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My Elder Sister is a Superstar

My Elder Sister is a Superstar

  • Status: Ongoing Author: Mai Bao Xiao Lang Jun Views: 281727 Words: 2111341 Update: 22/08/21 06:40:48

One day, my sister suddenly said, “I want to be a star.”
Qin Ze calmed said, “If you want to be beaten to death by our father, I have no objection.”
His sister guiltlessly said, “Qin Ze, your big sister has taken care of you for so many years. You must carry this responsibility.”
A story about a sister who keeps digging graves for her brother.
Qin Ze: “F***, fortunately, I have a system.”

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  • JustAReader

  • It cannot end like this!!!! Where is the autor?
  • 2022-11-26 19:20:23  
  • JustAReader

  • Awesome. But I would have loved to keep reading until Qin Ze become a tycoon
  • 2022-11-26 05:49:00  
  • dateandfun

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  • 2024-06-09 04:34:52  
  • fordeezy

  • MC is a total indecisive scumbag, but damn it was fun to read. I wish the ending wasn't rushed, but I loved the ride either way.
  • 2024-01-18 07:00:40  
  • საბა არძენაძე

  • Whats with this ending at least time skip and show us that wang zijin and baobao reconciled show us that man man is with him or one moment in their future that gathers them all together. for what reason did zijin and aze keep their relationshop a secret? cuz zijin didnt want to lose her bestfriend and u show me this sh@t. Sighhhhhhhhh im just angry and sad with this ending now tsk
  • 2023-08-06 20:51:41  
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