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Chapter 1139

Words:11895Update:23/11/29 18:26:53
Chen Pingan brought the First Ancestor of the Military School to the Heart World. At the same time, he greeted Yu Shiwu and explained the general situation. Yu Shiwu was very straightforward and agreed immediately, deciding to leave his fate to fate.

The man smiled. "Sword Immortal Chen, you're very sincere. Aren't you afraid that you'll lead a thief into your home and steal all the creation here? However, there are still two places where you set up illusions that can't see the light of day? "

Chen Pingan was silent. The man looked around. The illusory worlds were like fancy birdcages. He said disapprovingly, "Qi Practitioners these days have so many tricks up their sleeves. They like to spend their whole lives and give up the big for the small. They put the word 'Dao' aside and only focus on the word 'Technique'.

No wonder they dare to call themselves Earth Immortals after forming their cores. "

Chen Pingan did not comment and only listened.

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