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Chapter 375

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This was a complete breakdown of negotiations. In the end, Qiao Xiao directly rejected the person who came and did not allow him to enter again.

He sat in the hall angrily and said to Yanran, "No, we can force our way in. With our abilities, I don't believe we can't get out."

Unexpectedly, the guard captain at the door said, "The Devil King said that if the crown prince doesn't ascend the throne in three days, he will kill us all."


Qiao Xiao gritted his teeth and said, "How did my father become such a tyrannical person?"

The atmosphere in the crown prince's hall dropped to a freezing point. Only Qiao Xiao was holding the letter and carefully reading it.

Just like that, they endured until the next night. Qiao Xiao and Yanran decided to disguise themselves and sneak away at night. They believed that their father would not be so cruel as to kill people. As long as they left, everything would return to normal.

Qiao Xiao asked Uncle Wu to stay first and pretend that they were still there. The three of them used a camouflage to leave.

Everyone outside the crown prince's hall was on guard to prevent their new Devil King from forcing his way out. The guard captain personally stood guard at the door. He didn't want to lose his head.

After the three crown prince's formal attire arrived, Qiao Xiao and Yanran pretended to accept it but didn't wear it. However, Qiao Yun was very interested. He put on the formal attire and looked at himself in the mirror in his room for a long time.

When the moon hung above the crown prince's hall and the three were ready to leave, Qiao Xiao and Yanran changed back to modern clothes. Qiao Yun came out wearing the crown prince's attire. He bowed deeply to Qiao Xiao and Yanran. "Father, mother, I want to stay in the demon world. I like the demon world more than the human world. I think I can grow better here. I won't go back with you."

Yanran was shocked. "Son, you are still so young. You want to be separated from us?"

Qiao Xiao was also in disbelief. "Son, how can you not grow up with your parents?"

"Father, weren't you also sent to the human world when you were young? I have already grown up. Don't worry. Grandfather and grandmother are here to take care of me. There are also these ministers. I want to learn how to rule a country. This is something you can't learn in the human world. Just agree! "

Yanran looked at her mature and sensible son with a serious and solemn face. Her eyebrows slightly raised, two peach blossom eyes similar to Qiao Xiao's flashed with wisdom.

Qiao Xiao suddenly felt a pain in his heart... This son of his was too sensible. He knew that he would definitely disappoint the Devil King if he escaped back to the human world. and he couldn't explain it to the ministers.. and his son had to shoulder such a young age...

After crying for a while, Qiao Xiao patted Qiao Xiao's back. "Father, you should leave quickly. Otherwise, it will be too late."

Yanran pulled her son into her arms. Her eyes were also filled with tears. She fiercely kissed her son twice. "When I was young, mother was also trained from a young age. Son, I believe you can do it."

Qiao Xiao wiped the tears in his eyes and said to Qiao Yun, "Son, we will come back to see you in a while." He gave the totem to Qiao Yun. "You have to keep this well. It can save your life."

Then he turned to Uncle Wu and said, "Uncle Wu, Qiao Yun was raised by you. Now, can I trouble you to stay in the Devil World and continue to take care of him?"

Uncle Wu nodded. Tears flashed in his eyes. Uncle Wu called in a young man called Wu Hao from outside the door. "Your Highness, this is my relative's child. His name is Wu Hao. He is smart and quick-witted. In the future, let him serve you and the Crown Princess."

Wu Hao hurriedly knelt down. "Crown Prince, Crown Princess, before this, Uncle Wu has already taught me all the arrangements in the human world. I will do my best to serve you."

He went forward to carry the three big bags and waited at the side.

Qiao Xiao and Yanran fiercely hugged Qiao Yun one last time. At this moment, Qiao Yun's eyes flashed with tears. He hugged Yanran and refused to let go. After a while, he ran back to his room and closed the door.

It was late at night. The three of them came to the Eagle Beak Cliff on the road from the Devil World to the human world. Looking at the Devil Palace in the dark, they were reluctant to leave.

"A 'Xiao, how about …?" Yanran was about to say something when Qiao Xiao picked her up. "In order not to make us regret it, don't say anything." Then he jumped directly off the Eagle Beak Cliff. Wu Hao followed closely behind.

The three of them landed directly at the back of the mountain. The two turned on their mobile phones. Countless calls and messages came in like a tide. Qiao Xiao saw that most of them were from Zhang Dayang. He was about to return the call when Zhang Dayang's phone came in. His voice was about to explode from the phone. "Brother Qiao, my ancestor, my boss, my chairman, you finally answered the phone. I have nothing left to live for. Tomorrow, our company will go public and ring the bell. If you don't appear, your listing qualification will be canceled."

Qiao Xiao took the phone a little farther away. "What are you talking about?"

"Listing, Star Entertainment will be listed tomorrow! You, the chairman, need to ring the bell! "

"If I don't ring the bell, I will be disqualified? Don't talk nonsense! Can't you have some common sense? "Qiao Xiao said disapprovingly.

"That's because you left out a signature when you signed it. I imitated your handwriting to sign it. Now, we have to fill in the blanks. Otherwise, we'll be done for if they find out." Zhang Dayang was almost shouting himself hoarse over the phone.

"Okay, okay, okay. I'll sign it right away. Where are you?" Qiao Xiao really didn't have any temper with Zhang Dayang.

"I'm in Huanghai City. There are only six hours before the listing. The bell will ring at 9 o 'clock tomorrow morning. You must be there before 8 o' clock in the morning. I still have other things to do. Hurry up, I'll hang up first."

"Ai …" Qiao Xiao hadn't finished speaking when Zhang Dayang had already hung up.

He turned to look at Yanran. "A 'Ran, are we in Nanchuan now?"

Yanran nodded and looked at the familiar back mountain. It was the place where they had experienced countless hardships.

"Then you heard what Zhang Dayang said just now. He wants me to reach Huanghai before 8 o 'clock tomorrow morning?"

Yanran nodded seriously. "That's what he said."

"F * ck! He's playing with me! "

At this moment, Wu Hao had already jumped out. "Young Master, I've checked. Right now, there's only one transport plane flying to the Yellow Sea. It will take off in two hours. If we can catch this plane, we can arrive before eight o 'clock."

"You're good. You haven't been to the human world yet, but you already know how to adapt to the rules of the human world." Qiao Xiao patted Wu Hao's shoulder approvingly. "Then let's go. What are you waiting for?"

Wu Hao then said hesitantly, "But this requires you and the crown princess to secretly board that plane. I've already sent you and the crown princess the exact location of the helipad. Leave everything to me. I'll arrange everything else. Go and come back early."

Qiao Xiao and Yanran looked at each other. Without any hesitation, they quickly headed to the address Wu Hao gave them.

When the two finally arrived at the airport, the plane was still loading and had yet to take off. Qiao Xiao went to scout and found that the transport plane was filled with boxes of goods. Some of them were large boxes, while others were small alleys. He didn't want to be separated from Yanran, so he found an extremely large box. After prying it open, the two of them crawled into the wooden box. But to their surprise, the wooden box was filled with durians.

Qiao Xiao gritted his teeth and pushed aside a durian under his butt. He silently recited the incantation and activated the guard seal, enveloping him and Yanran in this narrow space.

Yanran pinched her nose. "Ah Xiao, did you choose the wrong place?"

Qiao Xiao said embarrassedly, "Ah Ran, this box is the biggest. Let's endure it for a few hours."

Thus, the two of them pinched their noses and nestled in the box. After a long while, the plane finally took off.

The roar of the plane almost deafened the two of them. The two of them covered their ears and couldn't help but laugh when they saw their sorry state. To think that two cultivators like them would actually have such a sullen time.

Qiao Xiao kissed Yanran's lips. "Ah Ran, it seems like I still need to cultivate more and strive to isolate the sound and smell. Before that, let's divert our attention! "

The depth of love was really amazing. The noise and smell were covered by the touch of lips and tongues, and the throbbing between the two of them became the most beautiful music.

"Ah Ran, I can't smell durian at all now. It's all the lavender fragrance on your body." Qiao Xiao sniffed Yanran's neck.

Yanran was tickled by him. Her body twisted and turned, making the narrow space even narrower.

Suddenly, they heard a bang, as if something had exploded. The two of them were stunned. "It seems to be from your side, Ah Xiao?"

"Let me see. Qiao Xiao turned his head with difficulty." Behind him, two durians that had clearly been crushed were already exposed. The fresh and juicy flesh inside was already exposed, and the smell of durians in the wooden box was even more intense.

Yanran wailed. "When we reach the Yellow Sea, can we take a shower first?"

Qiao Xiao gritted his teeth and said, "That's what I was thinking." He took out his phone with difficulty and sent a voice message to Zhang Dayang. "I'll be there before 8 o 'clock. Find a place where Yanran and I can take a shower and change our clothes."

Zhang Dayang immediately replied with a few question marks, followed by a long string of voice messages. His tone was simply exasperated. "Brother Qiao, I'm begging you. If you're not satisfied, can you wait until you ring the bell?" After that, he sent a kneeling and begging sticker.

Qiao Xiao's eyes began to emit fire from Zhang Dayang's anger. Yanran snatched his phone and said, "Our clothes are dirty. If we don't take a shower, it will ruin your dream of owning a mine at home."

Zhang Dayang's tone immediately improved. "Sister-in-law, I got it. Get ready immediately. I'll clear all the obstacles on the road to owning a mine at home. I'm just waiting for you and Brother Qiao to ring the bell."

Then, he sent a sticker of standing still and saluting.

Qiao Xiao pouted. "Ah Ran, why are you so amazing? You only said one sentence and he understood. Why is it that after talking for so long, he always misunderstands me? Am I so unsatisfied in their eyes?"

Yanran threw him a glance. "You're the same in my eyes!"

Qiao Xiao was immediately dissatisfied. "Every time, I'm squeezed dry by you before you're willing to give up. Clearly, you're the one." After saying that, Qiao Xiao's hands and feet began to move again.

Puff, puff, puff!

The box full of durians couldn't stand the two's mischief anymore. One by one, they all exploded. Qiao Xiao and Yanran had to block their nostrils. After the plane stopped, Yanran threw a handful of banknotes into the box. When no one was looking, the two climbed out of the box.

In the early hours of the morning, a group of porters came around the plane and began to unload. The smell of durians permeated the cabin of the plane and made them tumble.

The two people with the smell of durians finally came to a hotel next to the exchange. Zhang Dayang, with two dark circles under his eyes, was about to rush up and give Qiao Xiao a hug.

But before he could get close to two meters, he immediately turned around, covered his nose and said. "Brother Qiao, sister-in-law, you rest for a while, I'll come back later."

At nine o 'clock sharp in the stock exchange, Qiao Xiao, Yanran, Zhang Dayang, Jing Shu and others stood in front of a gong that was half the height of a person. With the countdown of ten seconds on the big screen, they waved their hands together and sounded the first sound of Star Entertainment's listing.

The big screen showed: Congratulations to Star Entertainment's successful listing on the main board of the SSE!

Zhang Dayang threw the club into the sky and excitedly rushed into Qiao Xiao's arms. "Brother Qiao, I love you. My family finally has a mine!"


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