a standard to judge a person's character, it would be unfair. But when he thought of her usually transparent existence in class, it seems to be reasonable.

His friend's chatter once again sounded in his ears:

"— — Lonely, you must be very lonely. A weak girl crossed the ocean, came to a strange foreign country to study, far away from her family and friends. Sa, hurry up and save the poor China girl, Kenta! "

But even so, she didn't give up on herself and still seriously lived her life. Even though she was alone every day, gazing at the cherry blossoms outside the window in a daze, once she sat up, she immediately straightened her back, like a sheathed long sword, revealing her stubbornness that refused to admit defeat.

After connecting all the clues together, a wonderful chemical reaction occurred in his mind. This caused Kenta Kato's eyes to gradually add an inexplicable feeling to the girl's eyes. He looked like he wanted to say something, but stopped. He clenched and loosened his fists, laughed dryly, and said:

"It's still a little cold in the morning … I, I just want to close the window!"

In the end, he didn't have the courage to say the words "I hope you don't get sick because of a cold" in his heart. Along with his gloomy eyes, they slowly sank to the bottom.

Of course, from her slender arms and calves covered in socks, it was impossible to tell that Lin Qianqiu was a girl with monstrous strength who could pick him up and throw him out.

After all, it wasn't considered a human strength.

Qianqiu really wanted to imitate Mr. Lantern's terrifying eyes.

However, Mr. Lantern's eyes were the same type as Akaji's. They were slender and sharp, with the ends of his eyes raised. When he shifted his gaze to look down, it showed an indifference that was colder than domineering.

Because Akaji had a delicate face, the imposing manner in his eyes was slightly alleviated.

As for Mr. Lantern, his face was expressionless all year round. Whenever he made an expression, it was like a realistic Prajna Mask.

Qianqiu's slightly drooping eyes could make her face look innocent and young, but for some reason, it had the opposite effect.

She looked like a human idol with half-opened eyes. She always looked sleepy, which made her look a little strange. It reminded people of the dolls that could close their eyes when they were young, and the freely moving eyeballs were made of plaster inlaid with crystals.

Qianqiu felt that the way Mr. White Rice looked at her before he left was a little strange, thought Qianqiu. However, she couldn't figure it out anyway, so she just gave up. She continued to lie on the table and closed her eyes to take a nap.

The troublesome thing was that the person sitting in front of her who came later didn't have to worry about protecting her image. She slapped Qianqiu's table angrily and shouted, "Didn't I warn you not to associate with Kato-kun anymore?!"

"Yes, yes, thanks to you."

Qianqiu, whose bones were about to collapse, sighed. She supported herself on the edge of the table, sat up, and looked at the girl sitting in front of her who was angrily glaring at her. Rina Mikami's hair was still very exquisite today. It was full of delicate thoughts, and her face was petite and snow-white.

So she said casually, "You look good today too, Mikami."

Mikami's expression looked as if she had been punched in the face. She raised her arms in front of her body vigilantly and said, "Even if you flatter me, I won't be swayed!"

In the end, she couldn't help but say, "This is your own choice. I won't help you when you are taught a lesson in the future!"

Can't humans let me sleep peacefully for a while? Qianqiu thought bitterly. She raised her hand and scratched the loose hair in front of her forehead. She responded perfunctorily to her words.

"By the way, Mikami, why are you so scared?" Qianqiu asked casually and yawned, "I don't quite understand why you are so nervous."

"Of course an outsider like you wouldn't understand!" Mikami clenched her fists, "This school has been like this since the beginning. We … we have to draw a line between us and them. We can't lower ourselves and fall to their side. We also can't allow the commoners to be presumptuous and cross the line without permission. "

"So it's the boring pride of the rich."

Qianqiu nodded sleepily.

"… Are you deliberately provoking me?!"

Rina Mikami breathed a sigh of relief. She calmed down and adjusted her expression to that of an amiable and gentle beautiful girl. However, the smile on her lips seemed a little fake.

"Anyway, if you are taught a lesson, I will be implicated and have a bad reputation, and I will have a headache." She said, "That's all I have to say. Please consider it carefully."

After saying that, she bowed to Qianqiu, then quickly straightened her body and pulled out a chair to sit down.

During the lunch break, Qianqiu found an opportunity to call Akaji.

The young man was probably still in the crowded room a moment ago, but after a while, he walked out of the open room and picked up the call.

As soon as she heard the familiar gentle voice greeting her, Qianqiu felt the haze in her heart dispersing, and her mood lightened up. She reclined on a tree branch, dangling one of her legs as she swung back and forth among the dense flowers.

"I'm not bothering you," Qianqiu said to the phone, "I have a question to ask Teacher Akaji."

The young man on the other side was startled, and then there was a chuckle.

"Please ask, I will tell you everything I know." He said gently.

"Seijuro, do you know the surname Mikami?"

"Mikami Business?"

"Ah, I knew it." Qianqiu's fingers that were playing with the flower fairy paused, half surprised and half happy, "Seijuro is actually the personification of Wikipedia, right?"

The young man was angry and amused, "How could there be such a thing?"

He paused and said, "I just happen to know it."

As for whether he just happened to know the business, or just happened to know the people and things around her. Qianqiu didn't notice this language trap at all.

Rina Mikami was so eager to maintain her "upper-class" identity, not because of the family history and the ancient surname.

It was because Mikami's family was nouveau riche.

To put it simply, they were the most likely to be ostracized by the upper-class, but they had to accept the rich.

Therefore, Mikami and her husband were very strict with their daughter's education.

She couldn't do anything impolite.

Her behavior must conform to the rules of a lady.

"Isn't her family's request putting the cart before the horse?"

Qianqiu thought back to Akashiji Seijuro who hugged his knees and squatted on the chair to play chess.

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