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Chapter 4316

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Commander Tong's voice carries a burst of excitement and agitation, "Jun Shang, you don't know this, but these two women have a secret ancestral method that can impregnate high level female cultivators and give birth to a male in one go. If you really don't like them, it doesn't matter if you don't marry them first. Wait until one of them gives birth to a dragon child, then you can make them your concubine. That would already be their greatest honor. "

… …

"Pfft!" Li Weiran, who's listening from outside, can't help but burst out laughing, "Oh my, how come I didn't know that Di Ming Jue had such an interesting old woman by his side. Is she using Di Ming Jue as a breeding pig? Hahaha! "

Mu Yan: "…"

Her eyes are spitting fire, her face is dark, but she can't refute.

Li Weiran is laughing so hard that he's rocking back and forth. A woman's sweet and charming voice is already coming from the temple.

Each voice is more charming than the last, more ecstatic than the last.

Occasionally, it was mixed with a low gasp and a low chuckle.

But from start to finish, there's no man's voice.

But even so, just from the laughter of the fake "Jun Muyan" and Mo Lian, you can tell that they're very happy and excited.

So much so that "Jun Muyan" even shouts with a bit of grievance, "Di Ming Jue, didn't you say that I, Jun Muyan, was the one you liked the most? For the Polar Domain, I'm willing to share a husband with younger sister Mo Lian, but shouldn't Jun Shang pamper me first? You said that you want our child to become the future master of the Polar Domain. "

"Hahahahaha …" Li Weiran laughs so hard that tears come out.

His face is full of schadenfreude as he looks at the young girl with a face as black as the bottom of a pot.

"There's actually Jun Muyan here? I really didn't think that the demon race would be a hundred times more fun than the Nether Domain. Fortunately, I came … "

Li Weiran wipes away the tears of laughter, and says in high spirits, "Muyan, do you really want to kill someone right now?"

"Do you want to kill Di Ming Jue? I can help you! "

Muyan glances at him coldly.

Li Weiran is swept by her faint gaze and immediately takes a step back, making a gesture to cover his mouth.

But his action is funny and amusing, and his attitude is full of schadenfreude.

Mu Yan took a deep breath and saw that the sounds inside were becoming more and more unbearable to listen to.

She abruptly raised the long sword in her hand and slashed down from the sky.

Boom —!!

After a loud bang, the temple gate collapsed.

Everyone in the temple turned their attention to him.

Seeing Muyan's figure slowly walking in, Han Ye's complexion greatly changes. He shouts in panic: "Jun … Ye-gongzi, you, why have you come?"

He looks at the other side, then at Mu Yan, as if he wants to explain something.

But Commander Tong had already sneered before she could. "Young Master Ye came just in time."

He pointed at the man who had hurriedly sat up on the bed. Slightly raising his chin, he said with a smile that wasn't a smile, "I'm sure you've seen it too. Our Jun Shang has already found his favorite concubine. Forgive our Polar Domain for not participating in the Heavenly Enchantment Banquet's princess selection. Of course, if the Demon Princess is willing to turn over a new leaf one day and marry into my Polar Domain as a concubine, then my Polar Domain will not be intolerant, and will naturally welcome the arrival of the Princess. "

"As for those shady men, my Polar Domain will absolutely not welcome them. Young Master Ye, don't you think so? "

Muyan looks at the bed not too far away.

The outside of this temple is simple and shabby, but the inside is exquisitely decorated.

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