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Instant Kill

Instant Kill

  • Status: Ongoing Author: Xiao Qian Views: 3608 Words: 2231649 Update: 22/06/17 05:41:14

In the instant that his soul awakened, a new world emerged in front of his eyes. It was a foreign world, a world of Fuzhou. Countless secret realms, countless charming beasts. There were even higher-levelled Fuzhou worlds.
12th Guo was like a pawn crossing the river*. He instantly killed all enemies that obstructed his survival. He needed to constantly get stronger, needed to find even stronger Fuzhous.
When he stood on the peak of the Fuzhou world, could he still continue forward?
* this line is likely a reference to the game of Xiangqi/象棋, where a pawn/soldier, upon crossing the halfway line of the board, known as the river, gains additional abilities.

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