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Chapter 147

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His father was her father's imperial bodyguard.

She wanted him to be her personal bodyguard.

Not only that, she hoped to develop further with him.

However, in the past five years, he obeyed her every decision and stayed close to her to protect her safety, but he refused to marry her.

In order to break the deadlock that the other members of the Brotherhood unanimously agreed on, she decided to test herself. She didn't believe that after he "ate" her, he would still refuse to let go of his stubborn and pedantic insistence …

In the blink of an eye, five years had passed.

Ever since she turned eighteen, after her brother Blood Abyss took over the position of the king of Blood Hades, she came to the northern territory of Yan Xiucheng, which was given to her by the new king of Blood Hades.

The reason why she was sent here to manage this barren land, which was independent from the other districts of Blood Hades, was to prevent the invasion of the Far Summer Kingdom in the west. At the same time, she hoped to change the poor situation in this area.

The princess of Blood Hades also needed to work hard for the prosperity of her country, just like the heir to the throne.

She lived up to expectations. In these five years, she had made a systematic plan for Yan Xiucheng and had achieved remarkable results.

The northwest area near the Far Summer Kingdom was covered in snow all year round, so it was sparsely populated. She simply moved all the residents here to the densely populated south. Only a few sentry posts were set up at the northwest border, and soldiers were sent to guard the border every month.

As for the densely populated Yan Xiucheng, the original boundary was expanded, and the main city was expanded by a thousand feet. The state treasury also funded the construction of a number of houses to accommodate the residents gathered from the border.

Several large industries invested by the royal family of Blood Hades were added to the main city, including food stores, clothing stores, inns, horse shops, and almost all of the main necessities of Yan Xiucheng were covered.

In this way, not only did the residents who migrated from the border settle their lives and work, but it also gradually prospered Yan Xiucheng.

In the past five years, the prosperity of the main city gradually extended to the suburbs, further expanding the main city. It even attracted more and more residents from the inner city of Blood Hades to move here.

Five years later, Yan Xiucheng became the third largest city in Blood Hades after the imperial capital and the southern city.

Needless to say, the hard work and hardship during this period was needless to say. What moved the citizens of the city the most was that their City Lord, the sister of the current Monarch, was twenty-three years old this year, but she still hadn't discussed marriage.

Ever since the City Lord took over Yan Xiu, the people of Yan Xiu had been looking forward to it year after year.

Nowadays, other than talking about the day's vegetables and Blood Hades, the most talked about in the streets was the City Lord's marriage.

"What's going on outside has nothing to do with me." Xue Zhen was wearing a silk brocade robe that reached the ground. His wet hair was dripping with water on his back. Holding Yan Xiu's geographical overview in his hands, he said without raising his head. Her cold voice did not have the slightest ripple, as if what she said had nothing to do with her.

"What does that have to do with you?! Younger Sister, the main character they are talking about is none other than you! " Xue Yuan carried his three year old son and walked around the study. His tall and straight eyebrows showed his great surprise.

"So what?!" Xue Zhen raised her eyebrows and looked at Xue Yuan. She then lowered her head and turned her attention to the book in her hands.

"So what?!!" Xue Yuan was speechless because of anger. "It's really nothing. You are their City Lord, it's normal for them to care about you. Speaking of which, what do you plan to do? Have you really decided to be single? You should know that Father and Mother will not let you do whatever you want, they … "

"When did I say that I was going to be single?" Xue Zhen interrupted Xue Yuan's guess coldly.

"Eh? You didn't? Then why aren't you willing to choose one of the young talents that Imperial Father has personally chosen for you to be the Prince Consort? "Xue Yuan had a 'don't fool me' expression as he calmly stared at Xue Zhen.

"I have my own ideas. Brother, are you very free? "Xue Zhen finally couldn't help but speak up to stop Xue Yuan from continuing to talk about her marriage.

"I'm very free???" Xue Yuan patted his chest and said with an extremely sad expression, "Don't you know that I have been busy for seven days and nights for this trip?"

"I don't know." Xue Zhen glanced at him, "If that's the case, you can go back and take care of Blood Hades. Don't worry, I will definitely report this year's taxes to you before the end of the year."

"Xue Zhen! Do you think your brother is really that free? I came all the way to Yan Xiu just to ask for your taxes? You really … piss me off! "Xue Yuan patted his chest and drank another cup of tea," Alright, I will go back tomorrow. Don't say that I didn't warn you. If you don't have a confirmed partner before the end of the year, you can just wait for Father to choose a Prince Consort for you. "

"I know." Xue Zhen nodded lightly, "Thank you, brother. I just don't want you to put down your work and come here just for this matter, I … "

"Alright, I understand. But I came here just for this matter. Father is going all out to find a Prince Consort for you this time, you should take care of yourself. If you really have someone in mind, hurry up and make your move. "

Someone in mind? Xue Zhen's body stiffened. She did have someone in mind, but the other party didn't appreciate it.

Other than the two of them, no one else knew about this matter.

"Sword Star is still not willing?" Before Xue Yuan left the study, he turned around and threw out a sentence that sounded like thunder to Xue Zhen.

"Brother!" She shouted hoarsely.

"Alright, pretend I didn't ask. However, Zhen Zhen, do you really think that we don't know? To be honest, other than Yi Yue and Jing Yu, the other members of the Brotherhood all know that you have always liked Sword Star. "

"Huh …" Her heart was beating wildly, "How is that possible …" She was confident that she hid it well. Before coming here, she didn't have much contact with Sword Star. Other than meeting occasionally in the Brotherhood, she didn't have any private communication with him.

Then, because she had to come to Yan Xiu to manage the fief, she lacked a capable assistant and bodyguard. She asked for him through Xue Yuan. Her excuse at that time was that she didn't trust outsiders, and the other members of the Brotherhood all had a lot of businesses to manage. Relatively speaking, Sword Star's affairs were the easiest to hand over. Thus, Xue Yuan didn't wait for her to say it clearly and looked for Sword Star.

Sword Star was an excellent partner. From looking at him from afar, to being his bodyguard side by side, she found that her feelings for him were increasing day by day.

Until three years ago, on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, she finally couldn't resist the desire in her heart. Taking advantage of her drunkenness, she probed Sword Star. Who knew that he would never marry her. Not marrying a daughter of the royal family was his principle. There was no reason.

Last year, on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, she didn't give up and vomited again, but he once again expressed his stance: Not being the prince consort.

Since then, she didn't dare to try again.

This kind of courage, she had already tried three times. As the saying goes, things don't happen more than three times. She wouldn't be so self-righteous again. She thought that the man she liked and even loved deeply would definitely give the same response.

Sword Star didn't want her. She didn't want anyone else.

Thus, she would rather be a coward and wholeheartedly focus on Yan Xiu's development.

Who knew that her emotions that she thought she hid very well were seen clearly by her brother. He even said that the members of the Brotherhood knew. God! Was her behavior really that obvious?

"Not just the Brotherhood, even Father had already guessed this, so he let you be. But, Zhen Zhen, it's hard to find a good man after a woman is over 20 years old. If Sword Star, he … "

"Brother! I know what to do. "Xue Zhen interrupted Xue Yuan's persuasion. She didn't dare to listen, she didn't want to listen. She would just stay for as long as she could. As long as he didn't marry, she wouldn't give up. She wanted to look at him and see what kind of woman he liked …

"Alright. Then think about it carefully. If you really can't let go, then try your best to chase after her. I will support you, although the other members of the Brotherhood don't think highly of the two of you. " Xue Yuan shrugged and carried his little son who was drowsy from the conversation between the siblings and walked towards the guest room.

Was it really that obvious? Xue Zhen put down the book in her hand and wiped her cold face. She thought that she hid it well. As long as he was by her side, she would rather muddle along like this.

But according to Xue Yuan, even Father couldn't stand her procrastination and wanted to find her a prince consort before New Year's Eve. And the members of the Brotherhood didn't think highly of her and Jian Xing.

Why? Could it be that the so-called status was really that important?

She didn't believe in this. As long as Jian Xing rejected her, not because she wasn't good, not because he didn't like her, but because he was worried about her status as a princess, then she would break his worries and abandon her status as a princess. In this way, she would see what else he could say? What reason could he give to reject her?

"Why didn't you dry your hair?" A deep and deep male voice came from behind her, followed by a dry towel covering her waist-length hair that was still a little wet.

"You're back?" Xue Zhen let him dry her hair and suppressed the waves in her heart caused by Xue Yuan's words. She put her thoughts back to business.

"En. Everything went well. "Jian Xing lightly glanced at her. He didn't know why, but he felt that she was uneasy today. Although she appeared to be unusually calm.

"These two days, did anything happen in the residence?" He frowned and asked.

"Nothing. Oh right, my brother is here, second brother. "She had an elder brother who was twenty years older than her.

"I know, I just came in and heard from Uncle Liu." Jian Xing saw that her hair was ninety percent dry and retracted his hand. He prepared to wash the damp towel and dry it. He wasn't used to ordering maids around.

"Jian Xing …" Xue Zhen hurriedly called out to him. She raised her head and looked at the upright man who had fascinated her for many years. After biting her lips, she couldn't help but ask, "If, this New Year's Eve, I have to go back and accept Father's proposal for the prince consort, what will you do?"

"Congratulations." Jian Xing lightly spat out two words, then opened the door and quietly walked out.

Xue Zhen was stunned for a moment, then smiled bitterly. Didn't she already know his answer? She should give up. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to qidian.com to vote for me. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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