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Chapter 687

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Is the Demon Fox's vertical pupils very powerful?

No, he just copied the ability to go back in time when Naruto transplanted Sasuke's Mangekyou Sharingan to Danzō's arm.

In addition, Naruto's power has spread throughout the world at this time, and he is a part of Naruto's body, so he has the same authority to control this power.

Therefore, when two kinds of coincidences that were not coincidences met together,

When Naruto's power has already surpassed the world, it just created a situation where he is invincible in the world.

However, because he is Naruto's eyes, so … it seems that he also inherited some of the hobbies of the main body – he likes Hinata, who the main body likes.

If at this time, Naruto could see the scene in front of him.

When he knows that the parts of his body are also green, he doesn't know how to feel.

After all, this pair of Demon Fox's pupils can have the power to devour the rules, and it can't be separated from him and Preserved Egg.

"What are you … talking about?"

Hinata was a little panicked, she held Naruto's hand tightly, at this time Naruto's hand was stiff like a sculpture.

Naruto's pair of Demon Fox's pupils, a layer of shadow appeared around them.

This layer of shadow was exactly the same as Naruto's appearance.

The Demon Fox's pupils controlled the translucent body and replied: "Elope with me."

It's really a straightforward sentence.

Hinata didn't know what expression to make at this time.

Are all of Naruto's eyes so mischievous?

Looking at Naruto again, and Sasuke who inserted his hand into Naruto's abdomen.

At this time, Sasuke was also frozen. At the moment when the energy he can control is not as good as Naruto, and with the same authority, the will of the world is naturally defeated.

Without Naruto to rely on, Hinata thought a lot more than usual.

She saw that Naruto's pierced abdomen was covered with blue-black color, which is not the color of a normal wound. It seems that something is drilling out of Sasuke's body and pouring into Naruto's body.

The most strange thing is that at the moment when everyone is frozen, the power is still slowly invading Naruto's body.

The blue-black color on Naruto's body gradually spread.

The voice of the Demon Fox's pupils sounded: "Have you noticed? That is the unique life and death authority of the world's will, the body's body. the body's body will will gradually decayed under the invasion of this power. "

"So before it completely decays, you have to make a choice."

"It won't take long because the speed of the invasion will increase as the degree of invasion deepens."

Hinata looked at the Demon Fox's eyes, "You save him first, then we will talk."

The Eyes of the Fox rolled its eyes. "Do you think I'm stupid? How can I negotiate after saving him?"

Hinata gritted her teeth, "You like me?"

Demon Fox's's' eyes said affectionately: "I love you."

Hinata nodded, "That's even better, if you don't save him, I will die with him."


Demon Fox's's' eyes were stunned, thinking about the logical relationship.

Hinata, on the other hand, stared at Demon Fox's's' eyes with her beautiful big eyes.

Naruto is a bad guy, even the pair of eyes that came out of his body are so bad.

Hinata was angry and amused at the same time.

Demon Fox's's' eyes replied: "You would rather die than be with me?"

Hinata found that Naruto's' eyes were full of childishness.

She replied: "You can return to your body, then you can have me with your body."

This seems to be a good way.

Demon Fox's' eyes looked at the body's' eyes, and said angrily: "He already has other eyes, he doesn't need me."

"He doesn't want me, I don't want him. In the future, he is him, and I am me."

Is she jealous?

Is Naruto's body so cute?

A scene suddenly appeared in Hinata's mind, in the scene, all the parts of Naruto's body ran away from home.

In the end, Naruto was only left with a homeless spirit body.

Then, she accepted that spirit body and let Naruto's spirit body live in her body.

Then …

Then give birth to a child? Give birth to Naruto?

Pei! Pei! Pei!

What kind of nonsense is this? '

Hinata sighed at her own imagination.

Thinking about it again, if the child was really Naruto, then … It seemed quite interesting.

Demon Fox's' eyes grumbled angrily for a long time, then asked: "You won't choose me either?"

Hinata was about to reason with her, but Demon Fox's' eyes said: "Alright, no need to say anymore, I don't want to hear you say that you don't want me."

As she said that, the translucent image actually had tears in her eyes.

She looked as if she was angry and wanted to cry.

"I'm leaving, you two pig trotters can be together."

"I wish you two an early reunion and an early separation. Get married today and break up tomorrow, hmph!"

As she said that, the blood vessels on Hinata's body were retracted, and Hinata's body directly froze.

Then, the scene reversed, and Hinata was moving alone, her movements returning to the moment when she did not communicate with Demon Fox's' eyes.

Demon Fox's' eyes looked at Hinata, a little unhappy.

Time continued to reverse, and Sasuke's hand withdrew from Naruto's body.

The part of Naruto that was invaded by the power of death did not retreat, and the necrotic part turned into ashes, revealing a hole.

Demon Fox's' eyes controlled heaven and earth, and the power that belonged to Naruto repaired the hole.

Sasuke returned to his original position, and Naruto once again reached the top.

Naruto returned to the thirty-first step.

In front of him, there were only two steps left.

Sasuke raised his head and looked at Naruto. This was the beginning of the time reversal.

Aster raised her head and passed her power to Sasuke.

Preserved Egg exchanged his coordinates with Sasuke.

Then, he received Aster's witch power.

In the world's huge Rule System.

The Rule Power intertwined together.

The world's will initiated the time reversal command.

Preserved Egg rejected the command with the same authority.

Sasuke lowered his head, and Aster knelt down.

The trajectory of time was corrected, and Naruto raised his foot and held Hinata's hand as they climbed the thirty-second stone step.

Naruto's thought appeared in the core area of the world's origin.

Another step, the thirty-third stone step.

Naruto's power spread here, and he obtained all the authority of the world's origin.

The bloodline power of the entire life star was completely reorganized, and Naruto became the bloodline source of all living beings.

Naruto succeeded in changing the heavens.

Naruto held Hinata's hand and looked down at the entire world.

"Hinata, this is the country that I have fought for you."

Naruto said with a smile.

Hinata raised her head and looked at Naruto's eyes.

The Tenseigan transformed into a fox's eyes with diamond-shaped patterns around it.

Hinata's heart moved, and she couldn't help but think that Naruto still had a pair of eyes, and said: "Naruto, don't you want to change back to the previous pair of eyes?"

Naruto lowered his head and looked at Hinata.

"That pair … why did you suddenly think of this?"

Hinata shook her head, feeling as if something had happened, but also felt that nothing had happened.

"I feel that pair of eyes is more spirited than this pair."

Naruto's thought moved, and Danzō's arm appeared in front of Naruto's eyes.

However, he found that the pair of fox eyes were gone.

In the flower pot, Danzō's arm bent and handed a note to Naruto.

There were only two sentences on the note, one was: "Don't miss me too much, I ran away from home."

The second sentence was: "Orochimaru's ability is not bad, I took it as a means of transportation."

Naruto was dumbfounded after reading it.

Did his eyeballs run away from home?

Even if he has now become a real god, he can't figure out this kind of thing.

And it even brought his own traveling expenses? Abducted Orochimaru?

"Hiss …"

"Is this what the body deification looks like?"

Naruto muttered to himself. Naruto controlled the authority of the world, and Preserved Egg came out of Naruto's body.

The snow-white nine tails fluttered with the wind, and it was very charming.

At this time, Preserved Egg's mentality was also very complicated. Naruto really conquered this world.

He felt that his sense of existence was ruthlessly trampled on.

He comforted himself in his heart, "It's normal, he just conquered a life star, and is still far from forming his own starry sky. When the time comes, Naruto will definitely have to beg him."

Naruto waved his hand and planted Danzō's arm in Mingdu City.

"After Kaguya's body deified, she thought about how to save her master, but after my body deified, it actually ran away from home …"

Comparisons … sigh …

Naruto's wedding ended smoothly.

In the blink of an eye, a year had passed, and the fourth generation couple gave birth to a girl.

Naruto separated the part of Naruto's soul that belonged to Naruto and integrated it into the girl's body.

She was named Naruto.

Naruto now had a sister.

After another ten years, Mingdu City became more prosperous.

It is worth mentioning that Fenghua Xiaoxue of the Snow Country gave the Snow Country to Naruto, and wanted to make Naruto king.

However, Naruto refused, and Naruto transferred this honor to his sister Naruto.

In this year, Uzumaki Mito studied the huge Rinnegan.

Then, under Naruto's guidance, the huge Tenseigan and the huge Rinnegan merged into one.

It was named: Eternal Eye.

In the same year, the people of the Otsutsuki Clan came to this world.

Naruto imprisoned the invaders and learned a lot of secrets of the outside world from their soul memories.

As well as a bag of sacred tree seeds.

Therefore, Naruto had the idea of building a battleship.

The core of the battleship was the Eternal Eye.

Of course, the crew members were the 1,500 souls.

After the battleship was built, it was named Emperor Mingdu.

It can be seen that Naruto's narcissism is already outrageous.

Naruto also put the life star under his control into the battleship.

In fact, Naruto could also take the life star into his body, but if he did that, he would have to go through a process of refining and fusing.

In that case, all life on the life star would have to die.

There were many acquaintances of Naruto on the life star. Naruto wanted to wait for this group of people to die of old age before thinking about the fusion.

Or in the future, he could find other life stars and directly fuse with others.

After the battle of Emperor Mingdu was completed.

It is worth mentioning that the Rinnegan also has the capacity to accommodate 1,500 souls.

These 1,500 souls were transformed into an appointment system by Naruto.

In other words, anyone's soul can be saved.

Another point is that Naruto resurrected a lot of the Otsutsuki Clan and the Uchiha Clan on the moon.

Then, to encourage reproduction, he issued a policy of donating eyeballs after death.

Naturally, this was to create more Eyes of Eternity. With more Eyes of Eternity, there would be more divine warships.

Naruto has already thought of the name of the second battleship to be named after Hinata.

The battleship set sail. Naruto followed the aura of Nine Tails and took back the Chakra that belonged to Nine Tails that was swallowed by other stars back then.

At the same time, the memory of Nine Tails was also taken back. These were all transferred to Otsutsuki Kaguya by Naruto.

Whether it is Nine Tails, Hachibi, Ichibi, Nibi, or even the others, in Naruto's view, they are just a part of Kaguya.

However, Naruto didn't notice that as the memory of the past was recovered, Otsutsuki Kaguya looked at Naruto with a different gaze.

From reluctance at the beginning to … familiarity, and then intimacy.

Otsutsuki Kaguya also likes to eat sweets, so it is clear why Nine Tails likes to eat sweets.

Otsutsuki Kaguya also likes to sing. After Otsutsuki Kaguya let go of the sadness in her heart, Otsutsuki Kaguya can often be heard humming a tune on the Ming Emperor Battleship.

Naruto liked this very much, and he was also glad that Otsutsuki Kaguya didn't sing Hachibi's rap.

Although sometimes, she would sing for a while.

Naruto also found the life star that almost took his life.

Naruto took Hinata and planted the seed of the divine tree on that life star.

The voyage of the divine battleship stopped.

Because a new life star was found, Naruto's plan also changed, or rather, he made a choice.

Naruto planned to nurture the original life star first.

As a production star, he wanted to cultivate more combat elites and prepare for the construction of more battleships in the future.

After the plan was executed.

The Mingdu Empire began to implement a new combat system.

Abolishing the original Ninja profession, not for anything else, but the fact that his life was short was something Naruto couldn't bear.

The mercenary academy was also expanded.

Students were recruited.

The outstanding students would be given a combat bracelet.

This bracelet would seal the fusion of the body's mental power and vitality.

It also put an end to the creation of cannon fodder ninjas.

At the same time, this bracelet was also connected to the Eye of Eternity, which was also the system.

This way, as long as Naruto gave them the authority, they could continuously obtain energy from the Eye of Eternity.

They could also display super strong combat power.

This system gradually improved in the next hundred years.

The profession also had a new name, Holy War Mage.

The mercenary academy was also changed to Holy War Mage Academy, or Holy War Mage Academy for short.

Holy War Mages were equipped with exclusive armor, and the soldiers had the diversity of special forces.

They could also attack from afar in close combat, but most of them were close combat.

Long-range attacks were usually left to high-power super weapons.

After another hundred years, when Naruto led this army to practice, they discovered other cosmic creatures.

In the battle with other cosmic creatures, Naruto obtained more rare materials.

These rare materials also promoted the development of the Mingdu Empire.

The most obvious change was the new progress of the Ghost Jellyfish Technique.

Naruto found that these materials could strengthen the Ghost Jellyfish Technique.

It allowed the creatures carrying out the Ghost Jellyfish Technique to evolve.

The Ghost Jellyfish Technique continued to be developed.

The Mingdu Empire gave birth to the Beast System.

However, this system only really developed after the Degeneration Potion and Separation Potion were developed.

Because some evolutions were unnecessary, and could even be said to be contradictory.

And with the Degeneration Potion and Separation Potion, evolution went from treading on thin ice to daring to try all kinds of changes.

On this day, the seed of the Divine Tree that Naruto sowed grew and bore fruit.

Naruto and Hinata merged with the new world one after another.

Naruto's Battleship set sail towards the sea of stars.

Naruto looked at the bright starry sky, "I wonder if I'll be able to see the store manager's family again, and the Sakuragi sisters."

While Naruto was looking into the distance, Uzumaki Mito found Naruto, "Naruto, my idea succeeded!"

Naruto was curious, "Which research project?"

Looking at the bouncing Uzumaki Mito, Naruto recalled the day of the wedding, when this girl wrapped him up as a gift and sent him into the bridal chamber.

Uzumaki Mito sent the experiment record to Naruto, "Look!"

The video played, and Naruto saw a five cubic meter metal block disappear into thin air.

This is …

Uzumaki Mito giggled, "I'm talking about the idea of compressing three-dimensional space into two-dimensional space!"

"Naruto, let's find a planet and try it out. Theoretically, this attack can wipe out a planet, or even an entire galaxy!"

Uzumaki Mito had an expression of wanting to take credit.

This move, in other words, was the Dimensional Reduction Attack.

— — End, To Be Continued

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