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Chapter 516

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An incomparably huge black shadow slowly condensed and formed in the sky.

In the black shadow, two blood-red eyes peeked out.

Red light enveloped heaven and earth, reflecting everyone into a blood-red light.

As soon as this light enveloped them, everyone's bodies trembled involuntarily.

"This … … what is this?"

"So … … What a strong oppressive force, ten thousand times more terrifying than facing the great emperor, it's over, it's over … …"

"No, my body can't take it anymore!"

Such voices kept ringing.

Everyone's bodies knelt down uncontrollably.

"Plop! Plop … … "

One by one, they knelt on the ground, crawled on the ground, and shivered.

In the entire field, except for Su Ziyang, Xiao Die, and Xing Ling.

The others had already knelt down.

Even so, at this moment, Su Ziyang and the other two were trembling slightly, and cold sweat flowed down their faces.

They gritted their teeth and roared, but they did not kneel down.

Su Ziyang looked at the sky, revealing an extremely cautious look.

Although this battle, although he was not confident, he had to fight!

He looked back at Xiao Die and the other two girls, and the three of them nodded in unison.

"Huff … …"

Black and white gas quickly surged from the three of them, enveloping the nine heavens and ten earth.

A moment later, it formed a Taiji yin and yang diagram that covered the sky and the sun.

The majestic aura kept dancing above the yin and yang diagram.

The yin and yang diagram, like a chessboard that obliterated everything, slowly turned, as if to obliterate everything.

Seeing this scene, the two blood-red eyes in the sky shone with red light.

"Sure enough, it's a perfect Great Dao! It's too perfect, it's simply indescribable! "

"When this seat swallows you, what Chen Yu, what Lei Mie, it's all nothing!"

"Haha … …"

"Chen Yu, oh Chen Yu, you didn't expect it, right? You actually helped this seat!"

"When you die and know the truth, will you be so angry that you vomit blood? I'm really looking forward to this day!"

The voice was like thunder, echoing between heaven and earth, and did not calm down for a long time.

"Buzz … …"

Heaven and earth trembled, and Su Ziyang's body rapidly grew larger.

In the blink of an eye, he turned into a giant standing proudly in the sky.

His whole body seemed to be made of gold, indestructible.

He stood on the Yin Yang Millstone and held the ancient bronze lamp in his hand. He stretched out his hands that blotted out the sky and smashed towards the sky!

"Buzz …"

A wisp of blue flame flashed above the ancient bronze lamp.

The entire black fog instantly turned blue.

In the end, they all evaporated.

"Phew …"

Su Ziyang's big hand grabbed lightly.

A black shadow was caught in his hand.

This black shadow did not have a face, and its facial features were flat.

He was none other than Hegemon Rui Feng!

"Ah …"

Hegemon Rui Feng struggled and howled in Su Ziyang's hands.

"Damn it, damn it, I was careless!"

"Hurry up and let me go. Otherwise, you'll die a horrible death!"

Hegemon Rui Feng continued to threaten Su Ziyang.


What awaited him was Su Ziyang clenching his fists.

"Bang …"

Hegemon Rui Feng's body exploded, then vanished.

Su Ziyang's expression did not change at all. A serious expression was written all over his face.

His eyes glowed as if he could see through the nine heavens and ten earths.

"Phew …"

His huge figure instantly disappeared in place.

When he appeared again, he was already ten thousand miles away.

"Buzz …"

His right hand reached forward, grabbed Hegemon Rui Feng's body from the void, and held it in his hand.

"Hehe …"

Hegemon Rui Feng looked at Su Ziyang and smiled coldly.

"Little guy, I'm just a clone. Destroying me has no effect on my original body. If you know what's good for you, let me go immediately, and I can give you a quick death!"

Hegemon Rui Feng said with a smile.

That contemptuous smile was written all over his face.


With a soft sound, Rui Feng's clone immediately collapsed and died tragically on the spot.

"Humph …"

Su Ziyang snorted coldly. His voice was like thunder, shattering heaven and earth.

His gaze swept across heaven and earth again.

"Phew …"

The next second, he disappeared in place.

When he appeared again, he was 100,000 kilometers away.

His right hand reached out and grabbed Hegemon Rui Feng's two clones from the void.

"Hanxing, you dare to come here, don't you want those two girls of yours?"

"This is a trick to lure the tiger away from the mountain, don't you understand at all?"

The two clones, one person said a sentence.

When these words heard Su Ziyang's ears, his anger was monstrous.

"Boom …"

The two clones, without any accident, exploded.

"Damn it!"

Su Ziyang cursed secretly, his figure flashed, and instantly disappeared in place.

When he appeared again, he was already above the palace. Looking at the scene in front of him, his fists were clenched so tightly that they made cracking sounds.

He saw.

A huge figure, one in each hand, was holding Xiao Die and Xing Ling.

The two women struggled frantically, but they couldn't escape even after exhausting all their methods.

This huge figure was ten times larger than Su Ziyang. It was not on the same level at all.

He was none other than Hegemon Rui Feng's original body.

Hegemon Rui Feng looked at Su Ziyang with a sneer on his face.

"It seems that you care a lot about these two little girls. Kneel to this seat, and this seat can give them a quick death!" Hegemon Rui Feng said with a smile.

As soon as these words came out.

Xiao Die and Xing Ling's expressions changed drastically.

"Brother Hanxing, no!"

"Even if we die, we have to die standing, don't kneel!"

The two women used all their strength and let out a heart-wrenching roar.

Su Ziyang stood in place, his fists clenched so tightly that they made cracking sounds.

Anger rushed up from the soles of his feet, as if it was about to burst his chest.

"It seems that you won't kneel!"

After saying that, Hegemon Rui Feng raised his giant foot and stomped on the ground fiercely.

"Boom …"

The ground exploded, and a terrifying shock wave spread in all directions, as if to tear everything apart.

"No …"

Those who were crawling on the ground, who were hit by the shock wave, all of their bodies exploded and died tragically on the spot.

Ruan Erniang looked at the shock wave rushing over, and the corners of her mouth raised a smile of relief.

"Little Yang, live on and avenge us!"

She struggled to stand up and rushed to the shock wave.

"Hua …"

Ruan Erniang's body, as if made of shredded paper, shattered inch by inch.

Finally, it collapsed into dust and disappeared.

On the other side.

The beautiful woman supported herself not to fall. After glancing at Su Ziyang, she closed her eyes.

"Brother, sister didn't embarrass you, I also want to die standing!"

After saying this sentence, the beautiful woman's body collapsed into dust. When the wind blew, nothing was left.

Not far away.

Feng Qingxiao's mouth raised a sad smile.

He looked at Su Ziyang, "Boss, it is my greatest honor to be your brother in this life! I hope that in the next life, you and I will be brothers again! I hope that in the next life, I will bear everything! "

Feng Qingxiao murmured, closed his eyes, and quietly waited for death.

"Huff …"

There was no surprise.

Feng Qingxiao was enveloped by the shock wave. He didn't persist for a moment, turned into dust, and disappeared.

"Great Emperor, see you in the next life!"

"Great Emperor, in the next life, I am willing to follow you!"

Godslaying Temple, no matter who it was, at this moment, they were all falling one by one.

Everyone's face revealed a determined look.

"Howl …"

The shock wave quickly spread in all directions.

The entire Saint Spirit Heaven Realm collapsed inch by inch.

Along with the collapse, there were also billions of creatures.

Hegemon Rui Feng's stomp caused all of the living beings present to explode.

There were only four people left alive on the field.

That was Su Ziyang, Xiao Die, Star Spirit, and Rui Feng.

Su Ziyang looked at Rui Feng, his chest heaving violently.

That kind of hatred was written all over his face.

"You'd better let them go. Otherwise, I will make you beg for death!"

Su Ziyang's voice was very calm, and his monstrous anger was hidden in his anger.

When Rui Feng heard this, it was as if he had heard the best joke.

"Haha …"

He looked up to the sky and laughed crazily.

That contemptuous appearance did not put Su Ziyang in his eyes at all.

When Xiao Die and Star Spirit saw this scene, a look of despair appeared on their faces.

The two of them nodded to each other and made a difficult decision.

"No … don't …"

Su Ziyang roared.

However, it was still too late.

Only to see Xiao Die and Star Spirit's bodies disintegrate bit by bit.

That scene was like an ancient painting that shattered on the spot with a light touch.

"Big Brother Hanxing, see you in the next life!"

"Big Brother Hanxing, goodbye!"

Between heaven and earth, there were only these two words left.

Even Xiao Die and Star Spirit's souls disappeared together.

It was so clean that there was nothing left.

Su Ziyang stood in place, motionless.

"Bang …"

His body fell heavily to the ground.

"No …"

He let out an extremely unwilling roar.

This sound directly woke Rui Feng up.

He looked at Xiao Die and Star Spirit, who had turned into nothingness in his hand, and his expression was ugly.

"Damn it, damn it, they actually committed suicide!"

"If I had known, I would have swallowed them earlier!"

"However, swallowing you alone is better than all of them!"

After saying that, Rui Feng stared at Su Ziyang.

"Boom …"

He walked towards Su Ziyang step by step. Each step shook the earth and buzzed.

He looked down at Su Ziyang condescendingly, and the meaning of his sneer was very obvious.

"Kid, are you desperate?"

"In that case, this seat will fulfill your wish!"

After saying that, Rui Feng stretched out his right hand and reached down from the sky.

Seeing that he was about to grab Su Ziyang's body.

At this time.


A loud shout came from the sky.

Immediately after, an incomparably terrifying flame phoenix burned heaven and earth, bursting out a dazzling red light.

Where the red light reached, the black gas on Rui Feng's body burned wildly and evaporated into nothingness.

In just an instant, the black gas on Rui Feng's body was reduced by more than half.

He stopped and looked at the flame phoenix in the sky. His face was full of solemnity.

"It's you!"

Suddenly, Rui Feng's eyes bloomed with a strange light.

"I didn't expect that instead of following Chen Yu, you would come here to join in the fun. It seems that you are really looking for death!"

"In that case, this seat will fulfill your wish!" Rui Feng said.

"Hehe …"

The flame phoenix laughed coldly. "Don't you think that all of this is a trap?"

As soon as these words came out.

"Boom …"

Like a thunderclap, it struck Rui Feng's head.

The back of his head went numb, and cold sweat flowed down.

With Chen Yu's personality, it was very likely that he had set up such a big trap to deal with him.

This time, he was in big trouble.

He swept his gaze around, and his face showed incomparable fear.

"Chen Yu, get out here for this seat. Hiding the head and showing the tail, what kind of hero are you!"

Rui Feng shouted loudly. His voice was like thunder, resounding throughout the 3,000 small worlds.

However, no one responded to him.

There was dead silence all around.

The more it was like this, the more uneasy Rui Feng's face became.

His body began to tremble slightly.

Seeing this scene, a flash of surprise flashed in the flame phoenix's eyes.

"Whoosh …"

She sped up and headed straight for Rui Feng.

The wrath of the Heavenly Dao fell straight from the sky and smashed fiercely onto Rui Feng's body.

"Boom …"

Loud explosions continued to ring out.

Rui Feng's body was blown into huge and deep holes.

However, to his incomparably huge body, it was no hindrance at all.

"Damn little girl, you dare to sneak attack this seat, courting death!"

After recovering, Rui Feng stretched out his right hand and grabbed at the flame phoenix.

When the flame phoenix saw this scene, she didn't care at all.

She let him grab her, and the corners of her mouth even revealed a sinister smile that her plan had succeeded.

This scene was clearly captured by Rui Feng.

He hurriedly stopped and swept his gaze around, his face incomparably fearful.

"Boom …"

What awaited him was the flame phoenix's crazy attack again.

Once again, huge holes were blown into his body.

"Little girl, I'm so angry. Since that's the case, this seat will destroy you first!"

This time, Rui Feng ignored everything and crazily attacked the flame phoenix.

"Bang …"

A punch blasted out, directly shattering heaven and earth.

The flames on the flame phoenix's body were shattered by the punch.

Her body flew out backward and fell heavily to the ground.

"Huff …"

Soon, she transformed into her original form, Chen Ling's appearance.

"Puff …"

A mouthful of blood was spat out.

She looked at Su Ziyang, her eyes full of caution.

"Little guy, why aren't you running!"

This voice was like the voice of a god, reverberating in Su Ziyang's mind.

Su Ziyang immediately recovered his consciousness. After struggling to stand up, he saw Chen Ling.

"Sister Chen Ling, is that you?" Su Ziyang asked.

"You … you run, don't fall into his hands, otherwise, it will be an incomparably huge disaster for the entire 3,000 great worlds!"

"As long as you are here, your dead relatives can be restored!"


Chen Ling let out a heart-wrenching roar.

Su Ziyang looked at Chen Ling in a daze, "If I run, what will you do?"

"Hurry up, don't talk nonsense, it will be too late." Chen Ling roared.

Hearing this, Su Ziyang's face revealed a hint of caution. Without saying a word, he used the Great Dao of Space and instantly disappeared.

On the other side.

"Boom …"

With a loud bang, Su Ziyang's body, as if colliding with an iron wall, slowly crashed to the ground.

Seeing this scene.

Rui Feng let out a burst of hearty laughter.

"Haha …"

"What a joke, you want to run in front of me, how is that possible?"


With that, Rui Feng stretched out his right hand and blasted towards Su Ziyang.

"Hmph …"

Su Ziyang and Chen Ling snorted coldly and attacked at the same time.

"Huff …"

The ancient bronze lamp lit up with a dazzling blue light, as if it could burn the nine heavens and ten lands.

Blue flames covered Rui Feng's fist.

His fist was burned to ashes at a speed visible to the naked eye.

When the wind blew, nothing was left, disappearing without a trace.

On the other side.

Chen Ling took out a sword-shaped connate spirit treasure and madly slashed at Rui Feng.

"Whoosh …"

Billions of sword lights released an aura that could tear through everything, leaving Rui Feng covered in wounds.

At this moment, Rui Feng was suppressed by Su Ziyang and Chen Ling to the point that he could not move at all.

He did not even have room to fight back.

The power of two connate spirit treasures was terrifying.

"Damn it, damn it!"

Rui Feng roared again and again, frantically resisting, but his two hands were no match for four fists.

"Do you think I don't have any connate spirit treasures?"

Rui Feng said and waved his right hand.

"Buzz …"

With a tremor, Su Ziyang felt his heart tighten.

The Ancestral Dream Heart uncontrollably flew out of his body and landed in Rui Feng's hand.

"Keke, not bad, not bad. You've raised me so well!"

Rui Feng took the Ancestral Dream Heart and merged it into his body.

"Buzz …"

A tremor sounded.

Rui Feng's aura soared, and terrifying energy flowed through his body.

"Ding …"

The sound of metal clashing rang out continuously.

All the damage hit Rui Feng's body, bursting into flames. To Rui Feng, he was not injured at all.

The more Rui Feng fought, the braver he became. He fought Su Ziyang and Chen Ling to a standstill.


"Another one!"

Rui Feng waved his right hand.

"Buzz …"

Su Ziyang's body trembled, and a Heavenly Dao Tree flew out of his body uncontrollably.

In the end, it landed in Rui Feng's hands.

Looking at the Heavenly Dao Tree, Rui Feng's face was filled with surprise.

"Haha, a perfect Heavenly Dao!"

"It's too wonderful. Even if I don't comprehend the Heavenly Dao, I can still release the power of the Heavenly Dao!"

"With this treasure in hand, I have the world. A little Chen Yu is nothing!"

"All of you, become food in my hands!"

With that, Rui Feng moved his mind.

"Buzz …"

The Heavenly Dao Tree lit up with a dazzling light.

Surging Heavenly Dao rose from the Heavenly Dao Tree and surged toward Su Ziyang and Chen Ling.

Seeing this scene, the two's expressions changed drastically.

Without saying a word, they hurriedly used defensive methods.

However, it was useless.

"Crack …"

No defensive method could withstand a single blow in front of the Heavenly Dao.

In just an instant, the two's bodies were bound.

"Let go!"

Chen Ling struggled frantically, but it was useless. The Heavenly Dao String was not something an ordinary ruler could break free from.

"Ah …"

The Heavenly Dao String tied tighter and tighter. In an instant, Chen Ling was pinched into trouble.

Her head tilted, and she died tragically on the spot.

"Whoosh …"

Chen Ling's soul flew out of her body and hurriedly fled.

"Want to escape?"

Rui Feng smiled coldly and grabbed with his right hand. In an instant, Chen Ling's soul was caught in his hand. No matter how she struggled, it was futile.

Finally, he opened his bloody mouth and swallowed Chen Ling's soul.

"Ah …"

Silent screams continuously sounded.

The sound gradually disappeared, and the surroundings returned to calm.

Su Ziyang was bound in place, motionless.

The corners of his mouth raised in a smile of relief. "Die, Xiao Ling, we will meet soon."

"Perhaps this is the best ending for us."

Su Ziyang closed his eyes and quietly waited for death.

"In that case, this seat will fulfill your wish!"

After saying this, the Heavenly Dao Tree stretched out several tentacles and went straight for Su Ziyang.

"Whoosh …"

In an instant, it drilled into his forehead and imprisoned his soul.

Su Ziyang's soul did not struggle at all. He just calmly looked at Rui Feng.

"Kid, do you have any last words?" Rui Feng said indifferently.

"Haha, you will not die a good death," Su Ziyang said with a smile.

"At this point, you still want to act rashly. This seat will send you on your way!"

Then, Rui Feng opened his bloody mouth and swallowed Su Ziyang's soul.

"Crack …"

After a few bites, Su Ziyang's soul was chewed to pieces.

Boundless soul power wildly increased Rui Feng's soul.

At this moment, he closed his eyes and quietly sensed it.

"My soul has strengthened by nearly a hundred times!"

"What a terrifying soul power. Fortunately, this kid is weak enough. Otherwise, if he was allowed to grow, this seat might not be his match!"

At this point, Rui Feng stared at Su Ziyang's body.

That greed was not concealed at all.

"A perfect body, a perfect Great Dao, a perfect spiritual space!"

"When this seat obtains this body, in the future, the entire world will be this seat's!"

Rui Feng's face revealed boundless joy.

That appearance was indescribable with words.

After a long time, Rui Feng calmed down and began to operate.

"Whoosh …"

His soul slowly flew into Su Ziyang's body and merged with his body.

Time passed little by little.

By the time Rui Feng completely adapted to Su Ziyang's body, it was already a hundred years later.

"Whoosh …"

At this moment, Su Ziyang, no, Rui Feng opened his eyes.

Two rays of light shot out.

"Haha …"

He looked up to the sky and laughed, his voice long and slow.

After a long time, he calmed down.

He clenched his fists, his eyes blooming with a strange light.

"From now on, who can be my match, haha …"

His voice was like thunder, rolling out.

He checked Su Ziyang's body for a long time before calming down.

"It seems that this seat was overthinking. Chen Yu didn't come at all!"

"In that case, the flow of time can also be taken back!"

Thinking so, Rui Feng's mind moved.

"Whoosh …"

A ray of light flew back from the endless distance and entered his body.

The flow of time was a kind of Heavenly Dao secret technique that allowed one to be reborn after death.

Since everything was under control now, this kind of secret technique was completely useless.

"Chen Yu, let me have a go at you!"

The corners of Rui Feng's mouth rose, a hint of pride very obvious.

He took a step forward and walked forward.

"Bang …"

Suddenly, the space around him began to shatter piece by piece.

That scene was like an illusion, everything was broken.

What appeared in front of Rui Feng were countless figures.

These figures were led by Su Ziyang, and supported by Xiao Die and Xing Ling.

Chen Ling and Feng Qing stood on both sides.

Ruan Erniang, the pretty lady, Feng Qingxiao, Zhao Chan, and the others stood behind him.

As for the other billions of people, they were all standing in front of the high school.

This was the Saint Spirit Realm.

Seeing these people, Rui Feng couldn't help but be stunned.

"How is this possible?"

He touched his face, and after touching it, he instantly returned to his original appearance.

"You … Why aren't you dead?"

Rui Feng kept shaking his head, unwilling to believe what was in front of him.


Su Ziyang smiled slightly and said, "Aren't I waiting for you to take back the Heavenly Dao secret technique so that I can destroy you?"

As soon as these words were said, Rui Feng's scalp went numb.

He pointed at Su Ziyang and said, "You … What Dao did you use on me?"

"Just the Dao of Illusion," Su Ziyang said with a smile.

"How is this possible? How can the Dao of Illusion be so powerful? "

"How did you act out these hundreds of millions of people so perfectly? How can there be no flaws at all?" Rui Feng kept shaking his head, unwilling to believe it.

"Haha …"

Su Ziyang only smiled and didn't explain. "Speak, do you have any last words?"

"Haha …"

He looked up to the sky and laughed as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

"Kid, even so, do you think you can deal with me?"

"With the Heavenly Dao Tree in hand …"

Rui Feng seemed to realize something was wrong. He looked up and felt his scalp tingle.

Where was the Heavenly Dao Tree in his hand?

"Are you talking about this?"

Su Ziyang waved his right hand, and the Heavenly Dao Tree quietly stood in his hand like an obedient child.

"This … This is impossible! How can you control my Connate Spirit Treasure? "

"Get back here!"

Rui Feng roared, frantically mobilizing his soul.

However, he discovered that he had completely lost contact with the Heavenly Dao Tree.

From this moment on, the Heavenly Dao Tree had nothing to do with him.

"You …."

Rui Feng almost spat out a mouthful of blood. "How did you erase the willpower of a Connate Spirit Treasure?"

"Haha …."

Su Ziyang smiled. "The dead don't need to know!"

"You …."

Rui Feng's expression was furious as he pointed at Su Ziyang. "Even so, I still have the Ancestral Dream Heart. Do you still want to kill me?"

"Haha, is that what you're talking about?"

With that, Su Ziyang waved his right hand, and the Ancestral Dream Heart instantly appeared in his hand.

Rui Feng frantically activated the Ancestral Dream Heart, but this Connate Spirit Treasure also lost contact with him.

"In that case, don't even think about getting the Heart of Origin!"

However, Su Ziyang took out the Heart of Origin again, and no matter how Rui Feng tried to activate it, it had no effect.

He had completely lost contact with the three Connate Spirit Treasures, and they were now under Su Ziyang's control.

Whoosh ….

The ancient bronze lamp also flew out and quietly stood to the side.

The four Connate Spirit Treasures exuded the ancient might of the Heavenly Dao, and no one dared to look directly at them.

"I'll ask you one last time. Do you have any last words?" Su Ziyang said indifferently.

As soon as these words were spoken.

Despair appeared on Rui Feng's face.

He pointed at Su Ziyang and roared, "You think you can deal with me?!"

As soon as he finished speaking.

Whoosh ….

Su Ziyang pointed with his right hand, and several rays of light rapidly flew out.

These rays of light were the Heavenly Dao that Su Ziyang had comprehended.

In an instant, Rui Feng was tied up like a dumpling, and no matter how he struggled, it was completely useless.

"You … how did you comprehend a perfect Heavenly Dao? This … this is absolutely impossible!"

"It's fake, it must be fake!"

"I must be dreaming!"

Rui Feng muttered to himself as he struggled frantically, but to no avail.

"It looks like you don't have any last words. Since that's the case, then die!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Su Ziyang pointed with his right hand.

"No …."

A cry of unwillingness rang out.

Rui Feng's body crumbled bit by bit and exploded into fine powder.

Whoosh …

His soul transformed into a bolt of lightning and hurriedly fled.

However, what awaited him was Su Ziyang's enormous hand that blotted out the sky.

In an instant, Rui Feng's soul was caught in his hand, and no matter how he struggled, it was completely useless.

"Spare me, spare me, my lord, I was wrong!"

"My lord, no, Emperor, I am willing to serve you as my master and never betray you!"

"I beg you, spare my life!"

Rui Feng's soul continuously kowtowed to Su Ziyang, frantically saluting him.

"Hehe …."

Su Ziyang laughed coldly, opened his bloody mouth, aimed at Rui Feng's soul, and sucked hard.

Crunch ….

The sound of chewing rang out continuously.

"Ah …."

Rui Feng let out a series of silent screams.

Finally, it turned into the purest soul energy and surged through Su Ziyang's body.

At this point, Rui Feng completely disappeared from the world, leaving nothing behind.

After doing all this, the people behind Su Ziyang secretly let out a sigh of relief.

"My heavens! The Emperor is too awesome! He played Rui Feng like a monkey! Unbelievable! "

"That was the most exciting play I've ever seen in my life. There's no other play like it. It was simply too good!"

"Yeah, Rui Feng was a complete idiot, talking to himself. That look was just too funny!"

"The Emperor is mighty! My knees are about to kneel!"

"Emperor, you are the only ruler in my life. I will worship you for the rest of my life!"

Such voices rang out continuously.

Toward the end, everyone waved their fists and loudly shouted, "The Emperor is mighty!"

Xiao Die and Xing Ling walked up to Su Ziyang and leaned close to him.

Chen Ling looked at Su Ziyang, her eyes emitting a strange light.

"Big Brother, you really didn't see wrong. This guy is completely beyond your imagination!"

"That's too scary, too awesome!"

"He has comprehended the Heavenly Dao, Great Dao, and the Dao of Illusion. Moreover, he has reached a perfect state!"

"In the 3,000 great worlds, there is no one who can compare to him in talent!"

"If he grows up, who in the 3,000 great worlds can be his opponent?"

"I'm afraid he can break through the Ancient Road of Battle by himself. We can also enter that world!"

Chen Ling muttered to herself, so excited that she did not recover for a long time.

Su Ziyang was completely unaware of all this.

He turned around, looked at the people, and waved his right hand. "Everyone, move into Hanxing World!"

After speaking, Su Ziyang did not care whether the people were willing or not. He waved his right hand and sent them into the spiritual space.

Su Ziyang's face revealed a puzzled expression as he walked in front of Chen Ling.

"Sister Chen Ling, I have a question that I would like to ask you!" Su Ziyang said.

"Big Brother Hanxing, there's no need to be so polite. Ask me!" Chen Ling said with a smile.

"Phew …"

The Heavenly Dao Tree, the Ancestral Dream Heart, and the Origin Realm Heart all appeared in front of Su Ziyang.

He pointed at the three items and said, "Was it Sovereign Chen Yu who erased the wills of these three items?"

"No." Chen Ling shook her head slightly.

"My brother is fighting on the Ancient Road of Battle. He won't be back for a while. It's definitely not him."

After saying that, Chen Ling seemed to have thought of something and asked, "Weren't you the one who erased the thoughts on them?"

Su Ziyang smiled slightly and shook his head gently. "Let's not talk about whether I have the strength or not. When I saw these three treasures, the thoughts on them were already very pure. They didn't seem to have an owner at all!"

As soon as these words came out.

Chen Ling's expression changed. "In that case, he has already erased the thoughts on them? And Sovereign Rui Feng doesn't know about it at all? "

"That's right!" Su Ziyang nodded.

"Hiss …"

Chen Ling sucked in a breath of cold air, her face full of surprise.

This strength, this method was not inferior to Chen Yu at all, or even stronger.

When did such a terrifying monster appear in the Three Thousand Great Worlds?

Why did he help Hanxing? What was his purpose for doing this?

Chen Ling thought secretly, but she couldn't figure it out.

"No matter what, this person who helped you erase your thoughts has no harm to you!" Chen Ling said.

"That's right. If it weren't for him, I'm afraid the ones who would die would be us!" Su Ziyang said.

"Alright, are you guys ready? Are you ready to go to the Three Thousand Great Worlds? "

Chen Ling looked at Su Ziyang and the other two and asked.

Su Ziyang, Xiao Die, and Ling Xing looked at each other and nodded at the same time.

They would set off with the Three Thousand Great Worlds and head to the Ancient Road of Battle to conquer everything.

"We're ready," Su Ziyang said.

"Alright then, come with me!"

After saying that, Chen Ling took Feng Qing and left quickly.

Su Ziyang followed closely with Xiao Die and Xing Ling.

Their figures disappeared in an instant.

Between heaven and earth, only endless darkness was left.

Is this the end of our story?

No, our story has just begun!

Who was the master behind the scenes who helped Su Ziyang erase the will of the Innate Spirit Treasure?

In the Three Thousand Great Worlds, what kind of master would Su Ziyang and the others encounter?

What kind of place was the Ancient Road of Battle?

What kind of expression would Su Ziyang have after seeing Chen Yu?

Everything would be analyzed in the next book.

This book came to an end!

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