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Chapter 804

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From Lance's sincere narration, Ma Wen gradually understood the ins and outs of this world.

There was a foundation in the entire multiverse.

Even the World Tree that ran through the entire multiverse, and even the seemingly omnipotent Astral Realm, were derived from this foundation.

And the foundation of this multiverse was Fernand.

This was also why Fernand was made into the Prime Material Plane.

The Fernand Plane was the origin of everything. The Will of the Fernand Plane was actually the original consciousness of the entire multiverse.

The Will of the Plane was a very mysterious thing. At first, Lance's understanding of it was relatively shallow, and he only used it as a tool to create a world.

Later on, when he gradually understood that a plane could actually have its own consciousness, he didn't realize how dangerous this was.

When the Will of the Fernand Plane began to think like a human, a disaster was already brewing.

And all of this was caused by Lance himself. This was also why Lance said that it was his fault.

"This world may seem so vast to some, but in fact, as far as I know, it is just a secret plane derived from a larger world."

"I was born on Earth and experienced the worst of times (Earth after the quantum storm, see the already harmonized 'Headshot Wizard'). Then, I arrived at the supreme world of Sorcerers."

"You may be familiar with the name of that world — Crilander. It is the same name as your family, and the reason is very simple. The first Numans came from Crilander to seek refuge, and I chose to take them in. Because the laws of the Sorcerer World and the secret plane are different, after I re-established the Law of Sorcery, the Crilander family lost the ability to use sorcery. But after all, they had a vision beyond this flat world. Soon, they began to use all kinds of means to deal with a Demon Lord, and thus obtained the bloodline of Warlocks. "

"These are all related to you. Let's talk about something that has nothing to do with you. In the beginning, I created this world because I had no other choice. When I chose to become the Creator of Fernand, I was destined to live and die with this plane. So, when this world settled down, I sent all my friends to a higher plane. "

"But in the process, we ran into some trouble."

Lance did not elaborate on what kind of trouble he had encountered, but from his sorrowful tone, Ma Wen could imagine that there must be many unknown obstacles in the higher realms.

A higher life had intervened. In the history books, it was when Lance, the Night Lord, and other ancient heroes fought against foreign invaders.

Although they chased him away in the end, he had also sown seeds in this world.

The seed of evil.

Before that life left, it used the seed to curse Fernand's Arcane Realm. This curse would accelerate the chaos of the multiverse, and the moment the order collapsed, the universe would also collapse.

So for many years, Lance had been paying great attention to the formation of order.

He had even specially created and strengthened the Universal Mana Pool to protect Fernand's prime material plane from being contaminated.

However, he had never imagined that this seed of evil was not sown in the human world, but directly invaded the will of Fernand's Plane!

From then on, the will of Fernand's Plane gained human-like thinking and intelligence.

One day, it grew tired of being bound in this flat body. The seed that the powerful life had left for it contained a lot of information about a higher plane.

It longed to break out of its cage and go to a higher world.

So it began to plot, and a chaotic lie began.

The ancient gods fell one after another. It created the first three Fate Tablets and pretended to cooperate with Lance to promote a new god. In fact, it only wanted to use the new god's power to break the Universal Mana Pool.

In many people's view, the Universal Mana Pool was a protection for the will of Fernand's Plane.

But in its own eyes, it was actually a very hateful cage.

It wanted to destroy the entire multiverse, it wanted to push chaos to the extreme. Only then could its Plane escape the cage.

In fact, the first time, its plan almost succeeded!

The defenseless Lance was successfully tricked. He even lost his own physical body, and could only use a supreme secret technique to reside in the body of a construct that was loyal to him.

The entire process of the apocalypse was too horrible to look at. Lance hid in the Moonlight Tower and witnessed everything with his own eyes.

He was helpless about it.

This was the plot of the game in Ma Wen's past life. When the game reached the end, the seed of evil from the sea of evil spirits finally finished brewing and became the final destroyer.

But it did not succeed in the end.

Because Lance's closest friend had returned from the upper plane. After noticing Lance's predicament, Bacon did not hesitate to use a time spell that even the Eternal Time Dragon could only use once in its life!

Time Reversal in all directions!

Let the time of the world reverse crazily until the creation of the world!

In Bacon's view, this way, the disaster would not be brewing.

But even as powerful as the Eternal Time Dragon was, there were times when things were unexpected.

The life from the upper plane was too powerful, and the seed of evil it left behind was like a virus that stopped the progress of time reversal.

Everything stopped in the prehistoric era, which was before the first era, the era of the Night Lord.

And at that time, the seed of evil had already been sown.

When Bacon learned of this, there was nothing he could do.

And it was very embarrassing because of the time reversal, there were two Lance's.

One was Lance before the first era, and the other was Lance who stayed in the body of the automaton.

When the two faced each other, there was no need to mention how awkward it was. Fortunately, they quickly reached a consensus: this world must not be destroyed.

So they quickly took action.

They could not stop the fall of the ancient gods, nor could they stop the rise of the new gods and the shattering of the Universal Magic Pool. So everything went according to the original history.

But Lance in the first era began to take action.

He did two things.

The first thing he did was to go to a higher plane with the Eternal Time Dragon Bacon, trying to find a weapon that could stop the seed of evil from destroying the world. Finally, he found it, which was the so-called fourth Fate Slate.

The second thing he did was to return to Earth and turn the history of Fernand into a game, allowing thousands of players to participate in solving this puzzle.

But the flow of time on Earth was different from that of Fernand. When the consciousness of Fernand's plane began to self-destruct, the game on Earth was far from over.

But even so, Lance had found the person he liked.

That person was Ma Wen.

And because of an incident, Ma Wen, who was paraplegic, also had this time travel under Lance's special arrangement.

He needed a person from the outside world, who had to deceive the consciousness of Fernand's plane to use that weapon.

And the whole process must be kept secret, not letting the consciousness of Fernand's plane detect anything, otherwise it would fail.

So he and the God of Wisdom worked together to set up this trap.

The God of Wisdom turned into the God of Deceit and wrote the Book of Naru, deceiving the world and Fernand. Then she self-destructed and turned into a mortal, reincarnating in the world like the God of Truth.

But because she was intelligent, in this life, she was easily chosen by the consciousness of Fernand's plane and became an Apocalyptic Warlock.

That was the origin of Lorri.

Her existence was one of the most important parts of Lance's plan, because Apocalyptic Warlocks could directly input their thoughts and will into the consciousness of Fernand's plane, which was not very flexible.

Only in this way, Ma Wen could repeatedly escape the rejection of the consciousness of Fernand's plane, and even for a period of time, he was recognized by the consciousness of Fernand's plane and became the son of the plane!

But in the end, their plan was leaked in advance. Ma Wen lost the Apocalyptic Mark, and the consciousness of Fernand's plane was also aware of Lance's plan in advance.

After doing all this, Lance of the first era once again went to a higher world, looking for other ways to save Fernand.

And the automaton, Lance, stayed in Fernand, ready to work with Ma Wen to prevent the birth of the terminator in the sea of evil spirits.

All of this sounded like a matter of course.

But the plan could have been more perfect.

"More perfect? What do you mean? "When Ma Wen heard this, he felt a little strange.

He basically believed Lance's words. Besides, even the God of Truth, who was personally sealed by Lance, chose to believe Lance, so he had no reason not to believe.

Moreover, they were both from Earth. Although the era of the quantum storm was far too far away from the era that Ma Wen lived in, they all came from the same planet, after all, and there was a sense of trust.

Lance smiled helplessly. "I arranged for the transmigrator to come in, the consciousness of Fernand's plane would more or less be aware of it, so I used a smokescreen."


Ma Wen was slightly stunned. "Vigny?"

Lance nodded.

"The so-called Awakened is actually just some things that happened in the past and some chaotic timelines that I stuffed into their minds. Some of what they see is correct, some is wrong, and some is just purely made up of elements."

"In order to deliberately numb it, I also awakened a Heavenly Awakened Mark on it."

Ma Wen was silent.

Vigny and Hathaway, the two people who could be said to be the most deeply bound to him, were both people whom Lance deliberately awakened a Heavenly Awakened Mark.

It was just that the former was to attract the attention of the consciousness of Fernand's plane — while the latter was to numb it.

In fact, in the end, as Ma Wen had vaguely guessed before, his appearance was indeed the result of a game between the consciousness of Fernand's plane and Lance.

It was just that he was now sure who the Terminator was.

Lance himself could not destroy the consciousness of Fernand's plane because he and the Fernand's plane had merged into one. They lived and died together and could not harm each other.

The people of this world could not do this either because their roots were here. Everything they had was given by the world of Fernand. When this world wanted to take it back, they could only obey.

This was the law of the secret realm.

Only as a transmigrator, Ma Wen could open the fourth Fate Slate and obtain enough power to prevent the rebirth of the seed of evil.

"Now is the right time."

"The child of evil has just been born in the Sea of Darkspirits. Now is its weakest time. Because of the special nature of the Sea of Darkspirits, only the two of us can go there."

Lance looked at Ma Wen seriously. "Are you ready?"

Ma Wen smiled bitterly. "Do I have any other choice?"

This was a real world.

Lance chose Ma Wen because he saw the heroic heart in Ma Wen's chest.

In this world, all the joys, sorrows, and sorrows he had experienced were all real.

He could not let the White River Valley be destroyed. He had to protect what he should protect.

Even if this was a trap, even if he was a tool being led forward, he still had to do what he should do.

However, there was a reason why Lance asked him if he was ready.

Even Marvin himself wasn't sure if he could really do it when he faced that person.

But time was running out, and he could not hesitate anymore.

He clenched the Blade of Sodom and the Book of Naru, gritted his teeth and said, "Let's go."

The Sea of Darkspirits.

The 18 Darkspirit Lords knelt down.

A rotting throne rose in the middle of the sea.

A woman with a beautiful figure sat on a cold throne. Her skin was dark green, but her eyes were scarlet red.

A seemingly thin piece of paper was stepped on by her high heels.

"These worms only know how to suck my blood."

"I can't stand them wantonly climbing on my flawless body."

"And you will follow me to destroy that abominable world. Help me escape from this cage and go to the upper world!"

The 18 Darkspirit Lords bowed. Except for Tidomus who had fallen, the other 17 were ancient gods who had lost their self-consciousness!

And the woman on the throne was naturally the first Witch King of Anzawa who had awakened her memory. She was also the first Planar Guardian who represented the will of Fernand's Plane and walked on the continent.


"The power of the seed of evil is so strong. So in retrospect, I actually did not defeat him."

Suddenly, a flash of lightning appeared in the sky, and two silhouettes suddenly appeared.

Ma Wen and the automaton-form Lance.

Ma Wen looked at Hathaway with a complicated expression.

There was only indifference in the latter's eyes. And from Lance's description, he already knew that it was because of his and Hathaway's excessive shackles that allowed the will of Fernand's Plane to sense the existence of a time traveler early, thus speeding up the process of destruction.

This in itself was an inexplicable relationship.

"This has nothing to do with the seed."

At this time, Hathaway had completely transformed into the evil side of Fernand's Plane Will. She looked at Lance coldly. "I am tired of such a life. Those lowly beings, their joys and sorrows, seem so boring to me. And the world is moving towards chaos — it's all your fault, the Creator God! "

"I am now cleansing this world for you, and when my will breaks out of this cage, you will also be free. Isn't that good?"

Lance said calmly. "I only created this world, and these living beings were born from the world itself. I do not have the power to decide the life and death of others."

"But I do," Hathaway said indifferently. "The elements of life, all evolution originate from my rules."

"I gave them life, I gave them everything. Now, they have wasted my gift, so I am going to take it back. And you, can't stop me. "

Ma Wen shook his head. "A mother will not claim to have the power to decide the life and death of her child just because she gave it to them."

"From the day these living beings are born in this world, they have the power to make their own choices. This is the most basic common knowledge that all living beings in the universe follow. "

Hathaway sneered. "That is because you have not seen a higher world. There are many forms of life. Fernand is just a small secret realm of Crilland, and Crilland is just a small wave in the infinite universe. "

"The living beings I have seen are naturally indifferent to the lower creatures. They treat the various universes and galaxies as their own food. They use the various universes as their hosts and throw their own fire seeds into them until the day they wake up in their infancy. That is when the entire universe will be devoured by them. "

"Compared to these living beings, according to your human concept, I am already very benevolent. After all, I have let them live a lowly life for some time. "

Ma Wen clenched the Blade of Sodom tightly.

There was a surge of anger in his heart, but there was nowhere to vent this anger.

He knew who he was facing. This was the will of the Plane of Fernand that had been planted with the seed of evil.

And the Hathaway that he had seen before was just its spokesperson.

It was not until the moment when Lance appeared that he understood that the legend about the great creature in the Darkspirit Sea was not false. But the terrifying powerhouse in the legend turned out to be Fernand himself.

Everything made sense now.

He recalled every scene in his mind. Every scene was so familiar, as if he had just experienced it yesterday.

In fact, it had only been about a year since he arrived in the world of Fernand.

Whether it was his previous life or this life, he still could not accept the destruction of all living beings in this world!

So he was ready to fight.

But the 18 Darkspirit Lords were already standing in front of them.

"Lance, you can't kill me, and I can't kill you. There is no point in fighting between us."

"I will kill Ma Wen. That way, I will win. "

"But I hate you for stopping me from breaking through. So the moment I succeed, I will immediately kill you in the other world."

Hathaway was still sitting on the throne, and the 18 Darkspirit Lords looked at the two coldly.

The last page of the Book of Naru was in Hathaway's hands, and Ma Wen could not activate the Fate Slate in the advanced virtual Divinity.

It seemed that the situation was very difficult.

Ma Wen took a deep breath and was ready to fight.

In fact, he was ready for battle before he moved.

The other gods did not have advanced virtual Divinity, and they did not parasitize automatons like Lance. Once they entered a place like the Darkspirit Sea, they would be easily corrupted.

So the only ones who could participate in this final battle were the two of them.

Hathaway seemed to have won, but Lance's face was still expressionless.

"The seed of evil will eventually be destroyed. This is something that must be won."

He said leisurely. "These Darkspirit Lords, you know they are nothing in front of me."

Hathaway stepped on the page of the Book of Naru and sneered. "But the weapon you have carefully prepared can no longer be activated. You have paid such a price to hide it from me. Don't you think it's ironic? "

Lance said softly. "Since this is a setup, then there must be a backup plan."

"You still believe in the loyalty of life too easily."

Ma Wen was slightly stunned. Who knew that at this time, someone would suddenly appear among the Darkspirit Lords!

The figure suddenly left Hathaway's side and appeared beside Ma Wen.

The next second, a thin piece of parchment was handed to Ma Wen.


Ma Wen did not expect Lance to have such a setup!

Of the 18 Darkspirit Lords, 17 were corrupted after the fall of the ancient gods!

Only Tidomas succeeded because the Pentashade Dragon God, Lohart, had fallen into depravity and framed one of his guards.

Who would have thought that at this critical moment, he would turn against Lance's side!

And the page of the Book of Naru in his hand was the real last page!

"I'm sorry, but I'm good at hiding," Tidomus said as he pointed at the page of the Book of Naru under Hathaway's foot. "How is it? It's a good forgery, right? "

"You're digging your own grave!" Hathaway was furious.

The entire Darkspirit Sea set off a huge wave!

"I'm just carrying out a deal." Tidomus looked at Lance. "I have obtained this page of the Book of Naru for you. She is now at her weakest. I hope you can keep your promise."

"Give me back my original power."

Ma Wen smiled bitterly. He was not a fool, and he instantly understood a lot of things.

The last page of the Book of Naru was in the Darkspirit Sea. This was a self-defense measure that the will of Fernand's Plane had understood some of the information.

However, he did not expect that in this game, Lance's skills would be better.

Tidomus' fall was a trap in itself.

First, he had indeed reached the end of his life and needed another way to obtain immortality.

Second, it was to integrate into the Darkspirit World. And Fernand's Plane's Plane, whose mind was still not flexible enough, did not expect that Tidomus — no, now the Dragon God Lohart's most important divine origin was in Ma Wen's hands!

Back in the Emerald Dream, when Lance's elf gave Lohart's divine origin and advanced virtual divinity to Ma Wen, this plan had already started.

Ma Wen now recalled that in the few confrontations he had with Tidomus, the other party was probably just putting on a show and did not kill him!

This was the real backup plan.

He looked at Lance in awe.

Lance just smiled. "When you've lived as long as I have, you'll be able to see far enough."

"I can hold them off for a while, but I need your help."

The next second, the Darkspirit Sea swept over, and Lance and the Pentashade Dragon God Lohart went up to meet it!

As for Ma Wen, he fused the last page of the Book of Naru into the original power!

The eighth page of the Book of Naru — Fate!

When all the pages of the Book of Naru were fused into one, the shape became a key with wings!

Ma Wen could still vaguely see the symbol of the God of Wisdom through his own body!

The Book of Naru unlocked the Fate Slate, and everything fell into place.

In an instant, Ma Wen only felt waves of terrifying information rushing into his mind!

If not for the advanced virtual divinity helping him constantly digest this information and knowledge, he would probably have gone crazy at that moment!

He saw a huge eye the size of a planet!

He saw a large number of insect-like creatures flying across the void, plundering one planet with life after another!

He saw a world where humans had been oppressed by the Magi for three thousand years. In the end, a butcher rose up and fought his way into the Magi's ranks alone in a mecha! (See the new book "Galactic Empire")

He saw skyscrapers rising from the ground, and he saw a world table that looked like a bookcase — every book was a world!

Worlds of different levels and dimensions appeared in front of him.

At the same time, the fourth Fate Slate — which was actually a treasure Lance found from a higher world — contained great power that instantly filled his body!

With the help of the advanced virtual divinity, he could feel that he was rapidly becoming stronger!

The Blade of Sodom in his hand even felt the terror of Ma Wen, and from the initial excitement to some fear!

He saw a passage to another world!

Although it was just a flash, the Fate Slate gave him the power to freely travel between the higher and lower worlds!

Because he was not a resident of Fernand, he did not have the brand of Fernand's Plane's will on him, so he could do this.

"Hurry up and do it!"

"Kill her!"

In the Sea of Evil Spirits, Lance and the other corrupted Ancient Gods were fighting.

Although he was a God of Creation, after losing his physical body, his power was still a lot weaker.

Although he could hold them back, he seemed to have fallen behind.

Ma Wen's gaze finally fell on Hathaway on the throne.

"What will happen if I kill her?" He did not directly do it, but asked.

Lance smiled bitterly. "If I die with her, this world will temporarily be in turmoil for a while, but a new plane's will will still be born. Don't worry."

"What you are killing now is only the Son of Evil in Fernand's Plane's will!"

Hathaway looked coldly at Ma Wen, looked at the sword in his hand. "If you kill me, the soul of this physical body will disappear forever."

"By the way, all the apocalypses, including the God of Wisdom who thinks he is very smart, will be buried with me."

Ma Wen smiled bitterly.

He could feel that he had become unprecedentedly powerful, and the newly born Hathaway was indeed no match for him.

But if this sword went down, although this world would be spared, many people would die because of it.

Hathaway, Lance, Jessica, Kate, Lorry.

He did not like this ending.

So in the depths of his heart, suddenly, a light of wisdom lit up!

That was the wisdom talent left in him by the God of Wisdom.

He examined all of his powers and finally revealed a smile.

"Maybe, this is not the only outcome."

Ma Wen said to Lance. "When I was receiving the information just now, I saw a lot of things. Since there is the spread of the Seed of Evil in the upper plane, there should be a corresponding way to deal with it. "

"You lack time to find it, so you can only use this method. But I am different."

"I feel that paying such a terrible price for a victory cannot be considered a victory. It is just mutual destruction."

"So … I won't kill her."

Hathaway laughed coldly, her laughter full of mockery.

Lance shrugged helplessly. Tidomas roared in anger, "Give me back my origin! You coward! "

"All of this is not up to you to judge!"

Ma Wen's eyes revealed natural confidence.

The fourth Fate Tablet could indeed let a person be reborn.

He closed his eyes, hesitated for a while, and suddenly smiled. "Doing this will look quite lonely."

"But it is still better than the current outcome. After all, I really don't want to see anyone sacrifice in vain."

"Although it might be a bit too overbearing, and I didn't ask for your opinion, in any case, when time stops, you won't feel it."

"So, let me be stubborn for once."

In the next second, the high-level virtual Divine Spark in his body suddenly erupted with a bright light.

The dazzling light instantly spread across the entire universe!

Everywhere that was illuminated by the light, time stopped at the exact same second!

[Inconceivable Technique!]

After Ma Wen obtained the power of the upper plane, he finally understood the power of this inexplicable technique.

Making time stop in the entire universe was an inconceivable thing.

However, with the power of the Fate Tablet, Ma Wen did it.

The light permeated every inch of this universe.

Thus, time in the entire multiverse stopped at this moment.

He was the only one walking alone during this period.

He walked one round in Fernand's land, went to see his old friends, and then returned to the White River Valley to see the place he had once fought and protected.

In the end, he decided to leave this world!

The passage to the upper plane had been opened, and he would be alone on an unknown journey.

He believed that in that more mystical world, he would be able to find a way to eradicate the seeds of evil.

And when he found a way, it would be time for him to return to Fernand.

"It really is a bit lonely."

Walking in the void between worlds, Ma Wen watched as he got closer and closer to the upper plane, and he laughed bitterly in his heart.

However, in the next second, a familiar voice sounded.

"Times have changed! Little brother is actually stronger than big brother! "

"But to go to an unknown world alone, you're quite bold. As expected of my little brother."

Eternal Time Dragon!

Tiramisu and Ma Wen walked side by side, passed through the edge of the world, and finally arrived at the upper plane that Lance spoke of.

This was a vast galaxy!

There were many planets, a brand new universe, and an endless journey!

He knew that the other Lance was also in this universe, struggling to find a way to break out of this situation.

The Inconceivable Technique was only a temporary solution. To truly solve the problem of Fernand's dimension, he still needed to make more efforts.

However, he did not expect that he was not alone.

"How is it? Surprised, right? "

Tiramisu said with a smile, "This baby is the Eternal Time Dragon!"

"Your Inconceivable Technique is very powerful. The entire universe was sealed by you, but it's impossible to seal me!"

Marvin smiled and gently patted the head of the Time Dragon. Thousands of words, in the end, could only be condensed into one sentence.

"Let's go."

There was darkness in front.

You and I, on this seemingly endless journey, have never felt lonely.

(End of the book)

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