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Chapter 824

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If he wanted to get the three Divine Spiritual Treasures, he had to kill eight 10th-level spirit beasts.

Eight 10th-level spirit beasts, just thinking about it was terrifying.

Wang Changsheng turned his eyes and flipped his palm, and the Immortal Sealing Brush appeared in his hand.

The Immortal Sealing Brush could even break the Sea Overturning Spirit Lock Formation. Maybe it could be used to break the restriction left by the ancient cultivators.

He took a deep breath, and the magic power in his body rushed into the Immortal Sealing Brush like a tide.

The Immortal Sealing Brush suddenly emitted a black light, and it emitted an amazing fluctuation of spiritual energy.

Wang Changsheng held the Immortal Sealing Brush in his hand and suddenly drew in the air. A black light flashed, and a black light more than three hundred feet long flashed out and quickly shot toward a thick stone pillar.

The speed of the black light was so fast that it arrived in front of the stone pillar in a flash.

The red flood dragon carved on it suddenly came to life and drilled out of the stone pillar.

An extremely shrill scream sounded. The black light flashed through the red flood dragon's body, and the red flood dragon was cut in two. Even the thick stone pillar it was on was broken.

After destroying the first thick stone pillar, the black light continued to slash toward the second thick stone pillar.

A red phoenix rushed out of it, but before it could do anything, the black light flashed through its body and cut it in two.

The black light destroyed three stone pillars in a row and killed the 10th-level spirit beasts sealed on the pillars before it dissipated.

This blow consumed half of Wang Changsheng's magic power. In addition, a lot of energy was consumed to maintain the operation of the formation, so Wang Changsheng could do this.

He sat down cross-legged, holding two middle-grade spirit stones in his hand, and meditated to recover his magic power.

There were eight stone pillars, so he needed to use the Immortal Sealing Brush at least three times to break them.

… ….

Halfway up a giant mountain that was tens of thousands of zhang high.

In an open area, ten huge demonic beasts were attacking Tang Xuanji and the others.

If one observed carefully, these ten demonic beasts were not real demonic beasts, but puppet beasts.

The flashing magic treasures struck the puppet beasts, creating a series of metallic clangs.

The ten Yuanying Stage Puppet Beasts kept attacking Tang Xuanji and the others.

A golden giant, who was over ten zhang tall, was wielding a sparkling golden sword, fiercely hacking at a yellow centipede. The yellow centipede's body was covered in wounds, and blood was gushing out ceaselessly.

Huang Yu and the others controlled their magic treasures to deal with a huge scorpion puppet, a bird that was several zhang in size, a huge double-headed wolf that was several zhang in height, and two huge tigers that were three zhang in length.

Tang Xuanji and the other eight people controlled more than ten magical weapons to attack a thirty feet long leopard, a hundred feet long giant python, and two fifty to sixty feet long giant spiders.

A yellow centipede and a yellow python were attacking a golden giant that was over thirty meters tall, but they didn't have the upper hand.

"Fellow cultivator Huang, it's too late. If we hold back, the people from the Taiqing Palace and the Haoran Academy might catch up with us. Let's use all our strength to destroy these Puppet Beasts!" The old man in the golden robe frowned and suggested.

"Destroy them? The Old Man still wants to destroy their driving cores and keep them for use! It'll just take a little more effort. The people from the Taiqing Palace and the Haoran Academy won't get here so quickly. "Huang Yu said indifferently.

"These Puppet Beasts were passed down from the ancient times. They definitely don't need Spirit Stones to control them. Even if you get them, you won't be able to use them. It's better to destroy them as soon as possible! It's better to be safe than sorry. If the people from the Taiqing Palace and the Haoran Academy arrive, it'll be troublesome. "The old man in the golden robe frowned and said with a displeased expression.

Now that both the Righteous Path and the Devil Path were in this small world, he just wanted to get the Divine Spiritual Treasure as soon as possible. It would be difficult to deal with the Devil Path. If the people from the Taiqing Palace and the Haoran Academy arrived, even if they broke the restriction and got the Divine Spiritual Treasure, the Imperial family might not get a share.

"Fellow cultivator Huang, are you waiting for the people from the Taiqing Palace and the Haoran Academy to arrive so that we can fight with the people from the Taiqing Palace and the Haoran Academy? Then you can just sit back and reap the benefits!" Tang Xuanji looked at Huang Yu meaningfully and said indifferently.

"Haha, Tang Daoyou misunderstood. The Old Man really just wants to get a Yuanying Puppet. Tang Daoyou is right. Let's quickly destroy these Puppet Beasts!" Huang Yu laughed and said vaguely.

His lips moved a few times, and a large amount of black gas rushed out of his body and quickly swept toward the Puppet Beasts opposite him.

As soon as the Puppet Beasts came into contact with the black gas, a layer of white stone appeared on their bodies. The Puppet Beasts were only fighting by instinct and had no spiritual intelligence. Soon, the five Puppet Beasts' bodies were covered with a thick layer of stone, and they could not move.

The black-faced man took out a bone knife as white as jade and slashed the five Puppet Beasts fiercely, smashing them into pieces.

At the same time, the golden-robed old man took out a red gourd, and a large amount of red flames spurted out from it. It turned into a red fire dragon more than 100 feet long, and it rushed toward the four Puppet Beasts with bared fangs and brandished claws.

With a loud bang, the crimson fire dragon exploded as soon as it got close to the four puppet beasts. It turned into rolling flames and attached to the four puppet beasts.

Not long after, the flames disappeared, and the four Puppet Beasts disappeared. There was a pool of molten iron on the ground.

Although the giant Puppet Beasts' bodies were tough, they quickly melted after being touched by the red flames from the red gourd. In the end, they were reduced to a pool of restrictions.

"Tang Daoyou, that gourd magic treasure of yours should be a replica of a fire-attribute Divine Spirit Treasure, right? Otherwise, it wouldn't be so powerful. The bodies of these ancient Puppet Beasts are even tougher than ordinary defensive magic treasures. "A trace of astonishment flashed through Huang Yu's eyes, and he spoke with deep meaning.

"If the Old Man hadn't used this Divine Spirit Treasure replica, he wouldn't have been able to destroy the five Yuanying Stage Puppets so quickly. Unlike Fellow Daoist Huang, who was able to suppress the five Yuanying Stage Puppets with his Devil Arts of Petrification. Hehe, Fellow Daoist Huang should be able to deal with ten Yuanying Stage Puppets by himself!" The golden-robed old man said with a mysterious smile.

"Let's cut the pleasantries. Since we've destroyed these Yuanying Stage Puppets, let's continue on our way! The sooner we obtain the Divine Spirit Treasure, the better. "The black-faced man indifferently said.

He put away his magic treasure and strode forward. Huang Yu and the others followed closely behind him.

The smile on the golden-robed old man's face froze. His lips twitched a few times, and he followed them.

… ….

In a huge canyon, Mu Rongping's hand was pressed on a miniature Yuanying that resembled Tang Yunhai.

A golden talisman was stuck on the miniature Yuanying's body, and its eyes were lifeless.

Several corpses were scattered around Mu Rongping. Murong Bing and the others were standing near Mu Rongping.

After a while, Mu Rongping withdrew his hand and placed Tang Yunhai's Yuanying into a wooden box, and put it away in his storage bag.

"How was it? Fellow Daoist Murong, what did you find from the Soul Search? "Liu Huaqing asked impatiently, his eyes full of anticipation.

"The Old Man's previous guess was correct. The Imperial family is on another path, and they should have met Huang Yu and the others. However, the Imperial family has four Yuanying Stage Cultivators instead of three. Tang Yihang, who should have died hundreds of years ago, is still alive. Instead, he has entered the Late Yuanying Stage," Mu Rongping said slowly.

"Tang Yihang is not dead? He has even entered the Late Yuanying Stage? This is going to be difficult. "Liu Huaqing's expression changed, and he frowned.

"Hehe, what's so difficult about it? Maybe the Imperial family is fighting with the Diabolism. If we take a detour, we'll definitely be able to take advantage of them." Enlightened Tian Fu chuckled and said casually.

Enlightened Jin Yue hesitated and said worriedly, "What if the Imperial family joins forces with the Diabolism? If that's the case, they will have fourteen Yuanying Stage Cultivators, and we only have twelve. "

"We won't win with more people. With the Tai Qing Mirror, even if a few more Yuanying Stage Cultivators come, the Old Man won't be afraid. Let's speed up! We need to get to that huge mountain as soon as possible. Humph, the Divine Spiritual Treasures enshrined in the Demon Suppression Hall are all refined with special methods. Apart from the descendants of the Murong family, no one else can use them. "

After Mu Rongping finished speaking, he strode forward, and Murong Bing hurriedly followed.

Liu Huaqing and Enlightened Jin Yue frowned, looked at each other, and followed.

Not long after, the group disappeared into a narrow valley.

… ….

In a desert that stretched as far as the eye could see, tens of thousands of feet underground.

In an open area, a black tree that was fifty feet tall was constantly emitting waves of black gas. A middle-aged man with a horn on his head was sitting cross-legged near the black tree with his eyes closed.

Not long after, there was a buzzing sound, and hundreds of thousands of black beetles flew in from afar and stopped in front of the middle-aged man.

The black beetles had ferocious faces, exposed fangs, and a horn on their heads.

A black beetle that was a few feet long flew at the front. It had six pairs of thin wings, while the other black beetles only had four pairs.

The middle-aged man seemed to have sensed something. He opened his eyes and stretched out a hand. The six-winged beetle shook its wings, and its figure blurred and appeared in the middle-aged man's hand.

"The restriction has loosened a lot. It seems that in less than a hundred years, I can leave this place and return to the Devil Realm. When I leave here, it will be the time for my insect race to occupy this realm," the middle-aged man muttered to himself, looking a little excited.

With a shake of his wrist, the six-winged beetle flew out of his hand and returned to the main group.

"Go, continue to attack the restriction and leave this place as soon as possible. With the True Devil Tree in hand, we can go anywhere in the world."

As soon as the voice fell, under the leadership of the six-winged beetle, more than a hundred thousand black beetles flew back and disappeared in a short time.

The middle-aged man looked back at the black tree and muttered to himself, "It's been tens of thousands of years! It's almost time to leave this place. Human race, humph, when I leave here, it will be the day of your extinction. "

After saying this, the middle-aged man closed his eyes, and the place returned to tranquility.

… ….

Outside the cyan palace, Wang Changsheng was holding the Immortal Sealing Brush. His face was pale and full of sweat.

In the main hall, eight thick stone pillars were cut off, and a cyan paper crane of several feet in size was flying in the hall.

"Finally, the restriction here is broken. The Divine Spiritual Treasure is in my hands," Wang Changsheng muttered to himself, looking a little excited.

He sat down with his legs crossed, holding several mid-tier spirit stones in his hand to recover his spiritual power.

After an hour, when he absorbed the spiritual power of the mid-tier spirit stones in his hand again, he stood up.

His spiritual power was almost recovered. If there were other restrictions in the hall, he was not afraid.

His lips moved a few times, and a thick golden armor appeared around his body, protecting him.

Wang Changsheng held the Immortal Sealing Brush and walked in.

One step, five steps, ten steps, fifty steps, one hundred steps … Wang Changsheng walked all the way, and there was nothing unusual.

Soon, he came in front of the cyan wooden table, and stretched out his hand to grab the shining golden wheel.

Just when his palm was about to touch the golden wheel, countless cyan runes gushed out from the cyan wooden table, and quickly condensed into a cyan arrow. The surface of the cyan arrow flashed with electric arcs, and it quickly flew towards Wang Changsheng.

Caught off guard, Wang Changsheng had no time to dodge. The cyan arrow hit Wang Changsheng's body, and suddenly exploded, turning into a large area of cyan lightning, and drowning Wang Changsheng's body.

After a while, the cyan lightning disappeared, and Wang Changsheng was unscathed, but the light of the golden armor was slightly dim.

Wang Changsheng snorted lightly, and swept the cyan wooden table with his sleeve, and the three Divine Spiritual Treasures disappeared.

In the upper right corner of the hall, there was a yellow magic formation of a hundred feet in size, and the spiritual stones placed in the groove had not exhausted their spiritual power.

Wang Changsheng thought for a while, but did not break the magic formation, and turned to leave.

An hour later, Wang Changsheng returned to the foot of the mountain. He took out a shining red pipa from his storage bag, and handed it to Mu Wanwan, and said with a smile, "Wife, don't you use music to attack? This Li Fire Enchanted Pipa is the most suitable for you, but with your current cultivation, you can't use this Li Fire Enchanted Pipa to the extreme. It's already good enough that you can use 10% of its power.

Mu Wanwan happily took the red pipa, and smiled at Wang Changsheng, and said, "Thank you, husband. By the way, is this the only Divine Spiritual Treasure?"

"Of course not. There are two other Buddhist magic treasures, the Golden Moon Wheel and the Cyan Cloud Lamp, one for attack and one for defense." As Wang Changsheng said, he turned his palm, and a shining golden wheel and a cyan copper lamp appeared in his hand.

Mu Wanwan nodded and said, "The Divine Spiritual Treasures are in our hands. Let's go to that place next!"

Wang Changsheng nodded and said with a smile, "Of course. With three Divine Spiritual Treasures in hand, I won't be afraid even if there are demons in the Soul Formation Stage in that place. But before that, we have to use the Treasure Imprint Technique to store the two Divine Spiritual Treasures in our bodies for a few days, and then we can use them."

In order to use the Divine Spiritual Treasures, one had to know the Treasure Imprint Technique. Wang Changsheng had obtained the cultivation method of the Treasure Imprint Technique on his trip to the Fallen Celestial Valley, but he did not practice it at that time.

After knowing that there might be Divine Spiritual Treasures in this place, Wang Changsheng learned the Treasure Imprint Technique from Mu Wanwan, and now it was just the right time to use it.

Only in the Yuanying Stage could one practice the Treasure Imprint Technique. There were three levels in total. The early stage of Yuanying corresponded to the first level, the middle stage of Yuanying corresponded to the second level, and the late stage of Yuanying corresponded to the third level.

In order to use the full power of the Divine Spiritual Treasures, one had to enter the Soul Formation Stage.

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