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Chapter 3613

Words:988Update:23/03/27 08:05:07


Sorry to keep you waiting. My new work is finally coming out.

It has been ten months since the end of "Mao Mountain Ghost Hunters" at the beginning of the year. I never thought that the new book would come out so late. Every time people ask me how long it will take for the new book to come out, I am actually more anxious than you.

It's not that I've become lazy, or that the results of "Mao Mountain Ghost Hunters" are so good that I don't want to write anymore.

On the contrary, the good results of "Mao Mountain Ghost Hunters" put a lot of pressure on my new book. My new book might not necessarily surpass "Mao Mountain Ghost Hunters", but it can't be worse than it, right?

Then, coming up with a new book is a particularly troublesome thing. In addition, my editor-in-chief Yisuo is an extremely serious person. In the past ten months, we have thought of no less than twenty themes, and I have written at least thirty introductory chapters. I have overturned my own assumptions time and time again. Therefore, the end result is that I keep getting rejected.

Every time I see people urging me to write a new book, I feel quite embarrassed. I don't want to disappoint you, so I can only pretend to be dead. I don't dare to appear in the group or chat with everyone, so I can only write in seclusion and strive to bring everyone a satisfactory new work. Fortunately, I finally finished before the end of the year. Now that I'm out of seclusion, everyone can tease me at any time.

Qing Zi's new work is called "Mao Mountain Divine Son-In-Law". It mainly tells the story of a Mao Mountain Heavenly Master who died accidentally and became a cripple after transmigrating. Under the ridicule and bullying of the people, he finally grew up to become the second-generation Dao God (everyone knows who the first-generation Dao God was).

Other than the opening of the book that may be a little urban, please read patiently. This book is still the original Mao Mountain flavor, about going through tribulations to prove one's Dao and slaying demons.

The new book is a brand-new story, but it is also a sequel to the Mao Mountain series. I know what everyone is concerned about, so I will give you a spoiler in advance. In this book, although Shaoyang and Daofeng are not the main characters, they will definitely appear, and there will be more and more opportunities for them to appear in the future. The Ghost Hunters will also appear.

In addition, in addition to inheriting the core worldview of the previous books, this book also added many new jobs and powers. The main character, Lu Qingyu, not only had to deal with the familiar demons and ghosts, but he also had to deal with the ancient god Cthulhu from another world and the Brahmin gods who ruled over the Law Realm.

Lu Qingyu was the only Daoist in this world (plane). Besieged by many forces, he worked hard to find the reason for the disappearance of the Dao Sect and restore the glory of the Dao Sect.

On the eighth of this month, which was tomorrow, "Mao Mountain's Divine Son-In-Law" would be serialized!

In the previous book, Qing Zi relied on everyone's support to go from a nobody to the top of the platform category. To this day, she is still in the top ten of the sales chart, creating a miracle. New book, we're back on the road. Qing Zi needs your support! Any form of support!

Brothers and sisters of the Green Gang, let's go together!

Don't forget your original intention and go through the tribulations to prove your Dao!

"I guard the human world for the Celestial Master, even if I have to go to the ends of the world." I guard the human world for the Celestial Master, even if I have to go to the ends of the world! I have no regrets slaying demons and demons, and I will not ascend to heaven until hell is empty! "

PS: Because the new book was first published on Qidian, it can be read on QQ Reading and other platforms, but a portion of the channel fees will be deducted. Therefore, I hope that those who are used to reading on QQ Reading can download "Qidian Reading". The two platforms are interconnected, and the books are the same. You won't feel uncomfortable using it.

Most importantly, everyone spent the same amount of money to read the book, but the channel fees saved were Qing Zi's food rations. If there's money, we can split it among ourselves. Just like in the past, we can send red packets in the group and play games. Don't let the capitalists earn it.

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