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My Wife Is Not Human

My Wife Is Not Human

  • Status: Ongoing Author: 0 Views: 350 Words: 53135 Update: 21/10/11 13:51:41

Captain: My wife might not be human. The male lead has already been decided.Captain: The female lead is an inhuman with a brain full of twists and turns. Everyone dotes on the female lead. Apart from the male lead, everyone else has a one-sided crush. I'm the best. Running accounts, cookies, no abuse. This spring, I got married. The other party was the only son of a famous family of the same age as me. He was the son of my father's old friend. At the very least, I don't have to worry about his family background and character. Even if I had to nitpick, the only thing I could nitpick about is his personality. From his expression, I can tell that he's not an easy person to get along with. He has an overly demanding pursuit of victory.— This was my sister's comment. But after all, he inherited my father's old friend and his wife. From appearance to talent, he's an impeccable genius. Personality problems aren't even a problem anymore. The person who signed the marriage contract will have to get along with each other for at least a few decades before my father's death. In terms of appearance, of course it's still a delightful and exquisite appearance that makes people feel happy. Even if we fight, we'll probably calm down when we see each other's faces. I think that from all aspects, he's an excellent marriage partner. The male lead is the captain.

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