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Chapter 2846

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Ding Dongdong stayed in the hospital for two days before she was discharged and returned to the Fu Family's mansion.

The day she was discharged from the hospital was also the day of the filming.

It was the weekend and the two children were on holiday. She did not want to bring the children and the film crew to the mansion, because it would affect Ding Dongdong's confinement.

Therefore, she did not go there that day.

The kindergarten was teaching the children how to draw some simple pictures, which Youyou and Tiantian were very interested in.

Not only did they draw at school, but they also devoted themselves to drawing when they returned home.

But the walls of the house were not spared.

Although she had repeatedly applied for permission not to draw on the walls, the two children still drew some strange pictures on the walls of the living room.

Also, Tiantian pointed at the four strip-shaped figures and insisted that they were a family of four.

The tall ones were her parents and the small ones were her and her brother.

Gu Weiwei looked at the four pillars of different heights and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

But Tiantian was very proud. When Fu Hancheng came home from work, she dragged him to the wall and showed him her masterpiece.

Fu Hancheng stared at the pictures of the four pillars and could not figure out what they were.

"What is this picture?"

Tiantian pointed at the pictures and called out the names of the people one by one.

"Papa, Mama, Ge Ge, Tiantian."

Fu Hanzheng felt his forehead – what a soulful painter!

The three of them were just studying the pictures on the wall, when the sound of something falling to the ground and Gu Weiwei gasped came from the kitchen.

Fu Hancheng hurried over and saw that the pot had fallen to the ground and the noodles and soup in the pot had spilled all over the floor. Gu Weiwei was frowning and waving his right hand.

Youyou and Tiantian heard the noise and ran over with him.

"Don't come over," Fu Hancheng warned the two children and went over to grab her hand. "Are you scalded?"

"My hands were scalded a little. It's a pity that Youyou and Tiantian's noodles were ruined." Gu Weiwei sighed as he looked at the mess on the floor.

Usually, the servants would prepare the meals at home, so she hadn't entered the kitchen for a long time.

However, during the filming period, the auntie was unwilling to appear on screen, so she had to prepare dinner herself.

In the end, she scalded herself while cooking noodles.

Fu Hancheng took a towel and wrapped it in ice cubes. He applied the ice cubes on her wound and then went to find some burn ointment to apply on the scalded area.

"Are you hurt anywhere else?"

Gu Weiwei shook her head. She dodged quickly, so her feet were not scalded.

Fu Hancheng packed his things and said to the two children.

"Take good care of Mom."

The two little buns nodded and came over. They pouted their little mouths and kept blowing on her injured hand, as if they couldn't wait to blow a breath of immortal air to heal her.

However, they looked so cute when they were so serious.

Fu Hancheng went to clean up the mess in the kitchen, cooked a pot of noodles for the two children and prepared dinner for the family.

"I will ask the food to be delivered tomorrow at noon and I will prepare dinner when I come back."

"I was just scalded, I am not disabled." Gu Weiwei said with a smile.

"Be good!" Fu Hancheng said seriously.

This time she was scalded. Who knew what she would do if he was not around at noon.

She could make breakfast before she went to work, so he could only ask someone to deliver lunch. He could make dinner when he came back from work.

"But you have to go to work and come back to cook. That's too miserable." Gu Weiwei said with heartache.

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