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Chapter 111

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Every day, I was thinking about how I could reject Lager without hurting his feelings even though he didn't say it out loud.

I felt that I could convince myself to do it confidently as a friend, but if it was a relationship … Wow, does Pharaoh even have the concept of a relationship in his mind?

In short, if it was to be his woman, I definitely couldn't do it.

Fortunately, Lambda Lacertae had been very busy recently,

So I kept a reasonable distance from him.

But I couldn't relax either,

The women in the harem had noses sharper than dogs. Originally, they didn't care about me, but recently, the way they looked at me was different.

Facing the various girls of Lambda Lacertae who came to me every day,

I closed the door,

I didn't see anyone.

When the Hittites' diplomatic mission came,

Lambda Lacertae dragged me out of my home life again. The reason he used was very dignified, he wanted me to watch this big event.

In order to welcome the Hittites' diplomatic mission,

Egypt prepared a grand banquet,

Compared to any banquet I had attended with Lambda Lacertae in the past, this banquet was really huge and extravagant.

No matter how awkward I felt in my heart, I was a little excited,

I forced myself to sit next to Lambda Lacertae.

Although they were two different countries, I couldn't tell the difference between Egyptians and Hittites. I looked at them curiously for a while,

My gaze landed on the dancing girls.

After a few rounds of toasts, the atmosphere of the banquet suddenly became lively.

One of the Hittites' emissaries walked out,

He first bowed to Lambda Lacertae,

He said with a hint of drunkenness, "Pharaoh,

Please allow me to present the precious gift that I have prepared for you. "

"Oh?" Lambda Lacertae leaned forward.

The Hittites' emissary suddenly showed a proud expression,

He raised his hand, and a few people who had been hiding behind the group stood up and took off their cloaks and veils.

They were a few women. The leader had long golden hair, and her skin was as white as snow.

After a moment of silence, everyone started to talk.

"Who are they? I've never seen such golden hair."

"Their skin is as white as ivory."

White people?

I gawked at those people, feeling that it was unbelievable.

White people came to Egypt at this time?

Ancient Egypt, how many years was it when Lambda Lacertae was in power?

White people came here at this time?

I racked my brain to think about how many years it was when Columbus sailed. I watched the women walk over and kneel next to Lambda Lacertae, naturally on his lap.

Lambda Lacertae looked at the emissary and gave him a gift. "

Then, he gave more gifts to the emissary. The women he had just accepted were all given to Ni to arrange for them to be placed in the palace.

During the joyous and indulgent banquet, my mind was filled with the white people. I felt that something was wrong, but I couldn't figure out what it was.

When the banquet was over, I was still thinking about it when I returned to my room.

I heaved a sorrowful sigh, and went to the window to cool my head, when a large thing jumped out before my eyes.

"Lambda Lacertae!" I was startled. Then, I saw that Lambda Lacertae had jumped in through the window. "Why are you here?"

I thought he was going to have fun with those women tonight. I didn't expect him to show up here.

He was drunk.

So intoxicated that his golden eyes melted into the Nile under the setting sun, and his smile was like the breeze blowing over the Nile on a summer evening. I was melted into the golden light.

Then, he kissed me?!!!!

I was still stunned when he kissed me. It was only when Lambda Lacertae's hand pinched my chin and his tongue pried open my lips that I came back to my senses.

My heart felt like it was suspended in the air by a string. I was so close to his body that I could almost feel his muscles bulging. His hand pressed on my back tightly. I wanted to push him away, but I couldn't help but place my hand on his shoulder.

His shoulder was broad and warm. When I touched it, I felt like I was going to be burned.

He was like the sun, shining brightly. No one could refuse the gift of the sun.

My shoulder tightened, and the thin gauze dress I was wearing was torn open. Lambda Lacertae picked me up and placed me on the bed. Then, he pounced on me. A huge shadow immediately enveloped me.

My mind cleared up.

"No, I don't have a future with you! You're too flirtatious! "I pushed Lambda Lacertae's chest with my feet and reached out to push his face." Wake up, Lambda Lacertae! It's destined that it's impossible between us! "

"The offspring born from you, who possesses great power, will definitely be able to continue my power as the King of Kings!"

I was confused.

… I feel so wronged!

I was already feeling uncomfortable from being pressed down, but when I heard what he said, I heaved a sigh of relief and my heart ached.

Great. It turned out that friends and understanding were just my one-sided thoughts. Actually, to him, I was just an outsider with great power.

In the past, when I read novels, I liked to see the female lead sleeping with the emperor.

Now that I thought about it, it was just wishful thinking from novels. After all, how could the title of King belong to one person? How could he really like one person?

In the beginning, he wanted to use me for fun. Then, he wanted to get my knowledge. Now, he wants to use my body?

"But I want to always be by your side. I don't want to be troubled. I just want to be with you happily. Can't I do that?" I felt so wronged that I was about to burst into tears. I looked at Lambda Lacertae pitifully.

Lambda Lacertae answered matter-of-factly, "After you have offspring with me, you'll still be my friend forever. There's no contradiction between the two."

… F * ck off!

F * ck, I treat you as a friend, but you treat me like a baby-making machine!

My tears were in vain!

"I don't want to!" I was so angry that I was about to cry. "You can sleep with me, but I can't do that! I'll be angry and upset. I won't be able to stand seeing your other women. I don't want to be your girlfriend! "

"Then, don't change." Lambda Lacertae grabbed my hand and pulled me to his face. "As long as we do happy things."

"Eat sh * t!" I burst into tears. "You're a tyrant in a slave society!"

Everyone in the palace knelt down at once.

When they knelt down, I saw that there were quite a number of people here from the corner of my eyes.

Ra 'er didn't treat them as people, but I couldn't. I felt so embarrassed, it was like a public nuisance. I was so angry that I buried myself in the sheets on the bed, tears flowing out of my eyes.

"Only you have such power. You can totally not treat them as …"

"I can't be like you. I will change. I won't be like the current me," I resisted. I rolled myself up in resistance. "And I don't like people like you at all. I only like my boyfriend. You only like me."

Lambda Lacertae extended his hand and tried to pull me out of the blanket. I kicked and hit him with my hands and feet, but he still managed to pull me out.

I jumped up like a rabbit and glared with red eyes. "I hate Lambda Lacertae! I hate you the most! "

Lambda Lacertae, who had been suppressing his anger, looked troubled. He had probably never been so helpless before. After all, I was so unreasonable and didn't listen to him. He definitely found me annoying.

At most, he could just kill me. I thought angrily. Anyway, I'm stubborn. Who knows, I might be able to transmigrate again after I die!

Lambda Lacertae leaned over again. I quickly moved back and couldn't help but cry.

"Then, if you want to have a child with me, then do it."

I heard Lambda Lacertae sigh. He sat opposite me. "What do you want? Are you willing to be my queen? "

"No!" I rejected without hesitation.

Lambda Lacertae let out a long sigh. He raked his hair back with one hand, revealing his defeated eyes.

I feel terrible. I thought I was in the right, but why do I feel like a scumbag?

"Eat me," I cried. I cried as I said, "I heard that if you eat me, you'll become very powerful. If you want a powerful descendant, just find someone to eat me. That will do."

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