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Chapter 1166

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After listening to Isabella's advice, Connor thought for a while and nodded silently.

Even if the truth was that Reyes had done so much to protect himself, it was a pity that Reyes had already become a shadow in Connor's heart that he could not get rid of. It could be said that Connor did not have the slightest bit of trust in this mentor of his.

Even if Reyes did not pose any threat to him, Connor could only keep a respectful distance from him. Moreover, Connor Ferguson was already an official Magus and had long since gotten used to living independently. Therefore, Connor did not even think about returning to Florentine.

He simply did not want to return to Reyes's side!

Seeing Connor nod, Isabella's expression eased a lot. Although her relationship with Connor was far from close, she still did not want to become enemies with him.

"What do you plan to do next?" After hesitating for a while, Isabella continued to ask Connor.

"I plan to leave Flosinone and go anywhere. The waters here are too deep, I don't want to touch them anymore!" Connor said sincerely.

"Then what about the Ferguson family?"

Isabella asked curiously. Through the information gathered by the Duke's faction, she knew that as the current Count Ferguson, Connor still cared a lot about his family.

"You don't have to worry about that. I still have a capable subordinate in the Ferguson family. Although I've left, I can still command from the back!" Connor explained.

In fact, after deciding to leave Flosinone, Connor had already made plans for the Ferguson family. He would support Aveloy to become an advanced Apprentice Magus. This guy had done a lot of dirty work for him during this period of time. It was time to give him a taste of his own medicine.

With Aveloy at the forefront, Connor could use a communication magic item to command from behind the scenes and let Aveloy continue his unfinished business. This way, Connor's safety would be guaranteed, and Connor's transformation of the Ferguson family would not be affected at all.

In addition, Connor had already made arrangements in Aveloy's mind. As long as Aveloy made any movements, Connor would be the first to know. Naturally, Connor was not afraid that Aveloy would betray him.

After listening to Connor's explanation, Isabella took out a jade slip from her space ring and handed it to Connor. She said, "This is my contact information. If you need anything, you can contact me at any time."

Isabella paused for a second, then said word by word, "My father said that if you're willing, we're willing to open the door for you!"

When Connor heard Isabella's words, he subconsciously wanted to reject Isabella's curiosity. However, when he saw Isabella's expression, his heart softened and he subconsciously took the jade slip from Isabella's hand.

Isabella relaxed when she saw Connor taking the jade slip. She looked at the man in front of her again and said, "I hope that we can meet again in the future …"

After saying this, Isabella did not wait for Connor's reply and left Connor alone.

"Sigh …"

Connor, who stood in place for a long time, let out a sigh. This encounter with the king's faction could be considered a close call. However, as the saying goes, a beauty's favor is the hardest to bear. Today, he owed Isabella a big favor, and he was afraid that it would be difficult to repay her in the future.

Connor knew that Isabella's suggestion was just wishful thinking. Wang Jue, who was high up in the Secret Society, would never believe him. At the same time, Connor also lacked trust in Wang Jue's group.

Most importantly, although Connor was unwilling to return to Reyes's side, he also did not want to stand against Reyes. In addition, Connor did not want to disappoint Varga and Marguerite, who had been with him for many years, because of Isabella.

Connor shook his head and got rid of his worries. He quickly headed to the downtown area of Flosinone. He wanted to meet up with Varga and leave Flosinone as soon as possible.

Soon, Connor arrived at a private house in Flosinone. This was a safe house he had built with Varga. They had agreed that if there was an emergency, they would meet here. Without a doubt, it was time to use this safe house.

In the safe house, Connor finally met up with Varga. At this time, Varga had cried until there were no more tears left. When he saw Connor return safely, he was so excited that he almost fainted. It took him a while to calm down. However, to Connor's surprise, other than Varga, he also saw Marguerite in the safe house.

Marguerite seemed to have noticed Connor's confusion. She took the initiative to explain helplessly, "Varga thought that you were killed by Wang Jue's group, so when he came here, the first thing he wanted to do was to meet me to avenge you. That's why I came to see him."

Although Marguerite said it very calmly, Connor naturally understood that as a member of the Church of the Storm, Marguerite ran out to meet Varga at such a critical time. Connor was deeply touched and gave Marguerite a big hug.

After the three of them calmed down a little, Connor told Marguerite and Varga everything that Isabella told him about Reyes.

After listening to Connor's story, Marguerite and Varga were deeply shocked, just like Connor when he heard the news from Isabella. They couldn't calm down for a long time.

"Although this is the current news, I've already made up my mind. No matter what, I won't go back to Reyes. After today, I'll immediately leave Flosinone. I won't be coming back for a while!" Looking at the two most important women in the world in front of him, Connor slowly announced his decision.

Varga already knew about Connor's decision. He nodded and said,

"I've already drugged those old men in the Ferguson Family. It won't be long before they die of natural causes. Even if wizards investigate, they won't be able to find anything. When the time comes, with the help of my potions, Averoya will be able to break through and become an advanced wizard apprentice. With him as a target, Connor, you can continue to carry out the transformation of the Ferguson Family behind the scenes."

Connor nodded. He was going to carry out Varga's plan.

"Connor, if you really want to leave, take me with you!" Marguerite, who was deep in thought, said to Connor with a smile.

Hearing Marguerite's words, Connor was stunned for a moment. He then said with some surprise, "Marguerite, are you kidding me?"

"Of course not. Although Hummel is dead, Elena has also lost the pope's trust. Plus, the situation is chaotic now. It's time for me to move forward!" Marguerite said with a smile.

"Also, you know that if I continue to stay in the Church of the Storm, the blood witchcraft will be a ticking time bomb. No matter how well I hide it, it will explode sooner or later. Why, Connor, are you unwilling to take me with you?" At the end of her explanation, Marguerite changed the topic and joked with Connor.

Seeing that Marguerite was finally going to leave the Church of the Storm, Connor was overjoyed. He immediately wanted to agree, but when he thought of Varga, he hesitated for a moment. However, this didn't stop Connor, who wanted to have two wives. Connor gritted his teeth and prepared to agree first.

However, to Connor's surprise, when he was about to say something, Varga beat him to it and said seriously to Marguerite, "Welcome!"

Although it was only two words, Varga's attitude surprised Connor and Marguerite. Although Varga treated Connor very well, he and Marguerite had always been at loggerheads. Why did he suddenly change his attitude and tolerate Marguerite's existence?

Under Connor's surprised gaze, Varga remained calm and looked at Marguerite calmly.

Varga was a very smart woman. After spending some time together, she already understood how important Marguerite was to Connor. She also understood that Connor and Marguerite were reluctant to part. Therefore, even though she was still a little reluctant, she could only choose to accept it in order to make everyone feel better.

Sensing Varga's intention to reconcile, Marguerite naturally returned the favor. She nodded and said gratefully, "Thank you!"

Although the reconciliation between the two women in front of him was a little sudden, Connor felt relieved when he saw it. The conflict between Marguerite and Varga had always been a big knot in his heart. He originally thought that it would be like this for the rest of his life. He didn't expect that the two of them would reconcile in such a short time.

After resolving the conflict, the three of them were in a good mood. They didn't want to waste any more time, so they only stayed in the safe house for a short while before leaving quietly. Because it was too obvious to take the train to leave Flosinone, the three of them directly found a horse carriage. They went around the back of the carriage, disguised themselves, and drove the horse carriage out of the city of Flosinone.

As soon as the horse carriage drove out of the city, Connor's expression changed slightly. He stopped the horse carriage and took out a letter from his space ring. It was Reyes's wordless letter. However, the strange thing was that this blank piece of paper that Connor had identified as empty now had countless black runes on it. They appeared in front of Connor's eyes.

Connor Ferguson, who practiced the Secret Abyss Arts, immediately became serious when he saw these runes. If he wasn't wrong, these runes were the cultivation methods of the Secret Abyss Arts for the later stages of a rank 1 Magus. Previously, Reyes didn't give him these contents because of this.

Therefore, Connor had always been using the auxiliary A.I. Chip to calculate, so his cultivation progress wasn't particularly fast. It was also because of this that Connor, who had been in the realm of a rank 1 Magus for a long time, still hadn't touched the threshold to become a rank 2 Magus. Now that he had these methods, the day of Connor breaking through from a rank 1 Magus to a rank 2 Magus might not be too far away.

Thinking of this, Connor Ferguson, who was in a complicated mood, couldn't help but look at the huge city behind him.

Just as Connor stopped to look at Flosinone, Varga and Marguerite in the carriage saw Connor stop the horse carriage. They thought that Connor had discovered something, so they opened the curtains and asked nervously, "Did something happen?"

Looking at Varga and Marguerite's nervous faces, Connor understood and sighed in his heart. In the end, he chose to let it go. He smiled at Marguerite and Varga, shaking his head, and continued to drive away.

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