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Chapter 11

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The door opened inwards and a servant came out. Seeing Kuang Lu standing at the door, he hurriedly stepped forward and saluted, "May I ask who Miss is?"

"Please inform His Highness that Kuang Lu has come to visit." Kuang Lu said.

"Yes, please wait a moment." The servant went in.

Kuang Lu looked at the door and found it to be very imposing.

The lions on both sides of the door were majestically carved. The vermilion door was crisscrossed with many door nails, and in the middle was a dragon and phoenix ring.

After a while, Run Yu came out and personally welcomed her in.

"Kuang Lu is the first guest in this residence." After going around the marble wall, the long front yard came into view.

"Your residence looks very good!" Kuang Lu looked around and couldn't help but nod and praise, "This residence is far away from the main street and avoids the clamor. The location is very suitable. The layout of the residence is also very grand. There is a courtyard, a garden, and a small bridge with flowing water. Everything that should be here is not missing. "

She also saw a begonia tree planted in the inner courtyard. It was already the season of blooming. The branches were full of flowers, pink and white, and all kinds of colors were bright and colorful. When the breeze blew, petals fell from the treetops, swaying in the wind and sprinkling on the ground. It was very beautiful.

"Begonia tree." Kuang Lu pointed at the tree and said, "Put a stone table and two stone stools under the tree. It looks just like in the Cold Mountain Temple."

"Playing chess under the begonia tree, drinking tea and admiring flowers, it can be considered a pleasure." Run Yu nodded.

"Since we want to play chess, drink tea and admire flowers, now that we have flowers, we lack good chess and good tea." Kuang Lu said to the attendant accompanying her, "Bring the things I brought."

An attendant came forward with two brocade boxes.

Kuang Lu opened them one by one. "Mutton fat white jade chess, purple sand tea pot, with these two things, we have everything to play chess, drink tea and admire flowers."

Run Yu knew that she was just using words and gifts to make him feel better. It seemed that she was actually aware of the banishment under the guise of "bestowing a residence".

Someone like her, who was exceptionally intelligent but also unobtrusive, was truly moving.

Run Yu ordered his men to put away the chess pieces and the pot. He said, "When we have tables and chairs under the tree, we can put these on the table."

A little while later, Run Yu took Kuang Lu to walk around the fu. Kuang Lu thought as she looked. Although the Empress didn't like Run Yu, she didn't purposely treat him harshly. Presumably, she was also afraid that people would gossip.

However, although this residence was good, there were few people and it was a bit lonely.

When she left the prince's mansion, Run Yu stood at the door to see her off. Before Kuang Lu got on the carriage, she turned back to look at him. Behind the red door and the black plaque, his figure standing in front of the stairs was tall and lonely.

Kuang Lu had already taken her foot off the carriage. She walked close to him and asked, "Run Yu, tomorrow is my birthday. Are you willing to go out with me to play?"

Run Yu was slightly surprised. His gaze gradually settled in her determined expectation.

"Alright." Run Yu agreed with a smile.

"Then it's settled." Kuang Lu's face was slightly hot, and her heart was filled with sweetness. She smiled at him and then turned to get on the carriage to leave.

"Fragrant Birthday," Run Yu sighed lightly, "Kuang Lu, you are so direct. Run Yu wouldn't understand."

The Fragrant Birthday was a very special festival in Shangfeng, like the Qiqiao Festival in the Central Plains.

Every Fragrant Birthday, unmarried men and women would invite their sweetheart out to the lake, admire flowers, and tie a red string under the tree in the temple.

If the person invited agreed to go with them, it was clear that the other party had feelings.

Kuang Lu originally didn't want to invite Run Yu out to play on Fragrant Birthday, but before leaving the fu, she saw Run Yu's lonely figure standing in front of the door. It made her heart ache, and she impulsively asked.

Unexpectedly, Run Yu agreed. Kuang Lu was overjoyed. If everything went smoothly tomorrow, she would find an opportunity to Run Yu to reveal her feelings.

The next evening, Run Yu personally went to the marquis fu to pick up Kuang Lu.

Hearing that the Great Imperial Prince was coming, Marquis Of Pingchang and his wife brought everyone in the fu to welcome him, but Run Yu refused.

"I have an appointment with Kuang Lu today, so I came to pick her up. Marquis doesn't need to be so courteous." Run Yu sat down to drink tea. Marquis Of Pingchang could only sit down and wait with him.

The Marchioness Of Pingchang hurriedly sent someone to Xi Yuan to inform Kuang Lu that the Great Imperial Prince had come and asked her to come quickly.

When Kuang Lu arrived, Run Yu had just finished half a cup of tea.

"I didn't make you wait long, did I?" Kuang Lu said with a smile.

"You are overstepping your bounds!" Marquis Of Pingchang reprimanded.

Kuang Lu restrained her expression and stood behind Run Yu. She made a face at Marquis Of Pingchang, but Run Yu saw it.

"Let's go, let's go." Afraid that Marquis Of Pingchang would reprimand her for overstepping her bounds, Kuang Lu hurriedly dragged Run Yu out.

"This, this …" Marquis Of Pingchang pointed at Kuang Lu and said to his wife, "What a scandal!"

The wife stared at the backs of the two people walking away, the worry in her heart expanding.

Looking at the Empress' intentions, it seemed that she wanted to make Kuang Lu the Crown Princess. However, she could understand her daughter's thoughts at a glance. She was afraid that her daughter had already fallen in love with the Great Imperial Prince.

The matter of making a consort was like a nail on a metal plate. It was going to become a reality. In that case, what should he do?

On Xiangxiang Birthday, there were more people on the streets at night. Most of them were young men and women.

Although Kuang Lu had grown up in Feng Jing, this was the first time she had come to visit Xiangxiang Birthday at night.

Over the years, there had been many men who had asked her to visit Xiangxiang Birthday at night, but she had always rejected them.

"I didn't think that during Xiangxiang Birthday, the night would be so busy." Run Yu walked beside Kuang Lu, blocking the crowd for her from time to time.

"En, I didn't expect it either." Kuang Lu sighed.

The streets were filled with all kinds of lanterns. The long tassels under the lanterns swayed in the wind.

The small stalls on both sides of the road were filled with a dazzling array of goods. It was very tempting.

On a small bridge not far from the street, someone put a lotus lantern boat with a lover's name on it into the water, letting the boat float away.

On the water's surface, the lights were like fireflies, dazzling people's eyes.

"What, Kuang Lu has never visited Xiangxiang Birthday before?" Run Yu was puzzled.

He lived in the mountains for a long time, unlike Kuang Lu, who lived in Feng Jing.

"En." Kuang Lu tilted her head and smiled at him. "In the early years, Father was very strict and didn't let me go out at night. Later, when I grew up, there was a day when I was inexplicably called 'Shangfeng's Number One Beauty.' On days like that, I didn't dare to go out. "

"Now that you are visiting Xiangxiang Birthday with me, I'm afraid it will hurt the hearts of the young masters in Feng Jing." Run Yu's gaze fell on a small stall. His gaze lingered on a pearl hairpin for a long time.

"How can I care about others?" Kuang Lu quietly studied his expression. Seeing his calm expression, she gathered her courage and said, "It's just where my heart goes, I care about who."

Run Yu picked up the hairpin and played with it between his fingers. "Then where does Kuang Lu's heart go?"

Kuang Lu's lips curved into a smile. "There is a gentleman on the mountain who pretends to be beautiful in the ear. He will be like the stars, gentle as jade. Nxi. With such a gentleman, I can't let him go. "

Finishing, she felt her cheeks heat up, but her heart was relieved.

Regardless of whether he rejected or responded, her feelings were sincere and she didn't have any regrets.

Run Yu lowered his head to look at her. He saw her shy yet charming, her cheeks slightly red from shyness. Her bright eyes seemed to overflow with light, exceptionally clear and bright.

"There is a beauty that I can't forget. Not seeing her for a day, I think of her like crazy. " Runyu inserted the pearl hairpin in her hand into her hair. "I'm willing to match you, and we'll walk hand in hand."

Hearing this, Kuang Lu smiled. Reaching out to touch the hairpin, she looked at Run Yu.

"Is this a token of love?" Kuang Lu had always been magnanimous. Now that Run Yu responded so straightforwardly, she felt shy but also happy. Her heart felt like it was soaked in honey, and the sweetness spread throughout her body.

"It's so simple and crude. Run Yu neglected it." Run Yu saw her face full of joy, and he felt happy in his heart.

If it was said that he liked her a little before, now it had risen to 70%.

"I like it very much." Kuang Lu took off the hairpin. Looking at the pearls and carvings on it, she couldn't bear to use it again.

"Run Yu will definitely give you something better in the future." Run Yu solemnly promised. "Kuang Lu deserves the best in the world."

"Kuang Lu has already met the best person in the world." Kuang Lu praised him with a smile.

Run Yu immediately understood. He reached out and kissed her on the nose. "Naughty."

The two of them expressed their feelings, and they were both happy.

Side by side, they walked forward and looked around, but they got closer.

Under the waning light, the red rope around their ankles flickered with a faint light. The light spread from their ankles all the way up to their chests before it stopped. It flickered a few times before the light gradually faded away.

At the same time, the red rope around Kuang Lu's wrist also flickered with a faint light. After a few steps, it disappeared without a trace.

"Would you like to release a lotus lantern?" Kuang Lu saw that many people were releasing lanterns under the bridge, and she felt that it was very interesting.

"Miss, please release a lantern!" The old man selling lanterns handed her a lotus lantern boat. "Release a lotus lantern on your birthday. It can bless you and your lover for generations to come, and you will be married."

"Thank you." Kuang Lu took the lantern, but when she picked up the brush, she said, "But I don't want to only ask for marriage."

Run Yu saw her write on the lotus leaf:? I hope that you will live a thousand years, and that you will always be safe.

Run Yu's heart trembled.

He stared at Kuang Lu's figure as she squatted by the bridge and released the lantern. The bustling crowd gradually disappeared in his eyes, as if she was the only one left in the world.

This was the first time in his life that he felt warmth.

It was because she did not ask for marriage. Instead, she wholeheartedly hoped that he would be healthy.

He had never felt warmth from anyone. Even his younger brother, Xufeng, was always separated by a layer of gauze. Sometimes it was very close, and sometimes it was blurred.

Kuang Lu was different.

Her feelings for him had always been magnanimous and clean, without a trace of impurity.

He did not know if all the women in the world were as pure and clear as her, but he felt that Kuang Lu was really the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

If it was Kuang Lu, maybe he could …

Who said that he could not have both the country and the beauty?

Kuang Lu returned after putting down the lantern. She saw Run Yu's gaze fixed on her, his eyes deep and full of meaning. She could not help but feel puzzled. She waved her hand at him and said, "What's wrong? You look like you have a lot on your mind. "

Run Yu held her hand. He swallowed the words that were about to come out of his mouth.

Seeing that she had a smile on her face and was waiting for him to speak, Run Yu smiled and said, "In the future, I will call you Dew, okay?"

Kuang Lu thought, just now he looked like he was thinking about this?

Although doubts flashed through her heart, she was more happy. She smiled and nodded, "Okay!"

"Dew," Run Yu said, "I will treat you well in the future."

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