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Chapter 4784

Words:3052Update:23/11/20 05:48:32
You Che's voice was gentle. "Human civilization is currently the most powerful being. He's incredibly talented and has countless methods to spy on the universe. It's not surprising that he knows about you. You shouldn't be concerned about how he knows about you, but whether he has the ability to defeat or even kill you."

The Pure Heart Master laughed, her shock at the appearance of human civilization being replaced by amusement. "Kill me?"

"Since you know about me, why do you think you can kill me?"

"Yes. If he says we can, we can," You Che said.

The Pure Heart Master shook her head. "You're just a frog in a well. I admit that the humans of Ninth Base were once very powerful, so powerful that they could rival any of the main paths. I can only look up to them. But you humans have long since declined. You think you can dominate the universe with a mere turbid treasure? You overestimate yourselves."

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