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Chapter 2005

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Xiaoxiao had been taking care of her son through the night. After spending some time alone with her son, she learned a thing or two. She believed that she would be able to see him in a few days. How should she face him?

The reason for her departure was similar to Wan Qianqian's, but it was also different. She understood Wan Qianqian's helplessness, but the reason she didn't say was infuriating!

She cut her nails, changed her dress, removed her heavy makeup. Xiaoxiao had been learning to be a good wife and mother, but when she thought of the disgusting reason …

The next day, she woke up early to make milk powder and prepare clothes for her son. She enjoyed it a lot.

At that moment, she didn't know that the man she couldn't be more familiar with had already landed at X City's airport. The plane slowly came to a stop.

Anmo hurriedly passed through the VIP road. He had already arranged a car to pick him up. He had already discussed with Gu Tanfeng that they would head to the address Gu Tanfeng found …

Anmo couldn't wait anymore. After almost a month, he reflected on himself and even saw through his heart. He finally understood the real reason why she left him.

In order to show his sincerity and make her trust him, Anmo crossed the ocean and brought the photo album that seemed to be the culprit.

At the crossroads, the cars on both sides met. Anmo drove side by side with him. The car window rolled down and the two smiled at each other. Gu Tanfeng believed that Anmo would definitely like the gift he gave him.

"You're not slow. You have to know that the person I found today is my woman."

"Anmo, I've only had one since I was young. I won't fight with you."

They had been fighting since they were young. Today, they finally met something that they couldn't fight over. Gu Tanfeng's heart couldn't contain another woman anymore.

The wind whistled in their ears, but it didn't affect the two of them. It was as if they were walking side by side …

"Tell me, what's the reason?"

Gu Tanfeng had always been suspicious of the conflict between the two of them. Now that the person was found, there was no reason to hide it.

"It's not important anymore."

Hearing that Anmo was keeping him in suspense, Gu Tanfeng's expression changed instantly. He rolled up the car window and didn't look at him anymore!

"Speed up …"

"Yes, boss!"

Old K instantly stepped on the accelerator and overtook several cars, leaving Anmo far behind.

About half an hour later, two tall and handsome men stood in front of the small villa. The passersby who passed by from time to time were even more dumbfounded when they saw the two of them.

"You spent so much effort just to stand here?"

Gu Tanfeng said disdainfully. How could this person be so cowardly? The energy from the fight had completely disappeared.

"You're still making sarcastic remarks. Let's see if you'll be nervous when you find her."

"I think you have a guilty conscience."

The villa wasn't big and the fence was also very low. For the two of them who were 1.8 meters tall, it was really effortless for them to see the scene inside.

Anmo didn't see Xiaoxiao but he saw the baby clothes drying at the side. He was sure that the woman was inside.

"Ding dong …"

When he pressed the doorbell, his heart skipped a beat. He was a little nervous. After all these years in the business world, he didn't feel this nervous even when he was working alone overseas.

Xiaoxiao was breastfeeding in the room. When she heard that someone had come, she was puzzled. This old house was a very remote property of her family. No one had lived in it for many years. How did someone know? She suddenly remembered that it was him …

She subconsciously looked at herself in the mirror. The dazzling array of cosmetics on the table had also been replaced by baby milk powder and baby toys … She even wanted to take it out of the suitcase, but she stopped, calmed down, and put the child safely in the car.

Would she scare him to death like this? She should let him know that this was her. Xiaoxiao was Xiaoxiao and not anyone else!

She walked out calmly and looked at Anmo who had half his head exposed. She tried her best to calm herself down.

She pressed the button and the metal door slowly opened. Anmo appeared in front of her. This was the first time in more than a month. Anmo was even more surprised by Xiaoxiao's calmness.

Gu Tanfeng had already retreated to the side. He still had to wait!

"You still found me."

Xiaoxiao said coldly.

"Xiaoxiao, I was wrong."

As Anmo spoke, he knelt at the door with a thud. The bodyguards beside him turned around and even Old K, who was far away, turned around. Only Gu Tanfeng …

He looked calm on the surface but he was shocked inside. For a woman, he did this … However, this was a smart idea. Gu Tanfeng remembered it in his heart.

"Gu Tanfeng, can you turn around?!"

Li Zeyan wanted to prepare his emotions but he remembered that Gu Tanfeng was beside him. He didn't think that Gu Tanfeng would be even more shameless. He didn't even try to avoid it.

This was another matter of face. He had done it a few times in his life. It was such a coincidence that this person was beside him every time.


Gu Tanfeng replied and took a few steps back. However, he didn't turn around. Anmo was helpless and could only let him do what he wanted.

Xiaoxiao was shocked at first but she quickly regained her composure. He used this method to make her submit. He knew that she was most afraid of losing face. Did he think that she would forget it just like that?

"Xiaoxiao, I was really wrong. I will never let that woman appear in front of us again!"

Anmo said sincerely.

He took out the photo album and threw it on the ground. It instantly broke into pieces. Xiaoxiao smiled coldly.

"I know you are sad, but I beg you, don't torture yourself, okay?"

Anmo had already put down all his dignity and personality. Everything had changed. He looked at her messy hair and dirty face. She didn't even wear her favorite clothes. This was the first time he saw her change since he knew her.

In the past, he only felt that she was willful and cute. She was just like the her in his memory. She always maintained her willfulness. No matter what the outside world said, he always helped her get rid of all obstacles.

However, the things he gave everything to protect were now gone. It turned out that she could not be willful and could be so sensible that it made his heart ache. Everything was because she thought that he liked her!

Anmo's heart ached even more. Seeing that she wasn't angry, Anmo used his ultimate move.

"Xiaoxiao, tell me, what do I have to do to go back with me?"

"Get up first!"

A man kneeling in front of a house in a crowded place. Such a scene would probably spread quickly to all the neighbors. Luckily, his parents never lived here. Otherwise, they would definitely scold him.

"No, you have to forgive me first. Otherwise, I won't get up!"

"Then kneel!"

"Xiaoxiao, you have always been the one I like. That person is just a beautiful thing in my heart. However, I know that he will never belong to me."

"Is that so?"

If she hadn't seen the well-kept photo album in his cupboard that day, perhaps she would never have known why he would pamper her so much!

Gu Tanfeng, who was at the side, looked at An Mo's stupidity and was really worried for him. A person who had always been smart was actually stuck at a standstill …

"So, you found a mistress."

Gu Tanfeng interrupted in disdain.

"Shut up, I didn't!"

Anmo gave Gu Tanfeng a look to stop him from talking nonsense.

"Isn't that so? You really deserve it. "

Gu Tanfeng sneered. In this situation, kneeling was no longer effective. If Anmo continued to kneel, it would only increase her psychological burden.

"You … Xiaoxiao, wait a moment!"

An Mo was worried that if Gu Tanfeng continued to talk nonsense, he would really fail. He stood up, walked to his side, and glared at him!

"Are you still considered a friend? I really didn't find a mistress. It's really a misunderstanding! "

"At this time, it's useless for you to continue kneeling. What you have to do is to walk in and pick up your child. Then, you don't need me to teach you anymore!"

"I understand …"

Gu Tanfeng was helpless. He turned around and walked into the car. It seemed like he still had to wait for a while. He looked at Wan Qianqian's photo album. He hadn't seen her for a long time. Would his woman's appearance change drastically?

She had never left him before. This time, he was afraid that she would suffer a lot! This woman would definitely think of his benefits. Gu Tanfeng's heart was filled with joy. He looked forward to the scene of the two of them meeting.

Although it would be painful, he wouldn't be as slow as these two people.

An Mo spoke from the bottom of his heart with sincerity.

He told her everything about him and that woman from start to finish. After so many years, the remaining details were already scattered. There was only Xiaoxiao in his heart.

If she was tired of this kind of scheming and scheming life, Anmo was already prepared to retire with her!

"So, do you forgive me?"

Xiaoxiao inexplicably understood this feeling. However, why did he only confess now? If he confessed right from the start, would there be so many things?

Looking at his anxious face, she knew that he must have suffered a lot in order to find her. She silently nodded. Looking at his smiling face, Xiaoxiao remained silent. Her heart was already blooming with joy. Her goal had been achieved.

The child was still sleeping quietly. After this experience, Xiaoxiao probably wouldn't return to her previous state. She liked the feeling she had now.

"Oh right, do you know Wan Qianqian?"

Anmo didn't know that his woman and Wan Qianqian knew each other. However, the two of them in the monitor were chatting. They weren't strangers.

"Yes …"

"Where is she now?"

"I'll go and tell that man."

After thinking for a long time, Xiaoxiao decided to tell him the truth. This was Wan Qianqian's order. She couldn't go against it now.

Gu Tanfeng saw the two of them come out and looked at their tightly clasped hands. He was actually envious!

"I'm sorry, I can't tell you where she is."

Xiaoxiao said calmly.


Gu Tanfeng frowned. This woman wanted to destroy the boat after crossing the bridge? If that was the case, then he would have to enjoy the gift!

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