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Chapter 176

Words:493Update:22/06/20 07:47:38


No matter what, I finally finished the book and gave an ending.

As for the results, naturally, it was very terrible.

The main reason was my own problem. I didn't update hard enough, and I was too long-winded. The objective reason was that my wife gave birth to a second child in the middle, and I stopped updating several times, causing the final result to be worse and worse.

The results were not good, and no one supported me, so I didn't have the energy to write.

However, I won't give up, and will continue to work hard to write a new book. The new book had actually been released and put on the shelves a long time ago. It was a western fantasy book, a theme that had not been written before, and a new attempt. The results were not very good at the moment, but I still hope to continue to receive everyone's support.

With support, there was motivation.

Whether it was subscriptions or votes, it was all support. Those who had money would support with money, and those who did not would support with tickets. In short, I hope to receive more support.

This book was over, and it could be considered to have removed a burden from my heart, and I was relieved. Otherwise, if it continued to be unupdated, I would feel sorry for everyone.

The new book "The Frog Is Fierce", the story of the protagonist transmigrating into the frog prince, I hope to receive everyone's support.

Thank you!

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