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Chapter 6009

Words:3635Update:22/09/06 00:17:46
He walked through one large territory after another, and the dead universes all glowed with new life. When all the ruined universes in the 3,000 large territory were completely repaired, a thousand years had passed.

Yang Kai spent another thousand years to do the same in the Mo Battlefield.

After two thousand years, the three thousand worlds and even the Inkfield battlefield were no longer as bleak and desolate as before. Instead, they were once again replaced by boundless vitality. In time, these universes would definitely be able to nurture new cultivation resources, and the gradually increasing number of humans would slowly become the masters of these universes.

The Great Void World, this was originally Yang Kai's little universe, and also the crystallization of Yang Kai's life of cultivation, where his foundation lay.

However, ever since he broke through the shackles of the Heaven Opening Tier and advanced to the Genesis Tier, he separated his own little universe, and made it into a real World of Heaven and Earth. He placed it in the Ling Xiao territory, adjacent to the Star Realm.

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