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Chapter 1141

Words:11008Update:23/12/31 20:03:01
Zheng Juzhong and Lu Chen were both publicly acknowledged as people who had the potential to reach the fifteenth realm. It was just unknown whether the next time they met would be in the season of autumn or the warm weather of spring.

Lu Chen was not stupid. He knew what Zheng Juzhong meant. Based on Zheng Juzhong's words, he knew that it was about time for him to return to the mortal world. He finally did not have to stare at Zheng Juzhong. Sect Master Lu was really flustered.

When he returned to the Baek Ok-kyung Building, he would definitely set off a string of firecrackers to celebrate.

As for why Zheng Juzhong would fold a few pocket-sized colorful paper boats from time to time and place them in the River of Time, Lu Chen could not be bothered to investigate. If he could not figure it out, then there was no need to think about it.

Seeing that Zheng Juzhong had already stood up and was about to leave, Lu Chen suddenly spoke, intending to persuade him to stay. He raised his head and asked tentatively, "Brother Huaixian, it's a rare opportunity. Why don't we chat a little more?"

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