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Chapter 4203

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Tianci had broken through!

To the Six Paths Universe, this was a joyous occasion.

To Wang Xian and the rest, this was a joyous occasion.

Tian Ci was a living being of the Six Paths Universe, but he was also Wang Xian's adopted son.

He was also the Crown Prince of Dragon Palace!

Tianci also treated Wang Xian as his biological father!

What happened next was that the Six Paths Universe celebrated Tian Ci's breakthrough for over a decade.

Since Wang Xian had nothing to do, he accompanied the girls to have fun in the Six Paths Universe.

Tian Ci hadn't been to many places, not even in the Six Paths Universe.

He followed Wang Xian and the rest to have fun in the Six Paths Universe!

This made Wang Xian and the rest completely relaxed.

Today's Dragon Palace was no longer weak.

In fact, the Dragon Palace was one of the most powerful forces in the Nine-Essences Universe!

Wang Xian now possessed the strength of a Control-level expert, and so did Tianci!

In addition to the Tai Chi Dragon Coiling Five Elements Grindstone and the Qilin Ox, the Dragon Palace was equivalent to having three Control-level existences.

Apart from that, one or two newcomers would have to be added into the equation.

Meanwhile, three Control-level beings were enough to fight against a Dao-level being.

In other words, even if the Demon Clan became enemies with the Dragon Palace, the current strength of the Dragon Palace was not afraid!

Wang Xian wasn't afraid even if the Fallen Shadow Devil Emperor attacked Wang Xian and the rest!

Of course, as a veteran powerhouse, the Fallen Shadow Demon Emperor should have more trump cards.

However, if he really wanted to deal with the Dragon Palace, he would suffer great losses.

After all, both Wang Xian and Tian Ci had Tianyuan Creation Treasures!

Wang Xian and the others had stayed in the Six Paths Universe for over a hundred million years.

Over a hundred million years, he had visited almost every corner of the Six Paths Universe!

It also allowed them to completely relax!

A hundred million years later, Wang Xian and the rest returned to the Dragon Palace!

Tian Ci didn't go back either. Instead, he stayed in the Six Paths Universe to deal with some matters in the tribe.

He began to improve the strength of the disciples in the tribe to prepare for the coming Cataclysm.

"In 1.8 billion years, the Cataclysm will begin!"

After returning to the Dragon Palace, Wang Xian estimated the time and mumbled to himself.

1.8 billion years was neither a long time nor a short time.

He went into seclusion.

To help the Void Divine Dragon's body comprehend the Power of Space!

Now, Wang Xian still had two areas where he could improve.

One was the body of the Void Divine Dragon.

One was the maturation of the Progenitor Tree.

The maturation of the Progenitor Tree was inevitable. All that was left was to wait!

It was hard to say how long it would take for the Void Divine Dragon body to break through!

Time passed day by day.

Two hundred million years passed in the blink of an eye!

'Ding … congratulations, host ancestor tree has completely matured.'

On this day, Wang Xian was cultivating in seclusion. All of a sudden, he felt a majestic force of vitality gushing into his body.

Immediately after, the System's voice rang out abruptly.

This caused him to be slightly stunned, but his face was immediately filled with a smile.

The progenitor tree had finally broken through!

He moved and immediately teleported to the Dragon Palace!

At the same time, with a thought, information regarding the Progenitor Tree appeared in his mind!

Progenitor Tree: Fortune of Heaven

Branch: Soul Returning Wood Branch (Juggernaut Tier. Possesses Soul Returning Fetus Fruit)

Parasol Tree Branch (Ruler Rank, Phoenix Nest, Place of Nirvana!)

Boundless Tree Branch (Ruler level. Possesses the Boundless Fruit. Increases the speed of fire-type cultivators!)

Everlasting Tree Branch (Ruler level. Possesses the Everlasting Fruit. Unlocks the intelligence of living beings!)

Nirvana Thunder Tree Branch (Ruler level. Possesses the Nirvana Thunder Fetus Fruit. Increases the speed of cultivation of thunder-type cultivators!)

Black Flower of the Other Shore (Ruler level. Unique flower. Possesses mysterious abilities!)

Fruit: Mother Fetus Fruit (Heavenly Origin Fortune level. Nurtures 29 Mother Fetus Fruits. Four of them have matured!)

Flaming Fruit (One and Only!)

Abilities: 1. Can resurrect all wood-type plants. As the Progenitor Tree's energy increases, it can increase the level of the branches.

Attachment: Ancient Pond Moon Bay (Ruler level. Can heal injuries rapidly. Can heal irreversible injuries.)

Looking at the information, Wang Xian moved and immediately came to the Dragon King Palace!

Looking at the Progenitor Tree behind the Dragon Throne in the Dragon King Palace, Wang Xian revealed a smile.

The lush Progenitor Tree was filled with endless vitality.

It was completely different from the Heavenly Origin Fortune Divine Tree.

The Progenitor Tree seemed to be able to nurture everything.

The various branches and fruits on it emitted majestic energy.

Especially the 29 fruits on the trunk. Four of them had matured completely!

Mother Fetus Fruit!

Wang Xian flew over. With a wave of his arm, a Mother Fetus Fruit landed in his hand.

At the same time, a message was transmitted to his mind.

Mother Fetus Fruit could be consumed in advance.

When facing the threat of death, it could unleash a terrifying burst of vitality. This vitality could continue to heal one's injuries.

It could last until the energy was exhausted.

As for how long it would last, it would depend on the specific situation. Wang Xian had to try it himself.

However, the Mother Fetus Fruit had a terrifying effect. It could resurrect without any injuries.

Yes, it could resurrect after the energy of the Mother Fetus Fruit was exhausted.

After he was killed, he could resurrect unscathed in the Dragon Palace.

After he was resurrected, he would still have his original strength without any losses.

This wasn't something the Soul Return Fruit could compare to.

This kind of resurrection treasure was extremely rare in the various universes.

It was extremely precious!

"The effect of the Mother Fetus Fruit is really powerful. How terrifying!"

Wang Xian's eyes were beaming with excitement.

Under such circumstances, he wasn't afraid of anyone. Even if he died, he could resurrect instantly!

Most importantly, there were a total of 29 such fruits on the Progenitor Tree!

It was much more fruits than the Divine Tree in Tianci's body.

Of course, the Ancient God Tree in Tianci's body could increase his strength tremendously!

This time, the Progenitor Tree had reached its mature stage. This also boosted Wang Xian's recovery ability and physical strength tremendously.

Previously, Wang Xian was comparable to a Control Level expert.

With the support of the Progenitor Tree, he could fight against a Control Level expert who had just entered the Creation Realm.

Now, he could fight against a Control Level expert and two Creation Realm experts who had just entered the Creation Realm!

This was equivalent to Wang Xian being able to fight against a Control Level expert and two Creation Realm experts who were the weakest.

"If I use the Five Elements Grindstone and Tai Chi Dragon Coil, I will be able to fight against two Control Level experts and one Creation Realm expert who is the weakest!"

Wang Xian grinned with excitement written all over his face.

This strength was already very strong!

His own strength and foundation could easily kill experts like the Phoenix Emperor and the Angel Emperor who had not reached the Control Level.

Even the Sidhe Queen and the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery could easily suppress him!

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