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Chapter 1220

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Outside the mountain temple, three thousand fully armed imperial guards surrounded the small temple so tightly that not even a drop of water could trickle through. Spears and halberds were as numerous as a forest, and there were even strong bows and hard crossbows that could sweep the battlefield. No one would be able to break out of such an encirclement.

Suddenly, a dozen or so riders galloped over from the distance. Looking at their uniforms, it was a group of imperial guards escorting two eunuchs. The imperial guards surrounding the mountain temple became spirited and hurriedly went forward to meet them. A moment later, the imperial guards moved aside to make a path and let the two eunuchs into the temple.

These two eunuchs were Gao Lishi and Yang Sixu. Because the so-called execution of Princess Taiping by the two actually had more to it than meets the eye, they did not bring anyone else. However, Yang Sixun's martial arts were outstanding. Although Gao Lishi's martial arts were not as superb as Yang Sixun's, he was still someone who had practiced martial arts and had a strong body. In addition, the two of them had actually come with the death exemption edict, so they were not worried that Taiping's death warriors would do anything to them.

"Brother Yang!"

"General Yang!"

Yang Sixu and Gao Lishi bowed respectfully when they saw Yang Fan. They knew that Yang Fan was here and were not surprised. It was Yang Fan who told the Emperor Emeritus that Princess Taiping was in the Mount Zhongnan Zen Temple. Because of his relationship with Li Longji, Yang Fan did not mind appearing in front of these two angels.

Princess Taiping saw the two eunuchs walk into the courtyard and quickly wiped away the tears on her face. She looked at them proudly and said, "The Emperor sent you to execute me?"

Yang Sixu and Gao Lishi looked at each other. Gao Lishi took a few steps forward and said in a low voice, "Princess, what you have done is truly unforgivable. However, you are His Majesty's aunt. His Majesty is benevolent and filial and cannot bear to harm you. However, if the Princess is not executed, he cannot explain to the world, so... "

Princess Taiping said in a carefree manner, "Just say it. There is no need to beat around the bush."

Gao Lishi laughed dryly and said, "To the outside world, His Majesty still has to announce that the Princess is executed. However, the Emperor Emeritus can buy a palace for the Princess, but from then on, the Princess cannot appear in front of the world. "

Princess Taiping smiled faintly and teased him, "Is this forgiveness that Imperial Brother pleaded for me?"

Gao Lishi bowed, not daring to say anything else.

Yang Fan walked closer and said in a low voice, "Just agree to it. Let's solve the problem in front of us first. When this matter is over, I will find a way to save you."

Princess Taiping stared at him and said in a daze, "You … are willing to take me away?"

Yang Fan nodded vigorously.

Princess Taiping said, "But … my identity, aren't you afraid of others making irresponsible remarks? Although I didn't kill the people of Peach Blossom Village, they died because of me. Aren't you afraid of people pointing fingers at you? "

Yang Fan's eyes were dark and bright, as if they could even absorb light. "Human? Who was this person? I am me, and people are people. What is there to be afraid of? Fuck them! "

Princess Taiping smiled. There was an indescribable meaning in her smile.

Yang Fan said worriedly, "Taiping …"

He was worried that with Taiping's strong personality, she would not be able to put down her pride and accept Li Longji's arrangement.

Taiping's eyes gradually softened. She sighed softly, nodded silently to Yang Fan, and walked towards the meditation room.

Yang Fan anxiously said, "Taiping, where are you going?"

Princess Taiping stopped and said lightly, "I want to dress up before going to see the Emperor."

Yang Fan agreed and stopped. Taiping's face was indeed very haggard, and tears were also on her face. With her always proud personality, even if she lost, she would not be willing to appear in front of the winner in such a state.

Yang Fan, Yang Si Xu, Gao Lishi, Taiping's internal and external steward Li Yi, Zhou Min, and four female sumo wrestlers were waiting in the courtyard. The other four female sumo wrestlers went inside to help Taiping dress up. Thinking about the four female sumo wrestlers' fingers that were thicker than carrots, and they actually needed them to dress up, Yang Fan had a strange feeling in his heart.

They waited in the courtyard for a long time, but the wait for a woman to dress up was already a kind of hair-raising wait, so they didn't feel that it was a long time. They just waited and waited. Suddenly, they heard a rough cry that sounded like a man or a woman coming from inside the room. It made Yang Fan shiver, and an ominous feeling suddenly surged in his heart.

He rushed over as fast as he could and opened the door. Taiping's hair was tied up in a high bun, and she wore a golden buyao. She was wearing a red peony rich brocade robe, and she was sitting cross-legged on a praying mat in the middle of the room. She was graceful and beautiful like a bride about to be married. The four female sumo wrestlers were kneeling in front of her, crying bitterly.

Yang Fan's heart immediately sank to the bottom. He stood at the door, not daring to take a step forward. Everything in front of him made him feel a strong sense of unease. He was afraid of knowing the truth. When Taiping saw him, she calmly smiled and said to the four female sumo wrestlers: "You all go out!"

No one dared to disobey her. The four female sumo wrestlers kowtowed to her three times with tears streaming down their faces, then walked backwards out of the quiet room. A moment later, the four female sumo wrestlers waiting outside also let out sorrowful cries. Following that, Li Yi and Zhou Min threw themselves in front of the quiet room's door and cried loudly.

Yang Fan's heartstrings trembled. He slowly walked into the room and closed the door. But he could not stop the heart-wrenching cry that came from outside the door.

Yang Fan walked to Taiping's side and said with a trembling voice: "What happened to you?"

Taiping brightly smiled at him. Her face was so radiant that people could not look straight at her: "Erlang, I'm going."

Yang Fan's face suddenly lost color. Princess Taiping smiled happily: "The two of us can be considered to have met the right person at the wrong time. Unfortunately, one chasing and one chasing, one leaving and one staying, it became a love calamity that I could not solve in my life. Thus, the everlasting world became the separation of the swallow.

I used to hate that things remain the same but people have changed. In fact, people and things are still there, but you and I are not the same as we were in the past. So I thought, letting go like this is also a kind of relief. There are many things in life that are not right or wrong, and there is no right or wrong. Love, live, laugh, and be sad … that is enough.

After all, if the heart is gone, then it is something that even I can do nothing about. But now I finally know, in fact, you still have me in your heart. I am very happy. I am different from Wan 'er. Wan' er is the Minister of Internal Affairs. She is talented and romantic, but monstrous power is nothing to her. She can give up everything to be with you … "

Yang Fan grabbed her wrist and said anxiously: "I will take you to the city to find a famous doctor."

Princess Taiping shook her head peacefully and said with a smile: "It is useless. If there is an antidote for the poison I took, why would I take it? Erlang, let me finish. I am different from Wan 'er. When I was born, I carried too many things. Some shackles were created by others or the situation. Some were my own choices. But no matter which one it was, I could not get rid of it. So, even if there are no other obstacles, you and I are destined to be on the same side. Regardless of these things in front of me, this is my life, my life … "

Taiping took a deep look at Xue Shao's memorial tablet. When they were young, he was her cousin. When they grew up, he was her husband. She once thought that she would be with this man forever, but in the end, he left her. She should bear the responsibility for the mistakes he made. In this way, she could die proudly and not die silently in captivity like her mother.

It was the same for Yang Fan in front of him. No matter how much she had experienced, no matter how much love and hate she had experienced, she had to leave when it was time to leave. She had to leave her previous path, her past stories, and her past people. It was enough. There was no such thing as eternity in the world, right?

Life is like summer flowers and death is like autumn leaves! Taiping peacefully snuggled into Yang Fan's embrace.

Yang Fan held her hand. All the restraints no longer existed. His heart was filled with love and sorrow. He lowered his head and gazed at Taiping's face. Suddenly, he found a strand of white hair on her temple. Yang Fan gently pulled it out. He could not help but burst into tears …

The Tang dynasty went through a series of fierce battles. The Imperial Family, Wu Family, Wei Family, Second Zhang Family, Taiping's party. One after another, the Imperial Family, the Wu Family, the Wei Family, the Second Zhang Family, the Taiping Clique, one after another. Finally, everything was over.

The dust settled. The imperial power was highly unified. In the twelfth month of that year, on a snowy morning, the young emperor, Li San Lang, decided on the new year's title: Kai Yuan.

Thus, the Tang dynasty began a new era, moving towards the peak of the Li Tang Dynasty.

The years of Jianghu made people grow old. The willows by the Long Qing Pond had turned green many times. The lotus flowers under the Hibiscus Tower had bloomed many times. Another spring of the Kai Yuan Year arrived.

In this spring, the annual banquet for the new Jinshi began again.

A colorful boat carrying thirty new Jinshi slowly sailed to the center of the Qu River. They recited poems, listened to songs, drank wine, and watched dances. Their songs echoed in the air and their sleeves fluttered on the surface of the water.

Suddenly, for some reason, the boat capsized.

The Buddha said, "In the blink of an eye, there are sixty-five moments." In just a moment, the boat capsized and the new Jinshi were captured under the boat.

On the top of the Wild Goose Pagoda, Lu Binzhi looked at the capsized boat and smiled coldly. He turned to look at the person beside him. That person was Ashina Musi. Lu Binzhi invited the world's famous doctors to treat him. Now, he could speak like an ordinary person. After Lu Binzhi's patient training, his mannerisms and tone of speech had become exactly the same as Yang Fan.

Lu Binzhi looked at him and smiled. He said, "It has begun. From now on, you will help me get my revenge! As long as I can eradicate Shen Mu and Yang Fan, and unify the 'Succession Hall', I will use all my financial and material resources to help you become the Khan of the Turks! "

Musi nodded deeply, revealing a smile that was exactly the same as Yang Fan's …

An ox cart slowly drove to the front of the Jade Truth Temple. The curtain of the cart was lifted and a female Taoist priest walked out. Her eyes were clear like water, her brows were like distant mountains, and her waist was like a willow. She turned to look at the cart and said coquettishly, "Hey! You look like a pig now. Why are you so energetic at night? Come out! "

A soft hand reached into the cart and pulled out a pig named Shen Mu, who looked sleepy.

The two of them got off the cart and walked towards the Jade Truth Temple. When the female Taoist priests saw the two of them, they bowed and said, "Greetings, Golden Immortal Taoist priest, greetings, Young Master Shen."

In the bamboo forest, on a stone platform, there was a chessboard.

Yang Fan and Princess Yuzhen sat on one side, one holding black and the other white. They were playing chess. Li Chiying pouted and stared at him. She muttered, "Really, you don't know how to give way to others."

Golden Immortal Princess walked over and smiled. "Shiniang!"

"Ah! Sister! "Seeing that she was about to lose, Li Chiying took the opportunity to throw away her chess piece and ran towards Golden Immortal Princess.

Shen Mu looked at Yang Fan, who was smiling bitterly. He frowned and said, "I heard that something happened at the Qu River Banquet. All the new Jinshi that we painstakingly nurtured became the son-in-law of the Water Dragon King. You still have the mood to be so carefree?"

Yang Fan rolled his eyes at him and said, "Aren't you just as carefree? What are we raising our sons for? We naturally need them to help us with this matter. "

By the lake of the Qu River, a pair of youths, one in green and the other in white, looked like a jade tree.

On top of the Furong Pavilion, a beautiful young girl's face suddenly popped out and said coquettishly to them, "Shen Congwen, come up quickly. I lost to your sister at Shuanglu again. If you don't come and help me, I won't have a dowry in the future."

The green-robed youth immediately put on a sly expression and said, "Nianrong, don't be anxious. I'll go and help you right now."

The green-robed youth's mouth was full of sweet words, but his feet did not move. After he coaxed Yang Nianrong back to the pavilion, his expression turned solemn. He said to the white-robed youth who was standing with his hands behind his back, "Nianzu, it's really strange that none of the thirty new Jinshi survived. What do you think about that pair of old men slacking off and leaving this matter to you and me to handle? "

The white-robed youth said with a deep expression, "There must be something fishy about this!"

(End of the book)


Every ending, Wen Si always wets himself. I'm very satisfied with the state I'm in today.

Every time I end a story, I always have the idea of writing it with a phoenix head, a pig's belly and a leopard's tail. I want to write an ending that will leave a lingering aftertaste, and I am very satisfied with this.

After finishing this book, first of all, I want to express my gratitude to my readers who have always supported me. This is sincere and sincere gratitude. Without your support, it would be very difficult for me to continue writing such a long novel after so many years of writing. Thank you for your love and support for me all the time. I sincerely express my gratitude to you. Thank you!

If this book can give you an unforgettable story, so that you can remember some of the plots and some of the characters when you want to, I think that's my success.

However, as a creator, it's never possible to achieve perfection. At the end of every book, a good summary of one's own mistakes will help one grow, and it will be even more helpful for the creation of the next book.

As for this book, it's a transformation within my historical novel. So far, it's not very successful. Among the novels I've written, if I had to rate them myself, I would give them a relatively low score. The main reason is the influence of habitual thinking.

Even if I don't transmigrate, my thinking is still the habitual thinking of transmigrating, so there's a problem in the design of the story, causing the story to lack suspense. Moreover, the main character is limited by the established history, so there's not much room for him to express himself, and the excitement will be reduced.

This point, is not something that you can avoid if you want to change your style and realize that you're writing something different from the past. For example, my classmate Xiao Ao's new Xuanhuan novel, some readers suggested that the foreshadowing is too long, and the style of writing is like a historical novel. However, when we talked privately, he actually had a clear train of thought, and also knew which aspect he should focus on in his novel. However, without experiencing it personally, he would still be affected by habitual thinking.

Now, classmate Old Duan is also writing Xuanhuan. What a tragedy, I still don't know how his new book will turn out. They're all capable writers, and I believe that if they encounter a setback, it's mainly a problem of habitual thinking. After experiencing it once, they'll be able to avoid it the next time.

My problem only became clear when I wrote more than 900 chapters of this book. I'm a hundred percent sure that I can avoid problems like suspense and interest when I'm writing the next book.

Speaking of the next book, perhaps a lot of students will be concerned about what I'm going to write, and when I'll start writing. What a tragedy, I have a lot of problems. Can you understand?

One problem, actually, started when I finished writing Hui Ming. I always wanted to add something more to it, but my hipster illness acted up, and there was no cure. After finishing Hui Ming, I didn't care about the huge number of readers my first book had accumulated. It was as if I took the wrong medicine and insisted on writing Xuanhuan. After I finished Xuanhuan, I wasn't satisfied, and went on to write City. This continued until I was criticized by a reader in the book review section: Jin Yong has only written Wuxia in his entire life, and Qiong Yao has only written Romance in her entire life. Why do you have to try everything?

Although I was scolded, I still wanted to change in the historical genre. As a matter of fact, after a few consecutive transmigrations, I made some slight adjustments. I changed the historical legend, and stopped writing about transmigrations. My results were slightly affected, but it's not a big problem. I know where my problem lies, and I have enough confidence to make the next book more exciting.

Speaking of my ideas for the next book, I really can't write Xuanhuan or Xianxia, and if I want to change, I'll lean towards City. Originally, I thought of two ideas, a City with superpowers, and a historical novel.

The historical novel can completely avoid the problems that Drunken Pillow encountered, and it will be very exciting. As for the City novel, it definitely won't be as realistic as All the Way Over the Rainbow. Personally, I was leaning towards writing the City novel first.

In the end, not even half a month after I announced this idea, City novels encountered a frost period. There was a crackdown, and some City novel authors were beaten black and blue. Even their wives couldn't recognize them.

I very sadly announced, looking at this situation, it seems like I'm forced to set the setting in the Republic of China!

As a result, everyone knows, just a week after I said this, the Republic of China novel was also swept up in the wind.

As a result, now I don't know if I should touch this City novel immediately. If my words are really that bad, I decided to announce one after another: I want to write Xuanhuan, I want to write Xianxia, I want to write MMO, I want to write Esports, I want to write …

If unfortunately, I believe that the online authors will raise funds to get rid of this crow mouth of mine.

Alright, let's not talk about this dilemma for now. Let's talk about the helpless situation of the history genre in the wireless market. There aren't many wireless readers who are interested in the history genre, and the top three wireless subscribers don't have much money either. I'm thinking about putting my book in the Xianxia or Xuanhuan genre, and then tricking all the wireless readers into reading it. What if … he's willing to stay?

But I also feel that if I write a book that's clearly not Xianxia, wouldn't I be too thick-skinned to force myself into the popular genre? So, I'm still conflicted.

Seeing a mountain is a mountain, seeing a mountain isn't a mountain. Now, seeing a mountain is still a mountain. This is the realm that I've worked hard to reach.

Currently, I'm studying at the Lu Institute, mingling with the students of traditional literature. I've just passed half of the four-month study period, but the intense collision of ideas has also triggered and greatly helped me. I've always fantasized about combining online literature and traditional literature, taking the advantages of each. Now, I finally understand: Cherish life, stay away from tradition, and firmly draw a clear line between revolution!

But then again, when it comes to what I'm going to write next, I actually still want to change. But this change is different from the kind of blind change in the past. This is a conscious change. Why is it that there are still some historical authors that I haven't listed but I already know, because they haven't announced that I need to keep it a secret, are you kidding me?

Changing is not only for a breakthrough in creation, but also for a breakthrough in career. Wanting to make a breakthrough in creation is a kind of responsibility. Is there any new plot to speak of after transmigrating? It's not that you don't want to innovate, but you can't innovate with a narrow and special theme. It's just like the martial arts novels of the past, you can only compete on the level of writing, but content is king. If you only rely on writing, when the readers get tired of it, you'll still be finished. If you don't succeed in breaking a new path, you retreat? You'll waste the experience you gain from setbacks!

Then there's my career. I've written a total of eight novels, all of which have sold their movie rights, all of which have been published in simplified Chinese, seven of which have been published in traditional Chinese (except for the urban novel, which has a strong atmosphere of the mainland), one of which has been sold as a drama, two of which have been sold as a manga, and one of which has been sold as a mobile game. I've maintained the number one position in Qidian for a long time, and I've even made it to the top of the rankings from time to time. But that's all there is to it. The derivative value of these novels combined is not even comparable to that of a fantasy or xianxia novel.

It took ten years for web novels to become popular than paper novels, and it only took two years for the wireless version to surpass the PC version. This is the general trend, and it's also the main reason why many people in the industry rushed to Yan 'an decisively. It's a dilemma …

Personally, I'm still wavering. My next book is either a historical fantasy or an urban supernatural, and I'm still wavering. If any readers have any thoughts, you can post them in the book review section to help me clarify my thoughts. Let's see which one I should write first. Thoughts are always maturing, so my choices and judgments will constantly change. The only thing that doesn't change is my love for writing. I sincerely hope that you can continue to love me and continue to support me!

I love you, bah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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