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Chapter 728

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After moving south for nearly ten years, she had seen all kinds of people and seen all kinds of things. She wasn't the kind of woman who couldn't live without love.

However, it was rare for her to fall in love with a man.

Nan Man Pei stood by the sink, feeling lost.

"Ahem." Qin Ze, who had just gone out, came back. He thought for a while and said, "I just want to say a few words on behalf of that man."

Nan Man Pei bit his lip and looked back.

"He just feels that he's too young and doesn't have the right. In the eyes of outsiders, he might think that the sapling has grown into a towering tree, but he knows that he's far from tall enough. At least in terms of love, he can't be considered a towering tree. He has three vines wrapped around his body, and he has to fight every day. Otherwise, they might beat him. So, he actually hopes that someone can suppress the three vines. Right now, there's one vine that can do it, but the sapling feels that it's not tall enough. If there's one vine, when it feels that it's strong enough, I think it'll want that vine to attach itself to it. "

He went out of the living room and called Li Donglai to the courtyard. The master and disciple sat down and smoked.

"You'll be interning in a year. Are you interested in interning at my company?" Qin Ze blew out smoke rings. "Even if you want to be a celebrity, I can make you famous."

Li Donglai scratched his head. He had the same behavior as Qin Ze when they were in the kitchen. He said, "Auntie won't allow it. I've already joined the party this year. After I graduate, I'm preparing to take the civil service exam. I'll follow the path my dad arranged. If it was in the past, I would definitely follow you. "

Who would have thought that the poor student back then would be a top student now?

Qin Ze thought for a while. He guessed that it would be good to let him follow the path the Li family arranged. If he followed him, it would limit his growth. It would be better to let him try out in the system. He might be a good card in the future.

Thinking back to the little brat who looked at people with the corner of his eyes, he suddenly felt like he had experienced the vicissitudes of life.

"Oh right, how's Qing Yuan? I heard from Ziqi that she's hanging an awl over her head again?" Qin Ze probed.

"Uh-huh." Li Donglai's face was full of mockery. "Her grades are better than mine now. No, I'm not on the same level as her. I don't know if she can get into Cambridge or Massachusetts, but I think it won't be a problem for her to get into Tsinghua or Peking University. The key is that her family supports her. She has money and power, and her grades are good. I think she's quite stable. "

Qin Ze rubbed his forehead. "She won't really be admitted to a famous foreign university, will she?"

Li Donglai chuckled and said, "Don't worry. Even if she asks you for a promise, it will be a few years later. Who knows, she might grow into a mature lady with long legs and a perky butt. American food is high in calories, so there's hope."

Qin Ze chuckled. "Interesting."

"Bah, scum." Pei Ziqi happened to walk over. Hearing this conversation, her almond-shaped eyes immediately widened.

"Let's go." Qin Ze was too lazy to bicker with her. He waved his hand and called Su Yu over. Holding her hand, they walked away.

After they left, Li Donglai sighed. "Okay, okay. Chen Qingyuan is working so hard, but she still can't settle down. You should keep your feelings of love in your heart for the rest of your life."

Pei Ziqi's eyes turned red. "It's none of your business."


During the Chinese New Year, Qin Ze and his sister accompanied their parents to visit relatives. After his cousin went through the crisis of his girlfriend's pregnancy, he was finally willing to calm down and study hard. He was no longer only thinking about games and women. After all, people had to grow up. On the road of growth, they suffered losses and fell. Naturally, they began to become sensible.

His uncle's family spent the Chinese New Year in the hospital. His grandmother was 76 years old this year. The hard work in the first half of her life and the fear in the second half of her life had drained her bones. Fortunately, Xu Guang turned over a new leaf and changed his ways. This allowed her to be happy in her old age. During the Chinese New Year worship, Xu Guang knelt in front of his grandfather's grave and cried loudly.

Xu Yue was 18 years old after the Chinese New Year. She was young and beautiful. After playing that damn game, Qin Ze didn't know how to face her.

While his family was in the ward, Qin Ze went to the toilet. His cousin with a soft voice chased after him and called in a soft voice, "Cousin."

Qin Ze stopped and turned around.

"I want to follow you during the winter vacation." Xu Yue's expression was shy and timid.

"Follow me for what?" Qin Ze was confused.

"I want to follow you to gain experience." Xu Yue bit her lip and frowned carefully. "Can I?"

"Why don't you … follow your cousin?"

"No!" She refused too decisively. She added, "I don't want to work in an entertainment company."

"Then … give it a try."

Anyway, he was going to merge several companies this year. When the time came, he would arrange an office assistant or something for her. Otherwise, his sister or Su Yu would have to find another assistant for him. His cousin's beauty was more pleasing to the eye.

Speaking of Su Yu … Qin Ze began to have a headache again.


After the first month of this year, Su Yu, who had resigned as the general manager of Baoze Investment, took office again. She moved out of the fancy apartment and lived in Tang Chen First Pin, not far from Royal View Grand Court.

Qin Ze found a nanny to take care of her.

In the luxurious and spacious living room, Nan Man Pei glanced at her sluggish best friend and snorted. "Useless thing, after a few days of quarreling, you've been coaxed again?"

After New Year's Eve, Qin Ze and Su Yu laid their cards on the table and bluntly told each other about their relationship.

Su Yu's expression at that time was like this: (# `Д _)

Then this: (_ _ □ ′) ((_ _ ━ _)

Finally, this: (_)

She waved her hand and slapped him twice, saying that they broke up!

Then she ran home crying.

Of course, the first thing she did when she got home was to cry her heart out. Then, she called Pei Nanman. "Big Sister Man, I broke up with you. I feel terrible. Please come quickly. I really can't live anymore. If you don't come, I'll be dead …"

Nan Man Pei heard it and knew in his heart, and drove over without saying a word.

Su Yu shrank in the kitchen crying with snot and tears, with a kitchen knife at her feet …

Nan Man Pei still remembered Su Yu's tearful expression, saying that this time they really broke up, that it was impossible, and that from then on, she and Qin Ze would cut off all ties, and never contact each other again, as if this period of time was f * cked by a dog.

Nan Man Pei advised, "Think about it, don't be impulsive."

Su Yu cried and said, "There's nothing to think about, I'll find an honest man and marry him later, that's all."

Nan Man Pei, who knew that this day would come, didn't panic at all, and complained in his heart that the honest man didn't eat your rice, don't harm others. He said, "Give him some more time, see what he says."

Su Yu said, "What's there to say, I was blind to like him, I won't forgive him even if I die, bah, disgusting."

"Didn't you say at that time, even if you die, you won't forgive him again?" Nan Man Pei lamented her misfortune and hated her for not fighting for it. "You should hold on for a few more days, I'll cheer for you."

"Oh, you fake best friend, if you knew about it, you would have hidden it from me for so long." Su Yu glared at her, stroked her belly with both hands, and her eyes were full of tenderness. "But there's no way, I can't let my future children have no father. You said that I'm finally pregnant, and the little bastard is obviously on his father's side. Hmph, otherwise, Qin Ze would kneel in front of me, and I wouldn't forgive him. "

"Oh, it's fragrant." Nan Man Pei disdainfully curled her lips.

She was a little jealous. Su Yu was pregnant. She was pregnant for almost a month. When her period didn't come, she asked Qin Ze if she was pregnant. There were a lot of similar speculations, so Qin Ze insisted that she was not pregnant. It was one of the three major illusions in life. Su Yu thought about it and felt that it was reasonable. She didn't believe that she was pregnant.

If she hadn't cried so miserably that day and fainted, Nan Man Pei would have sent her to the hospital and found out that she was pregnant.

Nan Man Pei was not surprised by this outcome. Her silly best friend couldn't escape from Qin Ze's palm, and now she was pregnant with a child. The child just gave her a way out. After she was angry and complained, the little bastard came to admit his mistake and coaxed her. It would be strange if she was willing to let go.

"I told you, I'm the biggest winner." Su Yu patted her flat belly.

"You're not the only one who's pregnant." Nan Man Pei warned.

If Su Yu's pregnancy was a matter of course, then Qin Bao Bao's pregnancy was purely an accident, or it was poisoned by Qin Ze …

Qin Bao Bao, who was a first-time wife, had no concept of contraception and didn't think so much. As a result, she was pregnant. Fortunately, Su Yu had one in her belly. Otherwise, she would vomit three liters of blood like Zhou Yu, shouting that she had given birth to a baby, and then die of depression.

"His old Qin's family has already exploded, hehe." Su Yu gloated and hummed to express her disdain for Qin Bao Bao. "She's just a sister who can't see the light. What's there to worry about? Wang Zijin is not in Shanghai, so I can go to the Qin's family openly. Anyway, uncle and auntie know that the baby in my belly belongs to their family, so they will treasure me. In the future, I'll go to Qin Bao Bao with a big belly every day and piss her off. If she dares to touch me, uncle will beat her to death. And I'm pregnant earlier than her, so my baby is bigger than hers. After the baby is born, I'll encourage my baby to bully her baby every day, hmph. "

Nan Man Pei imagined Qin Ze's future life and slowly shuddered.

"It's as if you've seen the light." Nan Man Pei warned her best friend not to be too arrogant. "There's still a real one in Beijing."

"It's just a marriage certificate. There's no banquet." Su Yu rolled her eyes. "Who cares about her certificate? In the future, Azé will still be in Shanghai most of the time. I'll treat her as if she doesn't exist."

"By the way, when my belly is big in the future, it won't be easy for me to work. Sister Man Pei, please help me with the formation of Baoze Group. Anyway, you have shares. "Su Yu said.

"Don't even think about it. What do I want?" Nan Man Pei muttered.

"Ah?" Su Yu was stunned. "He said that one of the few vice-chairman positions in Baoze Group was specially prepared for you. He also said that he needed you to help him suppress the rascals."

Nan Man Pei panicked for no reason. A strange feeling of joy and panic arose in her heart. She knew who Qin Ze was talking about. She also remembered what Qin Ze said in the kitchen that day.

"They haven't come back from Japan yet?" Nan Man Pei's eyes flickered. She found an excuse to change the topic.

Su Yu said, "They used the excuse of finding an agent to take refuge. Otherwise, Qin Bao Bao would be beaten to death by her father."

For the strict Qin family, it was intolerable for a daughter to be pregnant before marriage. After Qin Bao Bao was pregnant, the Qin family was in an uproar. Old Master Qin and Qin Ma were very excited. They were not excited because of happiness, but because of explosive excitement.

The most unbearable thing for the two elders was that Qin Bao Bao refused to say who the child was. When asked, she cried and said that it was a scumbag, a scumbag.

But she refused to say who it was.

Their daughter was like this. As parents, no matter how much they hated her, they could not bear to continue to blame her.

Then Qin Ze suffered a calamity. The old man took out the big leather belt on his waist and turned to interrogate him.

The siblings had been in Japan for almost half a month and had not returned.

Xu Town!


The siblings, who had sneaked back to China, each held a bouquet of chrysanthemums and stood in front of Xu Ru's grave.

"Aunt Xu, I brought her to see you again. It's different this time. It's not my sister this time. It's my daughter-in-law. She's pregnant with my child. I don't blame you for giving me to my mother to raise. In fact, I should be grateful. Otherwise, I wouldn't have met her, known her, and fallen in love with her. Fate is unpredictable, but it doesn't owe anything. Xu Yao is doing well now. As you expected, he changed his fate. He is no longer tortured by poverty and no longer works hard for his life. He's still looking for that man, but how can he find him? He can't even remember what that man looks like, let alone who he is and where he is. It's because he still has an obsession in his heart. "

"I've never thought of looking for him. So what if I find him? It's meaningless. He's not my father, and you're not my mother, right, Aunt Xu? "

"But my child should be able to call you grandma."

Qin Bao Bao stood aside and watched him carefully clean up the weeds and leaves beside the grave. Her eyes were gentle.

Gently placing the flowers in front of the grave, she waved her hand and let Qin Ze hug her. She leaned her head on his shoulder and whispered, "Azé, sing me another song."

Qin Ze looked into the distance, looking at the pale white sky and the dark green tea forest.

The wind and rain become flowers

Time can't catch up with the white horse

The dream talk in your palm when you were young

Are you still holding it tightly?


We agreed not to separate

We'll always be together

Even if we're enemies with time

Even if we're separated from the whole world

(End of book)

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