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Chapter 992

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Li Ran felt a headache coming on. He said, "If there is no other way, we will have to force our way through. Everyone, prepare yourselves. If something goes wrong, it is up to fate."

Everyone understood what he meant. Once they entered space, if their defenses were not strong enough, they would die. As for who would die, only God knew.

Gu Mu coldly said, "No problem!"

Mo Nier pulled Gu Mu's arm and smiled. "I am fine. I just want to be with Gu Mu."

Wang Dayang knew he did not have long to live, so he was optimistic. He said, "You have to be responsible for your own life. Ha-ha! If we are lucky … maybe we can get to the next part of the tunnel."

Guo Shier and Qi Wuzhen looked like they did not care. They were already used to life and death. So what if they could not accept it? At this point, there was no point in regretting it. Sershilin hugged Guo Shier's waist. She thought if Guo Shier died, she would not be able to live. So, she was very calm.

Guo Shier said, "We can only go in a straight line. If this is a curve, then we are unlucky. But according to my calculations, there is a high chance we will go in a straight line. It is worth a gamble." They could only gamble there. Otherwise, they would not dare go forward.

Li Ran made up his mind. He released Break World and said, "Let's go together."

Qi Wuzhen stood next to him. The formation of the team changed. They formed a shuttle. Li Ran and Qi Wuzhen were at the front. Gu Mu and Mo Nier were on the left. Guo Shier and Sershilin were on the right. Wang Dayang was at the back. The Shining Ring was in Wang Dayang's hands, so he could control it.

Guo Shier had the defense of a virtual star. If Sershilin held on tight, she would be able to protect herself. Even if she fell into space, she would be able to stay alive.

Li Ran and Qi Wuzhen cast spells at the same time. The Break World was activated. A beam of light shot forward. Li Ran shouted, "Be careful! Let's go!" The dazzling light flashed. Everyone felt their bodies tighten. Because everyone was connected by a purple chain, they were like grasshoppers on a rope. They were all strung together and covered by the Break World. They broke through the space barrier and went into space with a loud noise. Everyone was connected by a purple chain.

In a few breaths, everyone felt as if they had gone through countless years. It was a very uncomfortable feeling. Break World stopped. Li Ran and Qi Wuzhen shouted at the same time. The Break World's small secret area broke. It created a small tunnel for them to go. Everyone was happy. Everyone knew this.... When a small secret area exploded, it meant there was a space barrier. to them to the other side of the tunnel.

As expected, Li Ran and Qi Wuzhen cheered at the same time. The two of them were extremely nervous as well, fearing that they would miss the passageway. That would be terrifying, because they didn't know how to move through the void. If one didn't know how to walk in the void, even with the protection of the Hui Ning Ring, one would still be trapped in the void. The Spirit. Ring needed energy. If they ran out of spirit jades, they would die.

The Break World broke a tunnel. It created many space cracks. Li Ran and Qi Wuzhen cast countless spells. They started to collect the Break World. They did not need to use the Break World to block the space cracks. The two of them collected the Break World. At the same time, Wang Dayang controlled the Spirit to cover everyone. They kept going forward. Finally, there were no more space cracks. Li Ran shouted, "Stop!"

Everyone stopped in the middle of the tunnel. Guo Shier asked, "What is it?"

Li Ran frowned and said, "The Break World needs to be refined again."

Guo Shier was shocked. He said, "This is not a place to be refined."

Li Ran said, "I know, but I need to refine it. It is fine. I will take care of it."

Qi Wuzhen said, "I will help you."

Li Ran nodded. "OK. I will try to release the altar. I am not sure if I can do it here."

Qi Wuzhen said, "OK."

A fist-sized altar appeared above Li Ran's head. He happily said, "This place does not reject altars. Haha! That is easy."

When the others heard this, they were very happy. If they could release altars, the power of professionals could increase. On a sacrifice planet, altars were difficult to release. They did not know what the restrictions were. Here, the restrictions were gone. That was a good thing for everyone.

Li Ran did not dare enlarge the altar. He placed it above his head. It was the size of a water tank. Then, he and Qi Wuzhen refined it below. It was not a large refining. It was just repairing the Break World, so it was not too complicated.

After a simple refining, the Break World returned to normal. Li Ran did not expect it to return to perfect condition. They did not have that much time, so they had to get through this tunnel. He knew Allheaven's Ruin's dimension was going to collapse soon. When the dimension collapsed, it would affect the tunnel. The entire tunnel would collapse. If they did not get through by then, they would be thrown into space. There would be nowhere for them to go.

Guo Shier released the altar. He enlarged it to the size of a water tank and sat cross-legged on it. It was small, so Sershilin sat on his lap. At this time, Sershilin's attitude was clear. Even if Guo Shier did not love her, she did not care. She was going to cling to him. As long as she was alive, she would not let him go. Of course, Guo Shier did not care. At his level, it did not matter if he had more or less companions.

Everyone also released their own altars, and Deadwood couldn't help but sigh: "This is the combat stance of us professionals."

Wang Dayang sighed. Ever since he had come to Sacrifice Planet, he had never fought while sitting on an altar. He had almost forgotten what it felt like to be omnipotent. It was not until he sat on his altar that he felt strong again.

It was not just Wang Dayang. Everyone else had this strong feeling. They felt like they could even fight against a space crack. Sershilin did not understand. She sat on Guo Shier's lap and noticed everyone's faces were filled with joy. She quietly asked, "Shier, why are they so happy? Is it because of this thing we are sitting on? " Even though she was sitting on it, she could not see the altar. She could feel the symbols on the altar twinkling, but she did not know what they were.

Guo Shier knew people who were not from the spell world would not understand the meaning of the altar. They would not be able to see the altar. Because of the symbols, the altar in the eyes of outsiders was different from the altar in the eyes of professionals. They could not see what the altar was.

The purple chain was no longer connected to everyone. Instead, it was connected to the altar. This connection was very strong. There were many tentacles swaying under Guo Shier's altar. They were the tentacles of Gusirius. Gusirius had been in the Soul Suppressing Cauldron for a long time. As soon as the altar was released, it automatically returned to the bottom of the altar. This was one of Guo Shier's trump cards. It was specially used to deal with Soul Beasts. However, for humans with weak souls, this thing was more terrifying than anything else.

After the altar was released, the six professions could all use some powerful weapons. Li Ran laughed. "I didn't expect the rules here to not restrict the altar. I hope that when we reach the outside world, there will be no rules to restrict us. Hehe, at that time, even if we encounter experts like Shangxingyunzi and Lannandai, we will not have to be afraid. They should be almost as strong as us, haha."

Everyone laughed happily. Increasing one's power was every professional's dream. To be able to increase that much power in an instant made everyone very happy. Li Ran said, "Okay, let's keep going. The Break World has been refined. It was not bad this time. Only a small secret area and a few thousand souls were destroyed. I hope there will be fewer blockages in the future."

There were not many small secret areas in the Break World. If there were more blockages in the future, it would be difficult for them. Everyone understood this, but at this point, there was nothing else they could do. They had to force themselves to move forward.

Everyone followed the tunnel and flew forward. They did not care about the small cracks in space. They used the halo of the Ning Huo ring to move forward. The tunnel was very long. They flew along the tunnel for seven days. They kept flying at high speed. Everyone's hearts felt heavier. A strange pressure appeared. Fortunately, they could release the altar. So, they could endure it. On the eighth day, they finally arrived at the collapsed tunnel.

Everyone stopped where the tunnel had collapsed. This place was different from the previous blockage. There was an unparalleled suction power there. There were many cracks in space. Everyone looked serious as they looked into the distance. With the buffs of the Ming Eye spell, they saw a pitch-black hole in front of them. It was space. Because of the Ning Huo ring, they had the power to resist space. After looking for a while, Li Ran asked, "Are we going to go in a straight line?"

Guo Shier said, "A straight line! We have to choose a straight line. How else can we choose? Is it up or down? Is it left or is it right? "

Qi Wuzhen nodded and said, "Shier is right. The possibility of going in a straight line is the highest."

Li Ran thought for a while and said, "We have to take a risk. If we use the Break World, we will not be able to judge. The Break World is too fast. We cannot change directions. We can only go in a straight line. If we make a mistake, how can we turn back?"

Guo Shier nodded and said, "You mean … With the protection of the Ning Huo ring, we should all go into space. When we find the other end of the tunnel, we can use the Break World to force our way in?"

Gu Mu said, "That is one way!"

Wang Dayang agreed and said, "I agree."

Qi Wuzhen said, "Actually, I want to go into space too. I want to see how strong it is!"

Li Ran smiled and said, "If everyone agrees, fine. That is what I think. Not only is everyone curious, but I am also curious. If we can walk in space, our future path will be easier. It will help us increase our power. Haha! Let's gamble!"

Guo Shi 'er said, "Everyone, activate your strongest defense, but the outermost defense still depends on the Condensing Ring. After we enter the hollow space, we can test how long our defense can last in the hollow space. Hehe, with the protection of the Condensing Ring, it won't be too dangerous for us to test."

Li Ran clapped and said, "Good idea! We just don't understand space. Once we understand it, we will have a way to solve it. "

Qi Wuzhen's eyes lit up. He said, "Space … Walking in space is too exciting! Let's go! "

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