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Chapter 2384

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"Brother Lin, since this person is so stubborn, then let's do it!" Yang Ming said indifferently. No pop-up window

Lin Dongfang nodded and walked to the side of the shocked ancestor Kuang Long. He suddenly punched, and with a loud bang, Kuang Long was sent flying by Lin Dongfang. He flew dozens of meters away before landing heavily on the ground. He suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and stopped breathing.

This was the result of Lin Dongfang not daring to use too much strength. After all, the Swift Cicada Gu's nutrient liquid was limited. He and Yang Ming still had to go to several ancient sects. It was impossible for him to use up all his strength in an instant. He had to drink the nutrient liquid to replenish his strength, so he had to take it easy.

Dumbfounded! Everyone present was dumbfounded! Kuang Bao and Kuang Niu both looked at the scene in front of them in shock. They could not believe it!

"Return my senior brother's life!" Kuang Niu was the first to react. The true qi on his body suddenly went berserk as he attacked Lin Dongfang! Although Lin Dongfang had taken the complete version of the Vajra Voodoo, after taking the complete version of the Herculean Voodoo, they offset each other, so Yang Ming didn't dare to be careless. He quickly blocked in front of Lin Dongfang and easily took the move of the Raging Bull Patriarch!


Yang Ming did not move at all. He looked at Kuang Niu indifferently and said coldly, "Are you coming with me, or are you going to die?"

"Kuang Niu, come back." Kuang Bao spoke at this time. He looked at Yang Ming in shock, "You are … an expert of the dao of heaven?"

"You can understand it that way." Yang Ming said indifferently.

"You came back from the heaven-stage island?" Kuang Bao was in disbelief. Currently, there were still experts of the dao of heaven outside the heaven-stage island.

"What heaven-stage island?" Yang Ming was slightly stunned.

"It's nothing, looks like it's not …" Kuang Bao smiled bitterly, "So, there is a way to advance to the dao of heaven without going to the heaven-stage island … Forget it, I'll go with you. But Kuang Niu is only a late stage expert of the Heaven Realm. He hasn't even reached the peak of the late stage, he … "

"He doesn't need to go even if he wants to," Yang Ming shook his head, "I only want peak Heaven class masters, the others are useless."

Patriarch Wild Leopard nodded and heaved a sigh of relief. Now that Patriarch Kuang Long was dead, only he and Patriarch Kuang Niu were left. If both of them left, what would happen to the Tomorrow and Every Day Sect? The next generation of disciples who could shoulder the burden had yet to mature, so Patriarch Wild Leopard also wanted Patriarch Wild Bull to stay.

"The next target is the Holy-Fist Palace! It was said that the two masters of the Holy-Fist Palace did not put the ordinary masters of the peak of the late stage of the Heaven Rank in their eyes because of their Heaven-Earth Fist. They were very hated. Is everyone blaming him for being too heavy-handed? " Yang Ming glanced at the information on his phone and said faintly, "If that's the case, then the next target is him. I want to see if he can kill me, or if we can kill him! Patriarch Wild Leopard, lead the way, so that we don't have to look for him according to the map! "

"Yes …" Patriarch Wild Leopard nodded quickly. After he knew that Yang Ming and Lin Dongfang were masters of the Path of Heaven, he did not dare to disobey. Masters of the Path of Heaven. Killing them was a piece of cake, and if he served them well, he could also be promoted to the Path of Heaven. Why not?

A day later, in front of the Holy-Fist Palace.

"Invincible Boxer, Unparalleled Boxer, are you here? Masters of the Path of Heaven have arrived, why don't you go out and welcome them? "Patriarch Wild Leopard shouted. He was quite professional as a lackey.

If it was someone else who shouted. They would have been beaten to death by the patrolling disciples of the Holy-Fist Palace, but the one who shouted was Patriarch Wild Leopard, one of the three patriarchs of the Tomorrow and Every Day Sect. The patrolling disciples also knew him and did not dare to neglect. They quickly reported to the two patriarchs of the Invincible Boxer and Unparalleled Boxer of the Holy-Fist Palace. When the two patriarchs heard that Patriarch Wild Leopard of the Tomorrow and Every Day Sect had come, they both frowned, but they still rushed out immediately!

"Wild Leopard, are you here to challenge us? Why? In the Heaven Stage Martial Arts Trial Assembly two years ago, you lost to our Holy-Fist Palace. Are you not convinced? Now that you have recovered, you are here to challenge us? I think you have not suffered enough, and you want to go back and lie down for a year to recover, right? " The Invincible Boxer was an external expert with the strength of the peak of the late Heaven Stage. His divine fist could split mountains and seas. Naturally, he was much more powerful than the internal experts with the strength of the peak of the late Heaven Stage.

Last time, he also punched Patriarch Wild Leopard out of the arena and went back to lie down for a year to recover from his injuries! Therefore, the Holy-Fist Palace was arrogant and unreasonable. Even the Heavenly Elixir Sect did not dare to provoke the Holy-Fist Palace. When the Holy-Fist Palace came to ask for elixirs, they did their best to cooperate, so the reputation of the Holy-Fist Palace was very bad.

"Challenge us? Don't do those useless things. I don't have time to talk to you about this. I don't even bother to challenge you now. Do you know who I am? I am now a follower of a master of the Path of Heaven. Now it is my master of the Path of Heaven who is looking for you. If you don't want to die, be honest! "Patriarch Wild Leopard said disdainfully.

"Master of the Path of Heaven?" At this time, the Invincible Boxer and the Invincible Boxer turned to look at Yang Ming and Lin Dongfang. There was a trace of surprise in their eyes!

"You are masters of the Path of Heaven?" It was no wonder that they did not believe it. Their tone was a little disrespectful. After all, the masters of the Path of Heaven had disappeared in this world for thousands of years. Otherwise, they would not have valued the opportunity of the Heaven-stage Island so much. Therefore, they were very suspicious of the masters of the Path of Heaven who suddenly appeared in front of them.

"I'll give you a chance. Punch me and then come with me! If you don't go, I'll kill you! "Yang Ming did not have time to talk nonsense with him and said directly.

"Hit you? Okay! "The Invincible Boxer readily agreed. Since someone came to die, how could he not help them?

"Senior brother, let me do it. I, a peak of the middle Heaven Stage, can beat this kind of guy who doesn't know the immensity of heaven and earth. Why do you, a peak of the late Heaven Stage, have to do it yourself?" The Invincible Boxer said.

"Okay, then you go. Let's see what this Mad Leopard is up to!" The Invincible Boxer nodded calmly. However, he soon lost his calm …

Ten minutes later, the Invincible Boxer followed Yang Ming and Lin Dongfang down the mountain with a face full of shock and admiration. They went to the next target, the Heavenly Pill Sect …

In half a month, Yang Ming and Lin Dongfang finally managed to run through all the ancient sects and families. Aside from the Heaven Stage masters who did not believe that they were killed by Yang Ming and Lin Dongfang, everyone else gathered around Yang Ming!

And the further they went, the easier it got. At this time, Yang Ming and Lin Dongfang had gathered a large number of Heaven Stage masters around them. They were all famous figures of their sects. With them around, Yang Ming did not have to waste time talking. Only a few stubborn ones were killed by Lin Dongfang …

After sending Lin Dongfang off, Yang Ming took these people and got on a private plane to X island … Liu Yezi, hang in there, your old friend is here to help! (End of Introduction)

PS: Aside, the fishman only briefly introduced the whereabouts of Yang Ming and the peak of the late stage of Heaven Rank. He didn't write too much detail because these belong to the story in "The School Belle's Personal Expert"!

In the future, Yang Ming's introduction will also be updated in 'The School Beauty's Personal Expert', and this book will truly come to an end! Please remember: (), Wangshu Pavilion strives to provide the best reading experience! [Three Hits Can't Be More G Good H Looking at K Point Kang Mu: Very Pure and Ambiguous's newest release is in 'Three Hits Can't Be More G Good H Looking at K Point Kang Mu]

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