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Chapter 850

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A hundred years passed by like a white steed. Looking back, the earth-shattering war had arrived on the hundred-year anniversary.

A lot of things happened in the past hundred years. Some of the once all-powerful people still stood on the stage of Nine Regions, some quietly retired, and some changed their ambition halfway, writing off the glory of the first half of their lives …

Qiong Hua stood on the podium of the hundred-year anniversary and looked down at the tens of thousands of cultivators who gathered below. Suddenly, there was endless emotion in her heart. Fortunately, in the Supreme Stage, her immortal heart was clear and free of dirt, which allowed her to suppress the palpitation in her heart and play the role of the leader of the Wanxian League.

Under the focus of countless people, Qiong Hua gently opened her mouth and recited the speech that had already been prepared.

She recalled the invasion of the Immortal World a hundred years ago, when countless people with lofty ideals and lofty ideals shed their blood and finally turned the tide. Among them, there were not only the brilliance of a few heroes, but also the silent dedication of all living beings in Nine Regions.

She also recalled the glorious achievements of the post-war reconstruction of Nine Regions in the past one hundred years. The Southern Heaven Region was reshaped, the disordered spiritual veins in various places were re-sorted, and the broken mountains and rivers were repaired. The new generation of cultivators grew up one after another. What was even more gratifying was that in the past one hundred years, geniuses and heroes emerged one after another.

After that, Qiong Hua talked about the next hundred years.

The journey to the new world had begun.

Xiaoyao, the pioneer who left Nine Regions a hundred years ago, successfully left a precious road sign in the Wall of Worlds, which guided future generations to move forward on the main path.

Fifty years ago, Zhan Ziye and Zhou Mumu worked hard to complete the preliminary calculation of the Wall of Worlds.

Ten years ago, Immortal Feng Yin of Lingjian School led many Immortals to open a gap in the Wall of Worlds at the cost of a thousand years of deep sleep, from which the dawn of the new world poured out, which was called the One Line Sky.

Five years ago, Senior Immortal Non-Phase went deep into the One Line Sky alone and expanded the gap ten times, which almost formed a broad path. However, after completing the feat, there was no news of Senior Immortal Non-Phase.

Today, Qiong Hua stood on the podium of the hundred-year anniversary and announced the official start of the expedition to the new world.

Under the podium, the cheers were deafening.

In the past hundred years, the legend of the new world had long been deeply rooted in people's hearts. It was said that there was an ideal land beyond the Wall of Worlds that was better than the Immortal World, with countless resources and wealth that could satisfy all beautiful fantasies.

The Celestial World was destroyed, but the new world became the new Celestial World. It became the supreme place in people's hearts.

On the stage, Qiong Hua felt sad.

There was no ideal village. Everything in the new world was unknown. At present, Senior Immortal Non-Phase, who was the deepest in the Wall of Worlds, still had not sent back any message, and Senior Immortal Xiaoyao did not see any beautiful fantasy at the end of his journey a hundred years ago.

What's more, there were countless difficulties and obstacles before arriving at the new world. The journey to the new world was not a journey for a small number of people, but the migration of the entire Nine Regions. The space requirement was extremely harsh. Even the most mature one-line sky could only accommodate the compressed Nine Regions and barely pass smoothly. Once the mature region was crossed, the cultivators would have to overcome the obstacles.

According to Zhan Ziye's calculations, the most ideal outcome was to maintain the current development intensity for five hundred years. After that, there was an eighty percent chance that a spacious passageway would be directly excavated. However, that was, of course, impossible. Nine Regions had long been overwhelmed. In the last hundred years, the emergence of heroes was basically the final radiance of the setting sun, and the surrounding spiritual energy was also constantly decreasing.

How could a world that was already on the brink of death be filled with vitality?

In recent decades, no one had heard the voice of the land spirit Wang Lu. He was still there, but he was so tired and weak that he couldn't even speak. Senior Immortal Non-Phase entering the one-line sky alone was also related to the weakness of Wang Lu. Looking at the spirit stone statue of Wang Lu in the center of the ceremonial platform, Qiong Hua's heart was filled with emotion.

A hundred years ago, she used Wang Lu as a goal to motivate herself to move forward. Now, Wang Lu seemed to have stopped moving forward, but she felt that the distance between them was getting farther and farther away.

Looking at the passage that led to the one-line sky opened by Immortal Feng Yin, Qiong Hua had a smile on her face, but her heart was slightly cold.

Behind this passageway, was it a colorful new world, or a pitch-black deathly stillness?

Unfortunately, no matter what the answer was, for the current Nine Regions, there was no other choice.

History was probably the most flexible thing in the world.

Even if it was a long river of hundreds of thousands or millions of years, even if it was the most glorious time when heroes came forth in large numbers, it could be compressed into a few pieces of thin yellow paper, which could be commented on by later generations.

The new world expedition of Nine Regions was such a history. If the story was written in detail, it would be "too numerous to be written down". However, when it was compressed, it could be summarized in a few pages.

"In the spring of the year 6500 of the Nine Regions calendar, the expedition entered the twentieth year. Generally speaking, everything went smoothly — if not compared with the original plan. The difficulty and danger in the Wall of Worlds is well-deserved. I really doubt how Senior Immortal Xiaoyao could persist to this point with his broken body. We found the last road sign left by Senior Immortal Xiaoyao, as well as the bodies of him and his wife. They probably experienced considerable torture before they died. Their bodies were broken, but when they embraced each other and fell asleep, they could still vaguely see a smile. Unfortunately, we, the later generations, can't smile. According to the original plan, we should have reached this point within ten years, but now it has taken twice as long. I don't want to criticize anyone, because everyone's efforts are visible, but sometimes people have to wonder if it's wrong for the predecessors to pin all their hopes on us? If the heroes who turned the tide in the great era were still there, perhaps the expedition would not be so difficult. Today, I once again worshiped the patron saint of Nine Regions. I seemed to hear his voice, but my companions all laughed at me for having an illusion. "

"In the winter of the 653rd year of the Nine Regions calendar, the winter of Nine Regions turned out to be so cold. I accompanied Supreme Qiong Hua on a tour of Nine Regions and saw that the earth was covered with snow everywhere. Although this silver-wrapped scene was gorgeous, it chilled people's heart. Such a harsh winter had never happened in the past thousands of years. Especially after the Feng Shui of Nine Regions was sorted out, there should not be such an extreme climate. The immortal cultivators could not be affected by the cold and heat, so they were not deeply affected by this harsh winter. However, the mortal world suffered heavy losses. Senior Sister Qiong Hua allocated part of the manpower for disaster relief, but unfortunately, it was a drop in the bucket. Right now, opening up the passage was the most important thing, and there was no way to demand more from her. However, the cruel scene in the mortal world was really like hell, giving people nightmares. Senior Sister said that my immortal heart cultivation was not enough, so I think it's probably true. "

"In the summer of 6510th year of the Nine Regions calendar, there was a great drought. After the severe winter seven years ago and the flood five years ago, we actually ushered in another great drought. The food output of Nine Regions plummeted by seventy percent, and hunger was everywhere in the mortal world. Even the immortal cultivation sects were inevitably affected, and some low-level cultivators even began to starve. Senior Sister Qiong Hua said that this was because the lifespan of Nine Regions was coming to an end and could no longer provide enough nutrients. If we can't reach the new world as soon as possible and get new life, such a disaster would only increase day by day. "

"In the spring of 6515th year of the Nine Regions calendar, the Eastern Border Region's Pan Jin Sect was destroyed by the heavenly tribulation thunder, and no one survived. The laws of Nine Regions became more and more chaotic, and even the heavenly tribulation became willful. The lifespan of Nine Regions was obviously coming to an end, but instead, it began to squander its remaining strength, which was really a waste. The people around me all said so, but few people cared about the casualties of the Pan Jin Sect. "

"In the autumn of 6520th year of the Nine Regions calendar, Senior Sister Qiong Hua gave a report on the fifty-year expedition. She really knows how to talk. In this form, she could also inspire people and make people fight. In the past fifty years, we have made brilliant achievements, and a beautiful future is in front of us. If it weren't for the fact that I also participated in the drafting of her speech, perhaps I would have believed it. Everyone said that it was a wise move for Senior Sister Qiong Hua to conceal the result of Zhan Ziye's calculation fifty years ago. According to the original plan, Nine Regions must break through the Wall of Worlds within forty years, otherwise, there would be unpredictable consequences. In the past ten years, Senior Brother Zhan Ziye has no longer carried out any calculation. Perhaps he did, but Senior Sister Qiong Hua didn't let him say it. "

"In the winter of 6525th year of the Nine Regions calendar, Senior Sister Qiong Hua said that we all have to prepare for hibernation — the last strong wall of the Wall of Worlds has finally been broken. However, there is still a smooth but long road to the new world. This road is beyond anyone's expectation, and there is no such thing in the original plan. It will take at least fifty years for the Nine Regions to cross over, but according to the current rate of decline, in ten years at most, the Nine Regions will fall apart and become pieces of lifeless gravel and soil. And those of us who have lost our ships will be lost in the Wall of Worlds forever. Entering hibernation is the best choice. We will sleep along the inertia for fifty years until we Resuscitation in the new world. Senior Sister Qiong Hua said that she would personally serve as the night watchman. Many people came to persuade her, but of course, they could not persuade her. It is said that after the death of Uncle Hetu, there was only one person in Nine Regions who could persuade Senior Sister. So I prayed in front of his statue for a long time … I seemed to hear him say that he would help me, but when I Resuscitation, I found myself buried in snow. It was my Senior Brothers who dug me out. Perhaps those words are just illusions. "

"In the winter of 6526 year of the Nine Regions calendar, I am the last group of cultivators to enter hibernation. Along with me are the fellow daoists of Lingjian School. This is the first time I have met the people of Lingjian School at a close distance, and I feel like I have entered the country of women. Liu Li, Zhu Shiyao, Bai Shixuan, Quan Zouhua, Yue Xinyao … Nowadays, the leaders of the Heavenly Sword Hall are almost all women. I chatted with my Junior Sisters before going to bed, and everyone guessed that this must be the bad taste of the former lead disciple of Lingjian School. However, seeing the smile on the faces of the people of Lingjian School, we can't help but have more confidence in the future. After all, if the Guardian God of Nine Regions is still here, he would at least bless the safety of his fellow disciples, right? Well, this diary should end here. I don't know when I will open it again, and I don't even know who it will be. I just hope … "

The handwriting stopped abruptly.

Many years later.

Closing the thin book, the young man was so excited that he couldn't help but make dozens of somersaults on the spot and uttered an unknown strange cry.

While exploring the mountains with his companions, he accidentally got lost. In the fog, he inexplicably came to a cave and inexplicably met an old man in a cloak who hid his facial features. Actually, he couldn't tell the age of the other party. He only felt that the other party's breath was long, so he must be a senior expert. After a few casual words, he got a thin book, but unexpectedly, there was a priceless treasure in the book!

After a long time, he calmed down, somewhat ashamedly scratched his head, and then said to the senior expert in front of him, "Thank you for lending me this book. It's of great significance to the historical textual research. It's enough to fill many gaps in the current research! I told you, the miraculous expedition must exist! This world definitely didn't appear out of thin air, but now everyone doesn't believe it. It's ridiculous to say that the Big Bang theory is just ridiculous! Even if the Big Bang can blow up this beautiful world, what about the immortal ruins everywhere? Could it be that the Thunder Body Technique came out of thin air from the Big Bang? "

After complaining, the young man somewhat reluctantly looked at the book in his hand. "Senior, I don't know …"

"Sure, I'll give this book to you. If you're interested in history, I have some other things here that might be able to help you."

With that, the senior took out a few yellowed books from his cloak. The young man's eyes instantly widened. Although these books had a long history, no one knew how many years they had been through, but the immortal spirit aura left in them was incredibly pure, which was absolutely not something that anyone could forge.

"These, these are …"

The senior said, "They're just nonsense left by a few old guys. The story is too distant, so it may not be useful to you, but it's good to read as a novel."

The young man took the book, flipped through it twice, and couldn't come back to his senses.

After an unknown amount of time, the young man was stimulated by the bloating feeling in his lower abdomen, as if he had just woken up from a dream.

"Ah ah, I'm sorry, senior, I accidentally became fascinated … But, where did you find these books?"

"It's in this cave, just a few more miles down."

The young man was instantly shocked and hurriedly ran inside, but it was pitch-black in front of him, so deep that he couldn't see the bottom, which made him feel a chill in his heart. The young man tried to take two steps forward, but was pushed back by an invisible force.

The senior smiled slightly. Although his facial features were hidden in the cloak, the young man knew that he was smiling.

"That's why I said that you and I are fated. I haven't seen a stranger for many years — I haven't had the chance to say goodbye to many of my old friends all these years. Now that I'm full of energy, I see that my wife left a book by my pillow, saying that she had gathered enough public food while I was sleeping, and that she was going to take the girls out to continue looking for fun … I was about to go out and find trouble with her, but the first person I saw was you. Logically speaking, outsiders can't enter this place, but no one can say for sure if it's a coincidence. "

The young man swallowed his saliva, and vaguely felt that he was about to experience the greatest adventure of his life.

The senior stood up and waved his hand. Immediately, the pitch-black darkness in the cave dispersed, revealing light. A strong immortal aura slowly leaked out, causing the young man to be shocked. Even though he was a historian and not an expert in cultivation, he knew that there were probably countless divine weapons hidden in the cave.

"I'll leave the things here to you — my wife has taken all the valuable things anyway. Sigh, after sleeping for so long, the first thing I do after waking up is to collect debts from others. These days are really hard. Young man, let's meet again if fate allows it. "

The young man couldn't hear clearly what the senior was saying. He stood at the entrance of the cave and looked inside, dazed by the sparkling treasures.

The immortal civilization on this continent had just been born, and many things were far from mature. Although the senior said that the treasures in the cave were only leftovers, they were already far beyond his imagination. With these, he was practically ascending to immortality in one step!

"Old, old senior, what exactly is this place?"

The man was about to get up and leave, but when he heard this question, he stopped and replied, "I don't know where this place is now, but before … there was a Spirit Sword Mountain here."

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