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Chapter 13

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What happened?

Ryota Amemiya also wanted to know.

The black-haired man sat up from the small children's bed. His back was so sore that he couldn't breathe.

His back was sore because of the children's bed that was too unfriendly for an adult of 2.2 meters. He couldn't breathe because of the little one on his body.

Her hair was messy, and she was sleeping soundly on his chest. He didn't want to disturb her.

But he still got up.

The little child on his body also sat up alertly with his movements. Her soft voice was as cute as her person: "Ryota!"

The world was very surprised to see her guardian awake and looking at her when she woke up: "You're awake. Do you feel anything wrong?"

But … perhaps it was a sequela, she found that her guardian's state was obviously not very right.

The way he looked at her used to be a little doting and restrained gentleness, and he was easily jealous of all kinds of things, but now …

Ryota Amemiya was obviously very strange to her.

"Ryota?" The world was a little panicked. She pulled the man's clothes and crawled closer: "Ryota, don't you remember me?"

The man who was discovered in a second didn't talk back: "Yes, who are you?"

"I'm Yu? M World, is your … "The world thought that this might be the sequela of her personality, but she didn't know if it was temporary or permanent. She figured out the question, but she was stuck on the answer.

What was the world of Yu Gong to Ryota Amemiya?

The way they got along was more like peers than father and daughter, and the father she jokingly called was always rejected.

Even if she just called him Papa to soften Ormet's heart, if Ryota was awake, she would definitely reject it regardless.

"Don't you know what to say?" Although the man was unfamiliar with the child in front of him, the worry and joy in her eyes couldn't lie.

It was a child who was very close to him.

And even if he lost his memory, Ryota Amemiya found that he didn't reject the child's contact.

He shouldn't be so gentle.

So …

"You're my child bride, right? Don't you know what a child bride is?"

The world was dumbfounded. She couldn't agree with the mind of her guardian who had lost his memory.

No, calm down. He was an adult who had lost his memory. Even if he didn't remember, there were still some dirty and unreliable thoughts in his mind. It was possible that he casually guessed it because she was cute.

Don't be angry …

What the hell!

I treated you as my Papa, but you treated me as a child bride!

So that's what you thought!

"No," The world who was too shocked, but she was too shocked... Ryota be's's's's child...

. "She pointed to the other's to's's's's's's's's Child's Child....

"Oh?" Ryouta Yuumiya glanced at this person, his heart filled with disgust.

... when when I's's. when...... when.. to the '' '' to.......

But in his heart, he was crazily calling out his trash guardian.

. '''t to '' ''...........

The world's.

Damn, she was so angry that she forgot the important thing.

Now that one of them had woken up, she could at least ask about the situation.

The world apologized sincerely. "I'm sorry. I was just joking."

She then repeated the situation.

"Because I couldn't contact the outside world, I healed you with my personality." The world found that her guardian's eyes had returned to normal.

"Why did you save Ormet?"

She had obviously recovered her memory.

The aftereffects were only temporary. Fortunately.

"No matter what happens, if the symbol of peace is death or serious injury in the battle with Ryouta, how can Ryouta continue to be a hero in the future?" The world took a deep breath and said unhappily with a little grievance.

I'm thinking for you. Why are you scolding me?

AFO looked at the little girl's face. After a moment of silence, he finally sighed deeply and rubbed the child's head.


What a miscalculation.

This was originally just a plan to kill the heir of this generation's' one for all '.

It was a few years earlier than planned because of a sudden whim.

In the eyes of the world, he was already more important than Ormet.

AFO, who realized this the last time they met, was still not reconciled.

More important than Ormet, but not the most important.

So he made such a plan.

Both of them were seriously injured in front of the world, completely isolated from the outside world, and let the world kill her favorite idol and fall into the darkness with him.

He calculated everything, even the angle of falling in front of the world. As long as the world wanted to, she could definitely kill Ormet, who was extremely weak after the battle with him.

As long as Ormet died, the isolation of this area would be immediately lifted, and the world would not know that they had been isolated.

She would just think that she killed the symbol of peace and chose him.

But …

But he obviously didn't really understand what kind of person the world was, and he didn't expect the world to cheat.

In the face of the symbol of peace, the world would rather die than kill him.

Once again, AFO easily overturned all of its plans.

Maybe it was because after calculating the angle of falling, he saw a lonely child who was different from what he imagined, or maybe he finally understood that he couldn't pull the light itself into the darkness …

More likely, Ryota Amemiya finally understood that in his more than 200 years of life, he finally found a person he liked, loved, and was willing to change for her.

AFO was willing to become Ryota Amemiya for her.

An ordinary, busy human who lived in this world with seven emotions and six desires.

Ryouta Umamiya thought a lot in just a few seconds. Finally, he smiled and said, "I'm sorry, world. I made you worry."

Why did he like it?

Perhaps it was because this child clearly knew all of his emotions, yet he could still smile at him without minding, say things like "I feel at ease", and even mischievously call out "Papa".

The world pouted, "So what happened!"

She didn't believe that Ormet's shout of "pay back everything" was purely personal.

Even if he hated Ryota, it was impossible for him to suddenly have such a fierce fight after working together safely for a few years.

Ryota Amemiya's smile suddenly froze.

How should I explain to the child at home that I'm really just an innocent hero? Waiting online, very urgent.

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