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Chapter 126

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Kim Tae-hyung was beaten up again.

He finally understood one thing.

Kim Min-woo was born to subdue him,

No matter how many years he had regressed in his growth,

He would still be able to subdue him.

Just like now, he was clearly a small ball fish who was less than one-fifth of his height,

He couldn't even speak clearly,

But he could still cling to his back and grimace in pain, pulling his hair,

And he was still being pressed to the ground by him without the slightest ability to fight back.

It was fine if he was just beaten up,

Kim Tae-hyung was afraid that he would move around on his back,

If his movements were too big, he would fall down and have to hold his butt with his hands behind his back to protect him.

Kim Tae-hyung pursed his lips: "I'm smiling bitterly to get rid of the harm you've caused me."

At this time, the manager had already stood at the side like a statue. Obviously, even if Kim Tae-hyung explained the entire process and reason,

He still felt that the world was crazy as he looked at the little ball in front of him that was the size of a radish head.

"So what should we do now???" The manager was about to break down,

"Why is it that the more things there are at the end of the year, the more things go wrong for me? Kim Tae-hyung, are you really free? Now that Min-woo has become like this,

How can he change back? How can he participate in tomorrow's rehearsal?? Do you want to bring this child who can't even speak clearly to sing on the stage??? "

Kim Tae-hyung knew that he was in the wrong,

He thought, why don't you just let me beat him up?

But he didn't dare. When he said that he wanted to make a wish yesterday, he deliberately hid the part where he wanted to beat up Kim Min-woo,

That was it,

He only said the part where he wanted Kim Min-woo to turn back into a child,

Now he was already in such a miserable state,

If he told the whole story, then his hair might be pulled out by Kim Min-woo today.

Kim Tae-hyung was the only one who knew how to make Kim Min-woo change back, but he didn't dare to say anything now.

He secretly looked to the side. Kim Min-woo had just been carried off by Min Hye-chi and coaxed to the side. Park Ji-min was holding two stuffed animals and smiling like a retard. The bowl of fruit oatmeal was in Kim Soo-jin's hands. Their team's big brother was squatting beside the sofa, holding a small plastic bowl, he blew the porridge spoonful by spoonful until it was half cold before feeding it to Kim Min-woo..

Tien Zhengguo and Jung Ho-seok were together to study the baby clothes they had just bought.... Kim and his manager were in a hurry, they could only take one step at a time, but after he calmed down...........

...... . Kim Tae-hyung was so scared that he shuddered. He absolutely could not say anything!!!

He thought that he might as well secretly carry Kim Min-woo to the little dark room and beat him up when these people weren't paying attention! Mm! He couldn't tell anyone! As long as he did it secretly, danger wouldn't catch up to him!

Kim Tae-hyung was dreaming, but there was no way to carry it out. Not to mention secretly carrying Kim Min-woo away, because of his "past," he was now completely disliked by Kim Min-woo. Everyone was circling around the child, and he didn't even have the chance to turn around! He could only watch from a meter away.

Now, everyone wanted to help Kim Min-woo change into the new set of clothes, but a few of them had a small dispute.

"This set of clothes is newly bought. You have to wash it before wearing it, right?" Tien Zhengguo, who was a clean freak, was at a loss.

"How can clothes that have been washed be considered new? Also, how long would it take to dry them after washing?" Jung Ho-seok retorted.

"That's right. Min-woo doesn't have any clothes now. Look at the T-shirt he's wearing now. It's wrapped around his body like a bedsheet. He can't wear it at all. Do you want our Min-woo to be naked?"

When Kim Min-woo heard that, he immediately waved his hands and kicked his legs in agitation. He was practically punching Min Hye-chi in the chest. "You can't be naked! You can't be naked!!! "

"Alright, alright." Tien Zhengguo compromised. "Then I'll let you wear it now."


Kim Tae-hyung was disdainful at the side. Useless, too useless!!!

What's wrong with everyone?! Have they all been bewitched? Is Kim Min-woo the cutest in the universe just because he turned into a child? This is simply … eh? Kim Tae-hyung glanced at the little dumpling who had already changed into a pink child's outfit from afar. He pursed his lips unnaturally.

You don't say, actually … she's a little cute … but only a little! Kim Tae-hyung looked at the group of people who were surrounding Kim Min-woo until their faces were wrinkled with laughter. He was speechless. It's fine to suck on cats and dogs these days, but sucking on children? Kim Tae-hyung expressed, "Yes, but there's no need for that!"

Ten minutes later.

Kim Tae-hyung squatted beside Kim Min-woo and smiled foolishly. Hehe, so fragrant!!!

It was not his fault that his willpower was not firm. The enemy was just too … cute!

"Hey, Yigo, how can this outfit fit so well?" Kim Tae-hyung carefully tugged at his little sleeves. He was simply elated. "It's so cute when I wear it!"

After saying that, she imitated Min Wuqi's trick. While Jin Minyu was focused on playing with the Snake of Gluttony with his phone, which was completely mismatched with his small hand, she held his face and quickly went forward to peck him.


Kim Min-woo smashed his phone. Park Ji-min, who was beside him, was heartbroken. That was his phone. This was the second time he kissed the ground today.

Although he had been kissed by this group of shameless people several times after he turned into a child, when Kim Tae-hyung kissed him, Kim Min-woo was still so angry that his face and ears turned red. His mouth could not keep up with his brain's thoughts and could only babble. However, a pair of small chubby hands had already pulled his hair with familiarity.

Not only did you turn me into a child, you even took advantage of me when I was a child! Shameless!

Although Kim Min-woo was so cute that he was dizzy, Kim Tae-hyung did not forget his main purpose. He wanted to help Min-woo turn back! Although he did not really want him to turn back now …

Kim Tae-hyung looked at Kim Min-woo, who was lying on the sofa and playing Tetris on the iPad. No matter how he looked at him, he felt that Kim Min-woo was cuter like this.


He quickly shook his head and forced himself to wake up. For the team's tomorrow, for everyone's future! He had to bear the pain and let Kim Min-woo turn back! Otherwise, he couldn't really let a three-year-old child go on stage for tomorrow's rehearsal, right? Fang Si-hyuk would go crazy!

So, for the sake of the big picture …

Kim Tae-hyung looked at the innocent and ignorant child again. He pouted and went forward to hug Kim Min-woo, who was playing on the iPad, and rubbed against him. "Wuwuwuwu baby! t


Kim Min-woo: … Motherf * cker, retard.

Everyone had a simple dinner. Originally, they were going to celebrate Kim Tae-hyung's birthday again today. His manager had already bought some alcohol, but suddenly there was a child in the house. So, the original plan to get drunk became … everyone's milk powder …

Everyone held the milk powder and cheered happily. Yes, yes, healthy and healthy. That's good, that's good.

Considering the fact that there was a child in the dormitory, the bedtime tonight was much earlier than usual.

"I'm not sleepy yet. I still want to play two more rounds of Snake."

After Kim Min-woo washed up, Tien Zhengguo carried him to the bed. He grabbed onto him and refused to let him go. He wanted to struggle a little more.

Being stared at by the pair of big round eyes, especially the two small hands tightly holding onto the corner of his shirt, Tien Zhengguo's heart softened.


He looked at Min Hye-chi, who was sending Kim Min-woo to bed with him. The meaning was obvious. Why don't you play with him for a little longer?

"No." Min Hye-chi calmly refused as he pulled off Tien Zhengguo's shirt and stuffed it under the blanket. "It's already ten o'clock. We have to sleep."

Kim Min-woo pouted unhappily. "But I'm usually playing games at this time."

Hiss … Min Hye-chi sucked in a breath of cold air. You're actually using a cute attack on me!

The man, who had firmly refused just now, was now stuttering. His eyes drifted, but in the end, he still struggled and refused Kim Min-woo's request.

"No, it's not normal now. If a child doesn't sleep, he won't be able to grow tall in the future."

Kim Min-woo: …

"But —" Min Hye-chi's tone changed. "If you're scared alone, I can actually …"

"I can sleep with you!"

Tien Zhengguo, who was at the side, immediately chimed in. He looked at the little dumpling with sparkling eyes.

Min Hye-chi: "…"

Kim Min-woo: "…"

He decisively covered himself with the blanket and lay down obediently. "I'm going to sleep. You guys can leave."

Tien Zhengguo (Disappointed): "Ah … okay …"

The lamp was turned off and the door was gently closed. The entire room was plunged into darkness. Then, a suspicious light suddenly appeared on the bed …

Kim Min-woo quietly took out the phone that was hidden under the pillow and poked his head out from under the blanket. His eyes darted around to make sure that the door was really closed. Only then did he feel at ease and turn on the gluttonous snake. He locked himself in the blanket and continued to battle in the pixel world.

After an unknown amount of time, his snake had grown to the point that the screen could barely fit it. Suddenly, Kim Min-woo's ears caught a soft click.

He believed that the readers who were reading this chapter had experienced this speed before. He immediately turned off the phone and stuffed it back under the pillow. At the same time, he quickly closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

He originally thought that it would be Min Hye-chi or Tien Zhengguo checking on him. He did not expect that he would be waiting for an unexpected person.

Kim Tae-hyung tiptoed into the bedroom and gently closed the door. He glanced at Kim Min-woo and saw that he seemed to be asleep. That was good too. He nodded. Anyway, he would just gently hit him twice. No one would know.

He carefully lifted the blanket. Kim Min-woo was curled up on his side. Kim Tae-hyung was overflowing with "maternal love" again.

Sob sob sob, baby! t


Sigh. Kim Tae-hyung gritted his teeth and carefully turned the child over. Then, he reached out and aimed at his little butt. He finally made up his mind.


It was a gentle slap. Kim Min-woo, who had been pretending to be asleep, finally could not hold it in anymore. He turned around in surprise.


Their eyes met.

"I'll beat you to death, you scoundrel!!!"


The next morning, Kim Min-woo woke up and found that he had changed back.

The first thing he did when he woke up was to knock on Kim Tae-hyung's door.

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